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  1. I stand corrected! Sorry for the misinformation, I'm glad their not downsizing the cups capacity they seem to keep shrinking them every couple of years.
  2. I'm pretty sure the changed the cup design this year, it's even smaller now.
  3. Great Review! I couldn't believe Thunder River was running either, though on Saturday it was closed all morning and open in the afternoon.
  4. Back again with the opening day Trip Review! The weather was nice and the crowds were light in the morning but only got worse as the day progressed. Track is still missing from Mindbender, mainly the "second loop." They were also prepping and painting sections of the ride. It's so weird just seeing the supports, but I'm glad the ride is receiving some well deserved love. New Revolution trains chilling by the exit ramp. Speaking of needing paint... This would be a running theme for today... Gotham City is completely closed off, lots of construction noise throughout the day. More Re-tracking for GASM! Everything from the 2nd turn back has been replaced as far as I can tell. Lots of rides down today. With Gotham City being closed and GASM getting re-tracked, I would have hoped that they would try to have as much running as possible. On a weird note, several places where you used to be able to buy food have just "disappeared," but most of these were rarely open anyways. Gripes: Food service has not improved, I waited 10 minutes in a line that did not exist to watch the lady behind the counter butcher a piece of cheese bread. Also heads up for Goliath, the ride ops will attempt aggressively staple you now, and depending on who's operating the ride the single rider line may or may not be open. I wouldn't go near the park until they get things figured out.
  5. RIP probably gonna be the only time I go this season too cause of school/work
  6. Well if the Coronavirus keeps on doing it's thing there may not be an opening day.
  7. It will always be Mindbender to me. At least they didn't take the Cedar Fair approach and just rip it out because it needed matinence. As long as my first looping coaster is still around, I'm happy.
  8. Just read on screamscape that parts of Mindbender are being removed for matinence? Anybody have any pictures of this?
  9. Only a week away from my brother and I's annual black Friday trip, going on 4 years now.
  10. I think it really depends on who's working. Ive had times where they let people into lines after the park closes.
  11. I think it was confirmed earlier this year that they were going to do a complete retracking of gasm over a couple years.
  12. Since it's a weekend, unless the weather looks bad it will be very ©rowded. Also, if you plan to stay all day just buy the five dollar movable locker, as most e-ticket rides require that you have a locker.
  13. Love the on-ride photos, glad that 3 coaster have them now instead of just Goliath a couple of years ago.
  14. Batman will remove your head if you enter his premises without permission.
  15. Ah, I visited last on June 24. I think it was running one then too, but I chalked it up to the park being empty.
  16. Pretty sure it's been regularly been running two trains besides the beginning of the season.
  17. Lots of their online polls have been talking about adding another coaster to the lineup since TC was received so well
  18. I've only ridden GAs freespin, and while it wasn't terrible, it wouldn't be somthing I'd do more than once or twice a season
  19. 4D freespin themed to twoface? Or some kind of flat? If they really wanted to, they could expand it into the parking lot and add a raptor. If only...
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