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  1. Park is becoming very crowded. Heads up to anyone planning on comming today!
  2. Say it ain't so!! They still exist on the app for now, but are labeled "Closed for the Season"
  3. ^Good thing to know! I did not have a pass for last season mainly because of MB and GASM not being open when I went on opening day. Def rubbed me the wrong way, might just be spoiled from how good 2019's opening was.
  4. After looking at season passes, might just go anyways. 50$ with free parking is a smoking good deal.
  5. Do we know if Mind Bender is going to open on opening day? Thinking about continuing my new tradition of attending opening day for the 3rd year in a row, but if there's no MB idk if I can really justify it.
  6. We had a blast yesterday and even got to ride Hargird's at NIGHT which was a truly amazing experience. Velocicoaster looks fantastic as well and is gonna have me comming back sooner then expected. All in all great day!
  7. Gotcha, we already have tickets purchased, so does that guarantee entry to both parks? Or is it more of a race to capacity once the parks open? Thanks for all yalls help!
  8. Thanks for the info, what do you mean by passes being "blocked out"? And how early do we want to be at the park?
  9. So on the 21st, me and 2 others will be going to both parks. What can we expect? We will have fast passes, and all three of us are big into coasters. The last time I was there was spring of 2015 so it's been a minute.
  10. Really bummed out about Mind Benders big neon question mark being gone, but at least the ride is still there. Also, about time they got fans in the back of Goliath's station.
  11. Yeah, it never was the same after the 3 benches left. RIP buzz-bars! You will be sorely missed!
  12. At the park today and Storm Chaser just closed to replace a screen*??? That's all they told me, no idea when it will open back up? Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea if the ride will open back up before the park closes? Update: Matinence says it's probably gonna be closed for a while "not for the the rest of the season, but it won't be back up today"
  13. I'm planning on hitting up the park tommorw after work, does anyone know if Rampage has been running?
  14. Does anybody know if the timesaver is more expensive if you buy the day of instead of online?
  15. Very Disappointing to hear, was planning on comming back this season, but might just wait till next year.
  16. It's a fantastic experience if you go on the right day, other times it can be the most frustrating day you've had in a long while.
  17. So I just checked the app and it seems like the park is closed until the end of the year?
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