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  1. Micechat had a good map showing the changes.




    Just to be clear...


    If you’re curious how this concept art might make more sense, our interactive map of the River and Railroad’s re-routing as they’ve been rumored is below.


    Please note maps are approximate, based on what we’ve heard from sources. They’re to help illustrate the rumored future, they aren’t the blueprint of the plans.


    This particular site has a well-earned reputation for presenting rumored information as though it were fact, just as they're doing here, and then being completely wrong. At least this time they were diligent enough to admit it.


    Take this one with a grain of salt. In fact, probably best to have the entire salt shaker nearby. Their illustration of the re-routed DLRR in particular comes off to me as highly unlikely.

  2. Nearly every day I would find some media source somewhere that talked up the closures being made for Star Wars Land's construction to make it sound as though half the park was being shut down forever just for Star Wars. "Disneyland to close 15 attractions to make room for Star Wars!!' or whatever silly sensationalized headline they wanted to throw up there. In reality all that's being "lost" is a tiny corner of the park that a very small minority of guests ever set foot in, and a part of Tom Sawyer Island that hasn't been opened to guests in several years. That's IT! What's being built in their place, and in the greatly expanded area, will no doubt be incredible and a much, MUCH better use of space than a petting zoo and an arena for a show that hasn't been run in 18 years.


    Any fanboy who would whine and cry about this would be just as bad if not worse than the nutty "Save Colossus" crowd. The railroad will come back. The boats will come back. The canoes will come back. Relax. That area of Disneyland is going to be so much better once this is all done. Just wait and see.

  3. Well I don't know about Panama City but I know there's plenty in Orlando to support the giant wheel, just like there is in Las Vegas.


    The giant wheels are huge eye-catchers, just like this will be. They will only add to a list of reasons why people should travel to places like Orlando, Vegas, or Atlantic City and make those trips better than they were before. I agree nobody would travel to these places *just* for the giant wheel or polercoaster, but these are not being built to be destinations themselves. They're area attractions, and they will do well as attractions as long as those who run them don't totally screw up the pricing model.

  4. The ODV Carts are a problem. Some of them are located withing planters, and therefor take up no walk way (except its queue, if it has a line). But most aren't. especially the ones in the hub of the park, they are all over the place and in the walk ways. It would be better if they were all pushed back into the planters and had cut out areas for them.


    I have to think that they know the park will be slammed, so we will have to wait and see what they do... if anything.


    Things get messy when the question of where to draw the line between guest inconvenience and sales opportunity is asked. Of course the park wants to maximize sales by putting carts in high traffic areas, but when the carts are causing foot traffic to jam up like cars on an overcrowded freeway, that doesn't seem to be viewed as a problem. They just seem OK with the traffic. That's what I wish they would address.

  5. If it wasn't such an awful coaster, I would try to ride it whenever I took a trip to Vegas.


    The intent here seems to simply be to add to Atlantic City's attraction lineup. That's never a bad thing. They can put this right in the forefront of things to do in Atlantic City and why people should come. It'll be a headline attraction of the area. Not everybody's going to ride it, of course, but it will also draw tourists who just want to see it. It's going to be crazy. Hope it gets built!

  6. It's hard to say they're screwing people over by doing this when all that's changing on a day-to-day basis is how much the 1-day ticket is being discounted by. To take weekdays down to $80 from $95 is a pretty big cut by theme park standards. That doesn't say "greedy" to me. It says USH is trying to maximize revenue by doing a better job of selling the off-peak days on the calendar. That's what we should prefer parks look to do rather than just upping the cost of admission across the board on everybody.


    It'll probably eventually lead to the $100 mark being crossed on peak days, holidays, etc, but Magic Kingdom already breached that mark with their $105 before tax price. It's not as unprecedented as it may seem.

  7. Also, the banning of toy gun sales? Incredibly dumb. Beyond dumb. The contradictions to that are already everywhere. Kids can ride Astro Blasters/Space Ranger Spin but now can't buy the little toy gun blaster when they get off the ride because... that'll turn them into the next mass shooter? We can't have the little toy guns but toy light sabers are cool, toy swords, toy ball & chains, other forms of toy weaponry are great right? Are they next to be banned because we're now buying this insane logic? Ughh. This is the kind of thing that makes me hate humanity.

  8. Well according to a couple of sources, not everybody will be sent to the metal detectors. Apparently guests will be selected "at random" for the additional screening. So get ready for the real pain - listening to the whining and seeing the grievance industry running to anyone who instantly thinks they're now a victim of racism, profiling and whatever else for being among those selected.

  9. I kind of wonder if it wasn't the stand by line that had the 120 min wait, not fastpass.


    I was there Saturday at about the time the post about a 120min FP wait time was made. As I recall, the posted stand-by wait was 150min. So I can believe a 2 hour FP wait, even though that wouldn't be displayed anywhere. Star Tours nearby had a 90min stand-by wait time. Both point towards a period of downtime earlier in the afternoon.


    The whole park was slammed pretty good. Not 4th of July or New Year's Eve levels, but still pretty busy. There are definitely some pinch points that need to be addressed in order to benefit crowd flow. The Astro Orbitor in the middle of Tomorrowland's entrance first and foremost. The sooner that thing gets the axe, the better.

  10. I'd be interested to see just how insane crowds get for Hollywood. Hogsmeade has been open for over five years here in Florida, so I wonder how much of their potential audience already has gone to Islands of Adventure to experience it.


    I would wager that to be maybe 5% at best. The actual amount of crossover from here to FL is still pretty small though it may seem greater the more time spent on social media and forums such as this one. Even today there's still a very large contingent of people living here who believe that travel to FL is either too expensive (read: they don't want to give up their Starbucks habit) or too far to travel.


    If anything, I would think those of us who have gone to FL to see it and told friends here about it only drive the anticipation that much higher for Hollywood's Hogwarts. I'm just happy that it's finally going to open soon even though I personally don't feel much of a need to kill myself trying to fight through the crushing crowds in order to see it. I'm not going to make the classic CA/FL misconception that "it's the same as FL" but I have no problem in thinking I've largely already more or less been there and done that and don't really need to freak out too much about it.


    1. Do you have a 4K HDTV? Yes/No (If no, jump to question #6)


    6. If you don't have a 4K HDTV, how important is it to you to get one?


    7. If you were to buy a new HDTV, what feature would be more important to you? 3-D or 4K? Or both or neither?


    Thanks for your input!


    1) No, my 1080p HDTV still works just fine. Won't replace until it dies.


    6) It's not important to me until 4K content is as widely available as 1080p/1080i HD content is today. That's still a long ways off so I don't feel any need to hurry. If my 1080p HDTV died today, I'd look for a cheap 1080p HDTV to replace it first before forking over the extra cash for any 4K UHDTV on the market today.


    7) 4K will be more important than 3D for sure. 3D never really caught on in the home and will most certainly die a quick death when 4K eventually replaces 1080p mainstream.

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