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  1. Thinking about a day trip to Dollywood on a Friday in the next few weeks. What are the crowds like and would I need a Timesaver? Are people obeying the rules and wearing masks? I'm apprehensive about visiting as I haven't been to a park since the pandemic began.
  2. I'm right there with you. My wife and I were trying to come up with a plan B from flying and had decided to just drive to avoid planes but like you I fully expect them to announce an extension to the closures. I have no idea when we would be able to reschedule. My kid has so many activities through the summer and then with school we probably wouldn't be able to do a weeklong trip until next spring break. I wonder what their policies will be as to how long you have to re-book and whether or not they will offer refunds? Has anyone here been affected by the current closure that could shed so
  3. There's a video on YouTube showing people riding. Man I want to go so bad when this thing opens!
  4. Dear lord I think I had a seizure trying to watch that. Can't wait for some good footage. Unbelievable it's running already.
  5. I agree but will say it seems that wooden and hybrid coasters are not just finished when the last piece of track goes in like with most steel coasters. I've seen a lot of pics lately of workers up in the different structures of the ride adding support bracing, tightening bolts, etc. that takes some extra time. Hopefully testing gets going in a week or so. Can't wait to see what this thing looks like in action!
  6. Great post because it shows actual information. I posted the other day in the Disney World thread about this before the new thread was created because I'm worried the hysteria will cause the parks to close and ruin my trip when in reality if the news outlets would do something novel and report the actual news people would calm the heck down. Fear and shock draw viewers and more viewers help them sell ads. That's the bottom line.
  7. Really? You're not worried about it? Then why do you talk about in every single post you make? First of all thank you for your extremely substantive post and second of all I have posted all off twice in this thread. Thank you Coasterbill for expressing what I was trying to say, yes I’m worried about the hysteria and the possibility of parks closing, not catching the virus myself. I hope Disney and all parks for that matter are not affected by this but as we have seen in Asia it’s a very real possibility unfortunately. Fingers crossed it doesn’t explode and rampantly spread but only
  8. I agree with you about the hysteria. I’m not worried about it myself other than it affecting my trip. Hopefully they stay open and the crowds stay away!
  9. So at what point should I be worried my trip in April is in jeopardy due to the coronavirus? With each passing day it's looking more and more likely we will have a larger scale outbreak which worries me that it will peak in a month or so about the time we are scheduled to go.
  10. Right, if you look closely it's just super inclined to the left almost to the point of inversion but not quite before whipping rapidly to the right to enter the outer bank turn. Should be an awesome element.
  11. It does look incredible however I can't help but think they could have used a little more of the space inside the outer perimeter of the ride to add some length and another cool element or two. For example after the stall instead of immediately banking left it could have banked right and used the slope of the hill to do a really cool helix before heading back to where the current track is leading back to the station. I'm never satisfied
  12. No way this thing is opening 3/14. The track is at least a week or two away from being completed minimum. I just watched a new update video yesterday and there is still quite a bit left to do from the stall to the end and I don't think they've connected the drop to the first hill / outerbank turn yet. The testing will take 3 weeks minimum. The end of March is possible but that's only if everything goes right from now until then. It seems much more likely they would be targeting mid to end April.
  13. ^Thanks coasterbill for writing that up. It helps a lot for someone who hasn't been since the ride has been open and is planning a once in a 5 year or so trip. We have to get this right, there is no do over.
  14. Are they still doing the boarding passes? Anyone been lately? Our family is going in April and I'm hoping they've got a better solution by then. We'll see I guess. I really don't want to have to explain to my wife and kid that we have to be at Hollywood Studios at 6am so we can ride ROR. Ugh
  15. I think it's unfair to say "well this looks like Zadra or SV", we are talking about a completely unique custom creation from the hottest coaster manufacturer on the planet right now so I think the excitement is warranted. IG specifically has a couple unique elements that set it apart from the other big RMC's in my opinion. First the barrel roll is not just a run of the mill 360 degree roll. It's almost more like a 540 since you are banking up and to the right before spinning through the roll to your left. It is also very early in the layout and should be a fast roll much like the first
  16. ^Parks within 3 hours would be Dollywood and SFOG (both are on the outer edge of that). A cool place to visit is the Whitewater Center. There's tons of stuff to do there and if you're not into it yourself you can always hang out and watch. They have events with live music and craft beer there a lot during the summer. There's the Nascar hall of fame if you're into that. Charlotte Knights baseball uptown. Those are just a few off the top of my head.
  17. The new hotel is definitely within walking distance as it's directly beside the entrance booths.
  18. I think this is part of the reason people say this coaster is rough...it's because it's a really aggressive layout. That along with the fact that it is a wooden coaster and not a steel coaster. I know that's stating the obvious but aggressive and rough are two totally different things.
  19. I got 3 rides recently and I thought it was fantastic. This is an underrated coaster in my opinion. Yes it's a little rough but not really any more than most woodies. Just an out of control ride experience and super fun!
  20. You aren't kidding! There is such a feeling of being totally out of control that element gives you at night and the lights just add to it. I don't know that I've ever been on a coaster and thought dear lord we are going too fast we may go off the rails but that quad honestly makes you think that!
  21. Good to hear! Fingers crossed the trend continues. We went last year at this time and it opened mid afternoon and we got 3 rides including a night ride in the front row that was unbelievable. It was cloudy with no moonlight so once over the hill it was complete darkness and utter chaos ensued
  22. Headed to Dollywood Friday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully Lightning Rod is up and running early and often! Weather looks good and I cannot wait! Tickets and TimeSaver purchased and ready to go!
  23. This thing is going to be a monster. Being shorter than SV is going to be a plus in my opinion and here's why. Think of how intense Lightning Rod is from start to finish and what an amazing coaster that is. Now imagine that coaster being 206 feet tall with inversions. Good Lord!
  24. Hmmmmm. This makes me think maybe you haven't ridden Afterburn at Carowinds. I agree. Rear row on Afterburn is whippy as heck!
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