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  1. i thought you said PAINFUL airtime in those videos and pictures! LOL thats where i got my opinion about Dondatopa about! HAHA
  2. mantis, anything can beat Mean Streak and CCMR! but linear gale over WT?! Wicked Twister is myone of my favorite rides! that ride is insane! It has great floater airtime and and is just so fun! Have you ridden LG and WT? Yea RR is probabally way better than Mantis OMFG i hated Iron Dragon so much! it was so slow and had no force through the turns! I would deffinately prefer Vortex, or at least Top Gun at PKI (my home park) Corscrew was a great ride for me, IMO. It was a short wait and the hill before the loop gave some good airtime! Dondadopa over Dragster? after reading all the reviews of that ride, how could you say that? yea, the launch is good, but the roughness and all that stuff?! you might want to rethink that one Gemini was a. ok ride. Good air on the hill, but drags around the turns...so id go with excalabur Like i said, LOL anything can beat mean streak! SF looks good, but Magnum is great! it give some high quality air! it is a little rough, a 3/10 in roughness Disaster Transport was fun. what ever that is is prolly better though Talon over Raptor? Is it that good? Now, Top Gun:TJC came close to Raptor, but yea talon looks pretty good! It comes pretty close to the ground, helixes, inversions...looks like a top knotch coaster.. and most of IYO coasters are owned by CF so w/e But those are just my opinions Millennium"Cear Fair Rules"ForceJZ
  3. i agree with you on some of those, but those are way better rides in their comparason, unfair, and some i disagree with
  4. Plus when CP builds the 500 foot flying dueling wooden turtle feces ride next year we'll be sure to visit and see if any of our rankings have changed! ----AMEN! ^^^ Yea, i guess i didnt really catagorize MF's serioes of "airtime", on the 1st drop, YES, 2nd hill, mass floater, same with third and fourth. The hills aren't airtime hills, i mean look at them! they aren like Goliaths at SFOG, they are huge and take a while to get over, but thats what gets me! that amount of time of floater airtime on those hills! Would you catagorize Wocked Twister's airtime by floater? and Robb, what other coasters are around the "#40" And maybe I might want to ride Mummy rather than MF! That ride looks sweet! It looks like EE combined with Flight of Fear!
  5. Where does your disdain for CP stem? Did CP take your puppy away? I hate to question a personal opinion, but putting MF in such a low position just makes me wonder. I admit that I do not have near the coaster count as you do, but I have rode some of your top twenty so I am going to argue through those. My greatest beef has to be with Sheikra. Seriously. You honestly are going to tell people that Sheikra all around is a better ride than MF? If you think TTD is lame, then you are forced to think Sheikra is lame. It has a good drop and then...............wait, I'm thinking............oh yeah, nothing. At least MF has great speed and excitement throughout the ride. MF and TTD easily better than Sheikra. Next arguement. Mummy!?! That thing is interesting for about a ride and a half. After you know what is coming, there really is no reason to ride it. I guess it does cruise along at a blistering 40MPH through absolutely no airtime. MF easily better than Mummy. Now I come to Kumba. I too really enjoy this ride, but it is mainly about speed and power, not airtime. So obviously you do like other things. If speed and force is what you like, then you will find it abundantly with MF. Quick sharp turns. Several moments close to the ground with trees zipping past your head. Three surprising moments of some floater airtime. MF easily better than Kumba. And I bring this arguement to a close with Hulk. You have been on over 400 coasters and this one still makes your top 15? That makes me cry to know that there are only 14 or less better steel coasters than this one. What on earth does this ride have over MF? A weak launch then a slow cruise through a series of inversions. Hulk most of the time feels like it is struggling to get through most of them. You comment about the roughness of Magnum, and yet Hulk's bumpy course through a slow feeling ride is overlooked? MF is easily better than Hulk. Sorry to sound like such a jerk about this, but I just feel that you are falsely advertising MF and the rest of CP as a poor destination for thrill-seekers. On a kinder note. I love your forum and all of the great content. I'm anxious to hear your analysis of Tatsu next week. Mark C. THANK YOU!! omg i was waitting for someone who had the same opinion as me! yea, i havent been on as many coasters are you guys, but MF just completely blew me away! How could you seriouslhy say MF has no air other than the hill?! i mean come on! and Magnum, its a little shakey, but you cant let that riun those intense bunny hills! come on Robb, i mean, you can say those coasters are THAT bad! i mean, MF has been #1 ever since it opened............like WOF_man i dont want t sound like a jerk, but give the #1 theme park for EIGHT YEARS running some credit!
