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  1. Although there are no new houses, Terror Toy Shop and Voodoo Curse seem better than ever before! The new layout for Hall Manor is really lacking. It's essentially just the reverse of what the original trail was, but it just seems really weak. There's no dramatic buildup and storytelling like in the original direction. This maze used to be my top favorite, no it's actually DEAD LAST (yes, behind the weak Aftermath!) SFA management, if you're reading this, restore The Haunting of Hall Manor to it's original glory! The Cursed! After Dark show is SPECTACULAR and so were night rides on Roar. The Awakening being moved to Gotham Arena does WONDERS for capacity, but the show intensity is very diminished since it is on a far away stage, and not all up in your grill. Overall, Fright Fest is great this year! No special FF Food options like last year, but the shows rock and there seem to be more scareactors roaming around. PLEASE ADD A NEW MAZE NEXT YEAR SFA!
  2. Can't believe no new houses or scarezones! They've had same for past 2 years. Really need to update. Also, did they change the Hall Manor trail? Entrance on Map is over by PBR not Gotham Arena...
  3. Rode Roar after the retrack and wow, what a smooth ride! Running awesome. Batwing was running a different train than normal today, looked recently refurbed. Very nice! Grey paint instead of the other train's purple. Lifeguard Lead at Castaway Creek told me that while the lazy river is being replaced, the pool in the middle will be staying. Surprising to hear!
  4. The 2018 addition seems like a fan service. Great for Season Pass holders, but nothing to draw in new guests.
  5. The 2018 addition seems like a fan service. Great for Season Pass holders, but nothing to draw in new guests.
  6. In that video, Grim Reaper spends half the video at Castaway Creek. As much as I wish Whistlestop gets rethemed to DC, my final prediction is Castaway Creek/Pool Area being removed and replaced with new slide attraction.
  7. With the rising popularity of villains like Harley Quinn and such, what about adding rides of Lesser known DC foes? A Huss King Kong flat would be perfect for SFA's Gotham City!
  8. Visited the park today and it seemed like Superman, Batwing, and Roar were closed all day. Took possible last rides on PBR, High Seas, & Shipwreck. If it turns out to be Pirate's Flight being removed, I'll just have to take another trip up again!
  9. The SFA Fright Fest site is now live. https://www.sixflags.com/america/special-events/fright-fest-night No new mazes or scarezones this year. They haven't added a new maze since 2015! Sad!
  10. Hoping Shipwreck Falls or High Seas get removed, this park can't stand to lose another DC Comics IP attraction. First Krypton Comet, then Two-Face. We need Penguin!
  11. Really hope they don't take away PBR. Awesome and fun family attraction!
  12. When are they going to announce the 2017 Fright Fest mazes? I'm DYING to know.
  13. my 2017 addition guesses 1. Retheme of Whistlestop to DC Superfriends 2. Replacing Gotham Arena with Justice League 3. Adding a Disk-O to Gotham City Thoughts?
  14. SFA has DC Heroes & Looney Tunes, while KD only has the Peanuts Gang. Based on that alone, SFA wins on the charm scale in my book.
  15. The Basketball Game/Character Location in Gotham City has been removed! What could be replacing it? Too small for a new attraction. My guess is a new Counter Service Restaurant or Gift Shop.
  16. I highly doubt Penguin's Blizzard River is being removed. Popular ride with decent capacity, not too many maintenance problems.
  17. Wonder Woman is such a great ride. Now there are 3 hero rides (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) and 3 villain rides (Joker, Penguin, and Riddler). Wonder if they did that on purpose? I hope the 2018 addition to SFA is a retheme of Whistlestop to DC Superfriends, it would fit much better with the location.
  18. My friend's Mom had an apple in her pocket for snacking during park time, took it on El Toro at SFGAdv, fell out, flew backwards, and clocked some boy in the head!
  19. Nothing like eating a hero sandwich while meeting a hero! For real, Six Flags needs to have more DC Meets. Superman & Supergirl meet at SFMM, bring them to other parks!
  20. Yup! 100 years old this year, opened in 1917 originally in Massachusetts. Still going strong for one of the oldest coasters in America.
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