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  1. Went to the park today to get the credits, rode Rampage 31x and Centi-speed just once. I like Rampage, it's rough, but the fun kind of rough.
  2. If Busch Gardens Williamsburg was able to save Le Scoot then six flags can do the same for theirs.(Not saying that they will)
  3. Went and battled the heat yesterday. Barley anyone at the park, was able to make several laps. Rode I-305 21 times(several of those at night). On Twisted Timbers, the first half is awesome but after the 3 big air time hills, the ride kills its re-rideability with all the jerky ejector air. Fantastic day, glad I was able to get back to this amazing park.
  4. Never seen them operating with the second bay, don't have to hire as many employees for a single station.
  5. I was there this previous Monday and Tc operating normally, hopefully it will running tommorow.
  6. Thanks! I was looking at that place online, glad to hear that it's not a dump!
  7. I don't know if I'm built for stand up coasters or just the luckiest man alive, cause I've never had a problem with any standup coasters. The technique I use is to crouch a little so you don't bash your sack and make sure you don't crunched in their by the ride-ops.
  8. Just got off scream machine. As a warning to everyone, after the second turnaround is a nasty pothole at the bottom of the first drop, heads up! Also the last couple of times I've been here the sky buckets haven't been running, hopefully that's not a sign of things to come.
  9. Planning a trip for July, do they shuttle you to the park from any of the hotels?
  10. Really don't want a free-spin, as they are low capacity and from my experience, more disorienting than thrilling. Hoping for something like Maxx-force if it goes well up at Great America.
  11. At the park today and the Legend has been down apparently for three days, really hoping they get it back up and running before we leave as I don't know when I'll be back.
  12. I was there this previous Sunday and lines for the rides were not bad, mainly the water park was crowded so unless you want to hit EVERY coaster then you shouldn't need a fast-pass
  13. Was present yesterday for the ERT on Pandemonium, and arrived at the park right after opening. It was a little crowded in the morning, however this was not reflected in the operations at the park. All but Miners Cook House was closed in the Lickskillet/Screampunk area, both Thunder River and the Log Jamboree were closed, as well as Blue Hawk, and worst of all, the Sky Buckets were not open either. And it was HOT! We decided to leave the park and return after getting some lunch, and the change was like night and day! All rides open besides Log Jamboree and Sky Buckets, station waits for everything, and plenty of overcast weather. Got 2 rides in on Pandemonium, one midday and one "night," and I'm digging it, super fun ride! We stayed till closing and got a good sunset ride on Goliath. Overall great day! Seeing Pandemonium from the top of the hill really puts everything in perspective. The lack of a shade canopy for the Que makes waiting in the hot sun terrible, though the infrastructure is there. Riders are counted and corralled before riding. Pandemonium looks amazing. All the neon on the Mind Bender sign is working and it looks AWESOME!
  14. So I'm planning on hitting up the park on the 23 when it opens full time for the summer. When looking on the app it seems like that is the day their planning to open Pandemonium. Can anyone confirm this??
  15. Going for the first time since 2011 so its been a minute. How is the park, mainly the condition of the rides? How are Raven/Legend/Voyage riding? Gonna be there two days in early June, probably Monday and Tuesday. So psyched! cant wait!
  16. Got to the park around 3 in the afternoon. Parking lot was semi full-but park was not super busy. Canopy shade structures were back at the posts by Goliath Games and Goliath was running very efficiently with trains not stacking as they often do. No work going on as far as I can tell at Pandemonium. (Hope that opens for Memorial Day Weekend) In other news, the boats at Splashwater Falls are gone and the lift/crane that hoisted them in and out of the water is now on its side. Left around 7, all in all good day! No noticeable work on Pandemonium RIP First time seeing Scorcher with its fresh coat of paint, looks great!!
  17. I can't believe I missed those refill stations! Those are gonna be real popular come summer.
  18. First trip report of the Season! This was my first opening day so I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the crowds weren't too terrible for a Saturday. A brand new sign above the fountain was a great surprise. And now... Scorcher Paint shots! Looks so much better For the debate on whether Scorchers paint job is all primer or the finished product, the white looks to be primer while the grey could be the finshed product as it's glossy compared to the flat/matte color of the white. In other news, Goliath Games is gone! Was kind of disappointed that the only progress on Pandemonium has been land clearing and a sign, guess that's Six Flags for you. Nothing to see here... While all the track from the train has been cleared away, they're definitely reusing the old station. Work has started on the Screampunk theming. Sadly there was no backwards Scream Machine, but they did re-track some of the rougher parts, probably the best ride I've had on it in years! Splashwater Falls sits and awaits its demise. Overall a great start to the season, can't wait to go back again.
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