  6. but you have Balder and Kanonen! and..Lisedbergsbahn...what else? you back seat in Balder better be good LOL hey, USA and Europe have have great coasters...you have Nemesis!
  7. HAHAHAHA Robb you are the funniest guy ever! ever thought about stand up? turtle feces! haha thanks for the suggestions guys i will now start my quest for airtime! and the funny thing is, the only coaster at CP i didnt go on was Blue Streak! i never even thought about it...sorry BS! hehehe BS and so you are saying that MF's first hill it TRUE airtime in your dictionary....if so then i understand true airtime..b/c THAT WAS THE BEST FELLING I HAVE EVER HAD! ok the first time i had to hold onto the bars around me b/c it felt so..wierd! the second time i put my hands up, i was in heaven
  8. For me.... MF - best of those three rides, but still, no real airtime and that's my favorite part of any big hypercoaster. Out of all the Intamin hypers, MF is my 2nd least favorite next to Thunder Dolphin. TTD - Overhyped. I really thought the launch was VERY weak compared to other rockets (Hypersonic, Xcelerator, Dodonpa) and it reminded me more of S:TE but without going backwards. I also *HATE* the spiral drop. Totally stupid. I'm NOT a fan of this ride by any means. Rode it to get the credit, otherwise I can do without it. Magnum - This is one of those rides I just "don't get." Everyone goes ga-ga for it. I just think it's rough and un-comfortable. I'd rather ride Gemini. --Robb WOW...if there is "no real airtime" then i have never experience airtime before! TTD - yea i wish the drop was non spiral....the launch, to me, was very powerful...but Flight of Fear and Rock'n'Rollercoaster and Wicked Twister are the only other launch coasters i have been on Magnum - i guess because...oh it has mucho airtime and its the first coaster over 200 ft.........lol and its the 3 best coaster rates by golden ticket
  9. echem, where is millennium force, or TTD or magnum?! ha i knew Pyraneese was going to be on there!
  10. James....its my first...but i go by Zach
  11. yea come on you should have let them answer!....but their REAL favorite coasters
  12. LOL duh Elissa is Sharktums!....not to be mean
  13. no! i am sure his fav coaster is Millennium Force or it could be Elissa's...
  14. whats your top 10 list of best rides?! mine, because of limited parks i have been to are: 1. Millennium Force - hence my name 2. Top Thrill Dragster 3. Magnum XL 200 4. Wicked Twister 5. Raptor 6. Rock'n'Rollercoaster 7. Top Gun (PC) 8. Beast 9. BORG Assimalator 10. Mantis i like any coasters...even Vekomas! but Intamin is my fav company
  15. do you guys have a list of all the coasters you have ridden? oo i have an idea for a new thread....
  16. i wana be just like you guys when i grow up! LOL half day job...half day rollercoasters! i mean you guys have to be close to have ridden 75% of the coasters in the world! i mean i have only been to Paramounts Kings Island, Paramounts Carowinds, Disney World, and Cedar Point.....you get to go to theme parks around the world, year round! i am so jelous
  17. it looks to me that your full time job is TPR!
  18. those pics were sweet NCF! if i come that area i am deff. going to try to stop by tsenfried? the cars are cool b/c there are only 2...wierd!
  19. woah! i had never thought about asking disney parks if i could film on the ride! i am so getting rock n rollercoaster next time! unless they dont allow that....i know PKI and CP are really really strict on that stuff
  20. hey Elisa! could you change mine name to MF Ride Tester? thanks!
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