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  1. ^ I understand why the line is long, I just don't understand why the ride is so popular. If I had to choose, Mr. Toad and Pinocchio are superior to Peter Pan. Peter is cool and all, but you don't crash into a train and go straight to hell.


    Well if it helps your understanding of Florida's massive queue for Pan, that park doesn't have a Pinocchio or Mr. Toad ride nearby.


    Pan is also unique in that it's the only suspended dark ride. Why is that such an allure? *shrug* Kids like to think they're flying? Can't really do that just anywhere. The elevated carousels like Dumbo, Aladdin and Astro Orbitor are still popular as well.

  2. You can't argue that SeaWorld's orcas are incapable of ever being returned to the wild and then in the same breath suggest that such presentation as their's is required for conservation. It isn't a coherent viewpoint.


    Says who? It's perfectly coherent to suggest that SeaWorld's orcas can't be returned to the wild or else they will most likely die (fact), and that presenting these animals to the public is of enormous benefit to the cause of conservation. Both are absolutely true.

  3. Dark rides have become so advanced now that you really don´t need live animals in order to give guests an immersive and educational experience. Plus, if I´m going to SeaWorld, I´m going for Mako, Manta, and Kraken for the most part. To put it simply: It will still be a great park even without dancing whales.


    So you're saying Antarctica would not lose anything if one day SeaWorld decided to close the live penguin habitat and just have the dark ride? Good luck finding anyone who'd agree with that. As I recall, most people would prefer to skip the ride entirely if they could.


    I'm still trying to understand how it's "cruel" to have animals in enclosures like this as opposed to being out in the wild. Isn't nature the most cruel environment there is? When babies are born at SeaWorld, a baby penguin for example, that baby suddenly becomes one of the most well cared for baby penguins in the world. In the wild, that baby could be picked off by a predator. How is that not cruel? Now, by extension this argument says all animals could be put in captivity to prevent cruelty of nature, but of course that would be preposterous and impossible to actually do. This position of captivity = cruelty is equally preposterous in my opinion.

  4. Not to be dismissive, but...so??? There are a lot of educational and conservational aspects at a lot of zoos and aquariums, but it still does not change the fact that these are animals that have been taken out of or never lived in their natural habitats and are largely there to serve the curiosity/entertainment of humans.


    What kind of real connection are you able to get with an orca whale in a gigantic arena with thousands of other people? One could also argue that these "scant few regions of the world" where you can see orcas or other whales in the wild are as or more accessible than 3 land locked SeaWorld locations in the USA. Also, if you think what you are seeing at SeaWorld or any zoo/aquarium is seeing "the real thing" than I'm not sure what to say... I have seen many shows on tv or youtube that are far more insightful and educational than anything I've seen at a zoo or aquarium.


    Again, by this logic, we may as well shut down all zoos and aquariums worldwide because captivity is evil and inhumane, and just educate future generations with TV and YouTube. Idiocracy here we come!


    I'm pretty sure anybody who visits SeaWorld or a zoo and sees an animal understands full well that, while they may be seeing a real giraffe, elephant, killer whale, etc... these captive specimens are not indicative of their counterparts in the wild. That's not the issue. The issue is even though we know the animals in the zoo don't behave like wild animals, for good reason, there's still a lot that can be learned from them, and the next generation can be inspired to care more and want to learn more about them just by seeing them live with their own eyes. TV/web videos are cold, distant, easily dismissed, generally a poor substitute for the real thing. Videos are better than nothing, but there's a HUGE difference between seeing these animals on a screen and seeing them live.


    Yes, children can be wowed and inspired in a stadium with thousands of people. It's a real shame that future generations now won't have that experience.

  5. However large we think these pools are, these whales lives are the equivalent to a person being born in a house and then living the rest of their life in one room of that house. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of PETA and thought that Blackfish was ridiculously heavy handed. However, as a compassionate human, it is always a little sad to see animals meant for vast spaces confined to a relatively small living environment.


