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  1. Thanks Kevin- Great TR... glad to hear Disney is dealing with the crowds well. I need to get over there soon to see Carsland in person!
  2. Great TR- Thanks for posting! The pictures were fine... it almost makes it seem more 'real' when every pic isn't perfectly setup and edited. Looks like you had a fun mini-roadtrip.
  3. LOL! ...glad I wasn't the only one who read "Nemesis 3gs" and thought of phones!
  4. lmao No other comment needed... he fits Carnival's demo just fine. Thanks for all the pics/videos Robb! Can't wait to see more!
  5. Wow... relax man. It'll be ok. You're 44 and speak to others like that with such a sarcastic attitude? Grow up.
  6. ...no "Dear Pat" out here in SoCal, guess she likes CP better.
  7. Haha Bubba- You took the words out of my mouth! Always love when people say a certain coaster isn't bad and it's always the riders fault if they don't know how to defensively ride it, or protect themselves.
  8. Search for 'Do a barrel roll' (without quotes) on Google.com and see what happens. Guess that's what they think it is!
  9. Amazing trip!! Thanks so much for posting all the cool pics/info... look forward to every update!
  10. Thanks for sharing! It's relaxing and cool to watch the different cams live
  11. Wow! Thanks for all the great pics and even 'after-trip-report' of souvenirs, was very Japan-Tastic!
  12. LA Times even posted it to Twitter but then quickly pulled all articles related to Six Flags 2012 plans. Hummm... or think they are waiting until 12 midnight Pacific time?
  13. It's weird... LA Times took down all of the Six Flags announcement pages (including SFMM's Lex Luther Drop of Doom) Intamin drop attached to Superman 415 feet tall 85 MPH freefall
  14. I think WindSeeker is a great addition to the CF parks! The massive structure and cool lighting at night really draws crowds in, plus it's not too scary/crazy for regular guests to enjoy. Not all rides have to flip a million times with 5 G's to still be fun. Of course it's still early but hopefully they will continue to run well now that Cedar Fair has opened a few and fixing any issues in the ride system with Mondial.
  15. It's a cool idea! It'll be really interesting how Knott's uses the land they have for the next big coaster. I never even thought I'd see WindSeeker where it ended up going, same with Silver Bullet.
  16. How do we know for sure it's SFMM's DejaVu and not new? There's almost a 76 foot height difference as well. I've tried reading back through previous DejaVu topics but still can't find where SFMM said it's closing. I'm not saying it's not true, just curious of sources.
  17. Scary video... prayers and thoughts go out to everyone involved in the stage collapse.
  18. Great report! I had no idea the park was so detailed. I like all the places to eat and see that not many other guests notice.
  19. The car itself still lights up but no big LED sign, and no LED "colorwash" panels at the top pointing down to change the tower color like other WindSeeker's have. Wonder if it's for the same reason Supreme Scream can no longer change colors. Odd that you'd assume others should know what SE means from your first post when it's an internal abbreviation.
  20. Great report and pics, looks like an interesting park. Looking forward to part 6!
  21. Great post! So many people post things as fact without any kind of proof or source where they got that info.
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