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  1. I'm also VERY surprised how lax Disney is about loose items. You're right Robb, being a former CM and regular park guest now I've seen people take crazy amounts of items that could really do some damage if they flew out of an attraction! I didn't mean to seem like I was arguing about that minor thing. I was also curious about the exact policy so I found a pic of the attraction sign. Sorry if it came off as I was trying to prove a point, that's not how I am at all and get annoyed with others who do that too, lol Thanks for reposting the video so quickly!
  2. True, but I mean the penny trick. I know "just a penny" is little to some people but tech. speaking they didn't secure their loose items.
  3. Interesting the video was removed... think Disney contacted him or just by choice? If they were AP'ers Disney had proof of them breaking attraction rules. Yeah- I know he might of just been his choice but still odd that it was only taken down once it hit some coaster/Disney fan sites.
  4. Thanks for posting the on-ride POV! ...glad the penny didn't jam in any of the wheels too jk
  5. Pic found on Twitter... look close behind the Midway Mania sign- California Screamin' valleyed train
  6. Reports from the park just now California Screamin' has valleyed after the loop... rest of zones are being evac'd as normal, valleyed train is stuck after the loop before the next block break.
  7. Thanks for posting the pics Looks like a fun ride, be interesting to try that "half corkscrew" design (and facing forward!)
  8. Amazing theming as always! I agree the fake water is interesting.
  9. GREAT update! Really wish American's would deal with crowds and keep things calm the way Japanese do. Thanks again Robb for all the amazing pictures & videos! -Wes
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