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  1. So this will be a trip report sort of post about my visit to Sea World Orlando today. Before I start let me say that I have spent the week in Disney prior to this visit and had a great time and was impressed with how they are handling the Covid situation. Before the visit even started I had tried to reach out to Sea World to help me with an issue where I mistakenly purchased the wrong type of ticket (my fault) but just needed to get it corrected. After multiple 30 minute stints on the phone and an email later no one ever contacted me. We got to the park about 30 minutes before opening and
  2. Agreed it appears to be hauling at the bottom of the drop. I love the extended stall too. I was excited before but after seeing it testing it looks amazing! What is everyone's best guess as to when it will open? In a normal year I would say it is close enough to say within a month but who knows what they are thinking now. I would think they are looking at Memorial Day'ish to be ready for summer. I hope I'm right because our family trip is the first weekend in June.
  3. When you call the number it gives you the "due to staffing issues during Covid we are experiencing extremely long hold times" mumbo jumbo. In other words they've laid everyone off and there is no one to answer the phone. It's frustrating because this is something I will have to speak to an actual person to resolve.
  4. So I screwed up back in November and purchased a one day ticket for the family to do a day at SeaWorld while we are at Disney for spring break. The screw up was me scheduling our day to visit on a Saturday when it turns out the ticket I purchased is only good on weekdays. I have called the customer service number for SeaWorld numerous times and held and held and held and left messages for them to return my call with no success. I have also done an online submission to customer service with no luck either. I was hoping to see if they could change my tickets for an added fee of course withou
  5. What is the likelihood of this? I was hoping to be there the first weekend of June and really hoping Pantheon would be open by then but with absolutely no news I'm worried it won't happen. It seems to me that with vaccines rolling out at a much higher rate now and with the summer months coming we would begin hearing some news about capacity going up but so far it's been crickets. Ugh
  6. Thinking about a day trip to Dollywood on a Friday in the next few weeks. What are the crowds like and would I need a Timesaver? Are people obeying the rules and wearing masks? I'm apprehensive about visiting as I haven't been to a park since the pandemic began.
  7. I'm right there with you. My wife and I were trying to come up with a plan B from flying and had decided to just drive to avoid planes but like you I fully expect them to announce an extension to the closures. I have no idea when we would be able to reschedule. My kid has so many activities through the summer and then with school we probably wouldn't be able to do a weeklong trip until next spring break. I wonder what their policies will be as to how long you have to re-book and whether or not they will offer refunds? Has anyone here been affected by the current closure that could shed so
  8. There's a video on YouTube showing people riding. Man I want to go so bad when this thing opens!
  9. Dear lord I think I had a seizure trying to watch that. Can't wait for some good footage. Unbelievable it's running already.
  10. I agree but will say it seems that wooden and hybrid coasters are not just finished when the last piece of track goes in like with most steel coasters. I've seen a lot of pics lately of workers up in the different structures of the ride adding support bracing, tightening bolts, etc. that takes some extra time. Hopefully testing gets going in a week or so. Can't wait to see what this thing looks like in action!
  11. Great post because it shows actual information. I posted the other day in the Disney World thread about this before the new thread was created because I'm worried the hysteria will cause the parks to close and ruin my trip when in reality if the news outlets would do something novel and report the actual news people would calm the heck down. Fear and shock draw viewers and more viewers help them sell ads. That's the bottom line.
  12. Really? You're not worried about it? Then why do you talk about in every single post you make? First of all thank you for your extremely substantive post and second of all I have posted all off twice in this thread. Thank you Coasterbill for expressing what I was trying to say, yes I’m worried about the hysteria and the possibility of parks closing, not catching the virus myself. I hope Disney and all parks for that matter are not affected by this but as we have seen in Asia it’s a very real possibility unfortunately. Fingers crossed it doesn’t explode and rampantly spread but only
  13. I agree with you about the hysteria. I’m not worried about it myself other than it affecting my trip. Hopefully they stay open and the crowds stay away!
  14. So at what point should I be worried my trip in April is in jeopardy due to the coronavirus? With each passing day it's looking more and more likely we will have a larger scale outbreak which worries me that it will peak in a month or so about the time we are scheduled to go.
  15. Right, if you look closely it's just super inclined to the left almost to the point of inversion but not quite before whipping rapidly to the right to enter the outer bank turn. Should be an awesome element.
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