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  1. What rides do you guys expect will be open at SFA during Holiday in the Park this year?
  2. What is the point of them making gravestones for extinct rides? I understand its a joke because the rides are gone but it makes no sense? Gravestones mark where bodies are buried, it is not like the actual attraction is buried there! If anything, they should move the tombstones to where the actual ride was located. That would be a creative change. Anyway, I hope to visit Great America next season during the summer on a road trip. I've only been a couple times, so what would you recommend as the top 3 attractions to do first for a single day? Thanks!
  3. What does this GIF even mean? Quite offensive to people who struggle with epilepsy...
  4. Disney used to consistently put out quality attractions, but in recent years they have been very lackluster. The imagineers used to create iconic attractions like Splash Mountain, The Great Movie Ride, and Dinosaur. All creative, original, and entertaining. But look at recent additions like Frozen Ever After, Test Track 2, and Soarin Over The World. All cheap overlays instead of new original attractions. They even took out the original Captain Eo and replaced it with Pixar short films at Epcot. Disney is churning out uninspired, unimaginative, and cheap attractions to us just like Six Flags. The magic is dead, people!
  5. I feel like I'm the only one to realize that Disney is slowly transforming into Six Flags
  6. WONDERFUL TRIP REPORT! I hope I can visit later this year for FF! Which was the maze with the longest line so I know which one to hit first?
  7. I snapped them and they were pretty good! Def worth a ride on even if only for the creepy clowns painted on the side. Btw, cute bunny!
  8. Yeah, They should've taken it down while the ride is under refurb? What's next, we're gonna see Drax pop into the same screen as Rod Serling? The two themes shouldn't clash.
  9. The sign added to the immersive theming of the ride. I know it is being transformed into GotG, but come on! The missing sign cheapens the whole experience. Might as well remove signage from every ride in the park! It's not like the rides need it because according to Disney, Tower sure didn't!
  10. frightfest opening night 9/24 report with pics! The Awakening Show Burger dinner at Aviatore Grill. Voodoo Drop was a spoopy ride for Frightfest time line for the Xmas maze was nonexistant early on! no line for hall manor near close time Good night! Lines for haunted houses early on were short, but got long near the middle. Did a lot of coasters during day and night, and a few haunted houses right after they opened. I only did 3 houses. Aftermath, Christmas Horror Shop, and Hall Manor. Aftermath was not gouda, Christmas was cool and nice, Hall Manner was EPIIICCC! Went right near closing and was very spooky and creepy and AHHHH!!!! coasters were running great. 3 laps on Superman, 2 on Wild 1 and Roar, 1 on the Spinny Mouse, and 2 on Joker. Also did the Ring of Fire, Voodoo Drop, Mardi Gras Flyers, Riddler, and the scrambler!
  11. He's referring to Dinosaur's past moniker, Countdown to Extinction (and yeah, that name is WAY cooler), and I also haven't seen much about it's refurb. Anyone got anything? Probably adding an Arlo animatronic from The Good Dinosaur, Disney loves IP crossovers!
  12. Look like it's confirmed that Wonder Woman will go in between Superman & Penguin
  13. I will say, I have never paid for a skip-the-line program before (I've used Fast Lane at VF once because it was free with pass renewal). I just get really lucky with crowds on trips, it's never been a necessity, for me. If you're on a big trip, typically I would suggest budgeting for a couple fast lanes, because if you're only able to get 8 rides in a day that you're already paying $200+ for (Hotel, admission, meals, car rental), that seems like a waste to me. Hopefully it stays that way, where I don't need a FL, but I think it's a good idea to be prepared if you happen to need it. Well if it's a once in a lifetime vacation I can completely understand it, but usually for use TPR buddies, a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park isn't a once in a lifetime opportunity! For me, thats like Ferrari World or Disneyland Paris!
  14. No, I'd much rather wait in line for a coaster and catch Pokemon while in that line, than pay extra cash for a line-skip pass! I know many people would, but if I'm coughing up $80 for a one-day ticket (I have a pass, but still...), then I don't want to add extra moolah on to that!
  15. The fact that anyone would pay for Flash Pass is beyond me. Now if they started giving it for free like Disney, I would def take it up. El Toro is great, but I'm not gonna pay an extra $50 or so just to skip the line! I'd much rather wait in line and catch Pokemon!
  16. Freaking McDonalds!!! What did you get there? I love the Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel as well as a Chicken McGriddle. Big Breakfasts help me get my energy for big coaster days however. Long live McD's Hashbrowns bro!
  17. Krusty Burger is the best of any Universal food I've had. Frankly, with the exception of Butterbeer, I found Harry Potter food to be quite bland.
  18. How did you like Joker? Better than Green Lantern? I hope I can experience it someday.
  19. They really need to add pop song remixes made out of assorted "Meow"s as a soundtrack! Plus a Michelle Pfieffer animatronic would be pretty nice too
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