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  1. Roar was operating today! Although I didn't see any RMC, I did hear two of the ride ops mention the name "Roar Reloaded". I wouldn't get your hopes up, they could have just been joking around as they seemed younger and doubt that they'd have real intel. Sky Jumper seems to have been down all season, any idea as to why? Rode Wonder Woman today and it's a great addition to the park. A thrilling attraction that a larger guest like me can fit on! I did see some other "round" guests get turned away, but for me it was easy peasy. Very scary, and the random soundtrack selection is a great touch. Good work Six Flags, especially tying it in with her movie release! *edit - spelling
  2. I'm heading down to Kings Dominion next week for the first time since I was a child. How accommodating are the roller coasters for large guests? Which coasters should I try and which stay away from? For reference, I can't fit on any B&M coaster.
  3. Any coaster is better than no coaster. It is still thrilling and has a fun DC Comics theme. On that note, Great Adventure doesn't have any Superhero meet and greets? I asked the character attendant if any of them would be out today and she responded saying they never visit this park! Come on Six Flags! SFA in Maryland has Batman roaming, heck even SFNE has The Flash meeting! but Great Adventure doesn't have any? SFGAdv, step your character game up. You have so many DC themed rides, have the characters out taking pictures!
  4. DO NOT SKIP GREEN LANTERN! People consistently complain that it is a bad or "rough" ride but I highly recommend riding it. It is fun, thrilling, and the theming ties in with the 2011 movie of the same name. Good coaster experience, and I don't understand why it gets so much hate.
  5. Food service is one of the worst parts about SFA nowadays. Most Ride Ops seem to be attentive and care about their duties, however most Food employees I've seen seem miserable and almost as if they are in constant pain performing their duties.
  6. Rode Justice League today and all I can say is...WOW! Universal quality themed ride in a Six Flags park! I hope they add these or various versions of it to all Six Flags parks. SFA is in dire need of a dark ride. 2018 addition perhaps?
  7. Was at the park this morning, from rope drop to about 3pm. I was expecting the park to be crazy for the holiday but it was pretty empty! Did the waterpark pools and a couple slides with no wait, then made my way over to dry park. Roar and Wild one had 2 train waits, and Gotham coasters had roughly the same, if not slightly longer. A lot more entertainment options, now the Block Party and Mardi Gras show are running! Also a lot more diverse lineup of characters. Batman was meeting in Gotham City while the Joker and Riddler characters roamed around Gotham messing with guests. At the front of the park Granny was meeting with Sylvester and Tweety, and Lola was with Bugs. Also according to one of the character escorts, for the opening of Lasso of Truth, the full Justice Leuge will be meeting at the park that day. That'll be a good photo op! Food lines weren't too bad, although the park could use one or two more restaurants. I had the Bacon Cheesburger from Gotham Food Court and it was okay! Patty was dry, but fresh lettuce and tomato compensated for that.
  8. Honestly, Shining is not a good scary movie! I feel the only reason it's popular is because it's cult following spread to the internet and it went viral. Couldn't make it 30 minutes into the film. If Universal is gonna do houses based on IPs, stick to actual HORROR films like Halloween & The Purge.
  9. Not very. The seats are actually quite small. I've seen many larger guests try to squeeze themselves into the seats on Texas Skyscreamer to no avail. how are they compared to say, the flying carousel? Flying carousel?
  10. Not very. The seats are actually quite small. I've seen many larger guests try to squeeze themselves into the seats on Texas Skyscreamer to no avail. how are they compared to say, the flying carousel?
  11. to people who have been on rides like WWLoT, how accommodating are the seats for larger guests?
  12. new character at the park today! not even fright fest and they have a monster out
  13. Opening Mid May I doubt mid May. Closer to June/July from what I've seen
  14. visited on opening day! Parking lot was crowded but inside of park was not. Less than 10 minute waits for every ride. They've blocked the pathway to Superman so you have to cut through Whistlestop. Wild One was running great for a 100 year old ride, loved the decals on the trains. Also seems like there are less food choices for the dining plan this year! I wish the mexican place was on it.
  15. Make sure you hit Gotham first, work your way from the back of the park counter clockwise to the front!
  16. Went Sunday evening and MAN was the park crowded compared to before. Wild One was a 4 train wait, compared to walk-on last weekend. Rajun Cajun had a solid 20-30 min line all night. Around 6ish the lines died down, and rides were only 1-2 train wait. Most shows were packed, and food places had long lines. Didn't see the special Holiday fries, but I got Chicken Tenders with regular fries from Aviator Grille and Hot Cocoa! The park was sold out of the Cocoa Souvenir Cups, so if you got one you're lucky! Plenty of characters out and about, Santa Bugs Bunny, Daffy the Elf, and Tweety & Sylvester in generic winter wear. Overall saw the Stunt Show and Jingle Jam, rode Roar, Wild One, and Reindeer's Flight once, and had dinner. Will post pics later!
  17. Might go and visit the park tomorrow night. Hopefully Sundays are less busy than Saturdays.
  18. I got an email about Turkey, Gravy, and Cranberry fries called Holiday Sidewinder Fries? Has anybody tried these and where are they sold. I really want to try them.
  19. Thanks guys! Now I know I consume roughly 192 ounces of Coca Cola everytime I visit. What is wrong with me.
  20. Random Question : Does anybody know how much liquid the Six Flags Sports Bottles hold? I'm thinking like 32 oz but I didn't know if there is an official volume.
  21. that show was GREAT! Did you see the celeb, as I was arriving I heard people saying he left
  22. Heading to the park tonight around 6 for the last 2 hours. Hopefully crowds won't be too bad. Heard a rumor a local celeb will be at the park promoting it tonight so I want to see if I can spot him (Hint hint, he was a local athlete who's name rhymes with Sal Bipkin Munior)
  23. Went on Sunday and oh my goodness. I LOVED HOLIDAY IN THE PARK! So much fun and the whole experience was great. Went for rope-drop and stayed till around 5pm. First up, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were out meeting on Main Street, so I got a pic with them and went on my way. Took a ride on the Cocoa Mixer, Peppermint Swirl, and Roar before taking a break to see some shows. No lines for the rides THE WHOLE DAY. Only wait was if you wanted to wait for a specific seat, or til the train came back from it's course (only running one train on the rides). The Stunt Show was funny and Home for the Holidays was so well done for an amusement park show. Really tugged at my heartstrings and made me tear up! The Hot Cocoa was decent and I had the Ham dinner from the Saloon which was mediocre. After lunch, I went and rode Reindeer Flight, Wild One, The Flying Swings and the Carousel. Def reccomend coming and seeing the beautiful park!!!
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