    The problem is this logic can be applied to any aquarium anywhere in the world, and to zoos as well by extension. May as well shut them all down.


    This announcement by SeaWorld is a victory for dishonesty, for demagoguery, for propaganda, and the ignorance of future generations. Now nobody's going be able to make any real connection at all with killer whales and marine life without binoculars and a charter boat in a scant few regions of the world, or via the internet. Watching a YouTube video or educational film is no substitute for seeing the real thing with your own eyes, but I guess that's not important anymore. Guess the activists will be happy when killer whales' reputation reverts back to the days when they were feared and hunted.

  6. With two tracks and two loading stations, Dragons also has the highest capacity of any of the coasters there, assuming both sides are running with 2 or more trains.


    It just depends on what kind of experience the park is looking to bring. Coasters are fun, but can also be intimidating to younger/less adventurous guests and much more difficult to create an immersive theme with than any version of dark ride. Universal wants to put their IP's center stage so it's not surprising to see them gravitate more towards dark rides. I find the best parks have a healthy balance of all sorts of different rides, as much as their general financial position will allow.

  7. What I've found is that people that may be unfamiliar with Disney's park structure and are more familiar with the Six Flags/Cedar Fair methodology can be intimidated, for lack of a better word, by Disney's indoor quick service counters. Whether that's due to the time it takes to go in, or that you can't see the length of the lines before entering, or perceived price of an established "brick and mortar" facility in an amusement park, I'm not sure.


    I agree that to say Magic Kingdom lacks quick-service options is way off base (harbor house is one of my favorite quick service restaurants on property). However, I can see how someone familiar with SF/CF would see many of the above options, excluding Firar's, Sleepy Hollow, and Lunching Pad, as somewhere between quick service and table service.


    If indoor quick service counters are too intimidating, how on earth did that guy ever eat a McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc? All of them require entry into the building unless going through the drive-thru. There's no possible way that could be an excuse.

  8. Soarin' has such low capacity compared with other rides in Future World. I don't recall the exact figures but its something like half of Test Track's capacity, and even less than Mission Space. If one of the two theatres was down, as happens frequently in CA, the wait time skyrockets even higher. Soarin' does seem to be more popular in Epcot than it is in DCA, but Epcot itself also draws far more people than DCA, and Soarin' is marketed more than it ever was in CA. Not really surprising the crowds come in droves.


    Hopefully with the third theatre Soarin's stand-by wait times will look more comparable to the rest of the park instead of Soarin' being 90 while the rest of the park's wait times are in the 15-40 range.

  9. It'd be easier (and cleaner) to remove the track altogether and open up the breezeway like it is in Walt Disney World's and Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland. The area often has trouble with managing crowds thanks to the pinch point the Astro Orbiter creates by blocking off much of the mouth of the land's main entryway. Removing the track could alleviate some of that stress.


    The two biggest issues that I see inhibiting flow through are the Astro Orbitor and all the stroller parking that's setup along the Peoplemover track in front of Star Tours and Buzz. Stroller parking isn't really something we think too much about but it does take up huge amounts of space where space is at a premium. Moving the Astro Orbitor back to its original location could solve both problems, thereby freeing up an incredible amount of space in Tomorrowland's western half.

  10. If they took Dragons out I'm not sure I would even bother going to IOA.


    Awesome. One less person in line that I'll have to wait behind.


    Honestly, I know I'm sort of in the minority here, but having been there to see Dragons before and after Potter (and after the day the dueling died), what's there now just looked like a sad, hollow shell of its former self. The ride and its footprint was a huge eyesore compared to the rest of Potter around it. Since that former self is most likely NOT coming back, I'm 100% in favor of just getting rid of the darn ride and building something spectacular in its place.


    Remember the good times. Look forward to the better times.

  11. I'm pretty sure that the Rams are getting a new stadium in Inglewood- they won't be playing the the Coliseum.


    Kinda hard to build a stadium from scratch between now and the 2016 season. The Inglewood home won't be ready until 2019, news articles say. Until then, the Coliseum will most likely be the Rams' home.

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