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  1. [attachment=0]terrortoyshop-16_2.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]terrortoyshop-20.jpg[/attachment] Judging from last year's pictures, It DOES!
  2. If we can help Autobots beat Decepticons, Spiderman defeat the Sinister 6, and Dr. Seeker rescue a Dinosaur, then saving the city should be a piece of cake! Also, any updates on the Suicide Squad scarezone? I reaaaaallly want a picture with Harley
  3. Okay, so it's not widespread. Prob just some baseless speculation! I like Tidal Wave too though, I'd hate to see that go!
  4. Yes! Themed to Suicide Squad. "Suicide Squad - Mission BREAKOUT!" Enter into Blackgate Penitentiary and help Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo, and that Lizard Dude escape from the clutches of Amanda Waller! Board the Joker's Escape-O-Plane and fly high over Gotham with the power of a supervillain. The queue could have Character Bios like the queue for Superman : Ultimate Flight and Batwing. They can play the movie soundtrack over the speakers, and have a Harley meet and greet nearby.
  5. Is there any truth to the rumor that River King Mine Train could be closing in the next year or two? When I rode it a few years back it seemed to be running good, but can't imagine it leaving!
  6. My list changes from time to time but mine are : 10- Ravine Flyer at Waldameer 9-The Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood 8- Nitro at SFGAdv 7-Batwing at SFA 6-Rockin Roller Coaster at DHS 5-El Toro at SFGAdv 4-Expedition Everest at DAK 3-WDW's Space Mountain 2-Revenge of the Mummy at USO 1- WDW's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  7. Since they're having the Christmas themed maze for Fright Fest this year, they should keep it open for Holiday in the Park!
  8. Last time was 2013, ugh I'm missing out on everything! I need to go back soon.
  9. Honestly, the only reason Green Lantern gets so much hate is because the movie it is tied to got horrible reviews. If it was painted Blue and themed to Avatar, I bet it would be the most popular ride in the park!
  10. I've ate at Character Cafe a couple times and love it! Food is standard, but the theming is amazing! Carhop Daffy and Bugs? YES PLZ
  11. With the Dining Pass deal that happened recently, I'm sure alot of us will be eating a lot of Six Flags food! Post some of your favorite items here, or worst meals! Anything Six Flags food related, can be discussed here!
  12. True, plus Two-Face used to be in the Old West section of the park as well.
  13. With Wonder Woman being put next to Superman, it's funny how the DC Comics rides are split into sections! You have Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman at the back of Gotham, and Joker, Riddler, and Penguin near the front. Not sure if its intentional, but a fun little detail!
  14. The lines stink but it's still a good deal considering the price you pay. The other weekend I waited about 45 minutes for a Sandwich & Chips, but it's still worth it and you can definitely get your moneys worth.
  15. The theme is that it is the Ferris Aircraft Hangar where Hal Jordan works. For the theme they are trying to convey, I think it works great. You see the big jet, you see the sign of the Ferris company. If you're a DC Comics fan or fan of the Green Lantern movie, I personally think it does a fine job of taking you into the film. Not as good as Dark Knight coaster theming of course, but still pretty good. And I haven't ridden since 2013, so I didn't know Parallax was gone But then again, since I haven't ridden in 3 years maybe it HAS gotten way too rough. Oh well!
  16. Wild One at Six Flags in Maryland, 99 years old and still going strong!
  17. Right? Milk it for all it's worth! I remember at Six Flags in MD even the BATHROOMS were themed to DC Comics. They were inside the "Gotham City Police Department". If that's not a tounge-in-cheek joke towards law enforcement, I don't know what is! But yeah Six Flags, get your money! Might as well slap some names onto the food items like "Harley Quinn's Chicken Tenders" or "Green Lantern's Southwest Salad"
  18. It's about time that this California theme park got a high-tech dark ride! Universal has Transformers and DL has Mania, this seems like a great clash of both types!
  19. Seriously guys? The Pros of GL waaaaay outweigh the cons Pros - Awesome DC Comics Theme -Multiple Inversions - Nice Big Drop! - Riding right under the alien Parallax Cons - hurts your huevos a little bit! But honestly, what StandUp isn't rough and won't jostle your goodies around? None of them! As far as Stand Ups go, I'd honestly say Green Lantern is my favorite.
  20. Green Lantern isn't a bad coaster! Yes, Stand-Ups are pretty rough but compared to Apocalypse and Shockwave, I think GL is decent. Bizarro is a lot of fun, but the audio has to work for the full experience.
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