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  1. Agreed! Big time Schwarzkopf fan (who doesn't want a new train or new messed up bucket-y seats on our classic...) The bottom of the horizontal loop and at the bottom of the 2nd vertical loop - the fastest parts of the ride - sometimes buffet as we used to say. It's the hard plastic wheels going over the track joints; it happens so fast in those parts - combined with high G's, that it gives that buffet or slight roar sensation. Add to that years of layers of chipped paint. If the track pieces are fixed where needed, sandblasted - primed and painted, it's as smooth as it's going to get. (SF Magic Mountain, for example, threw a layer of fresh paint on the Revolution track 4 years ago; it looks great but years of chipped layers are under that, adding to the clunk.) Over the years, track ties (in all directions) have been replaced with brand new pieces. When these wear out it can add to that noise/feeling. It's really not rough... it just feels a little more aggressive in those places. I think someone mentioned re-profiling the rough spots... which in modern terms could be the high-lateral-g entries to the top of the horizontal loop and the tree-covered turn before the last loop; these are my favorite spots on the ride! But I'm aware many newer coaster fans don't like being moved side to side, and they sometimes refer to this action as rough. To me, these actions are the very essence of a roller coaster. Action in a coaster seat is becoming harder to come by these days (due to bucket seats and super-tight lap bars) so enjoy it while you can. As far as the Revolution train being on the ride, I'm hoping it's just for test purposes; to test how the Six Flags in-house manufactured train boogies run on Mind Bender, so they can build some new ones. The bodies/seats/headrests/set up of the new Revolution trains are a hot mess and don't enable that loose in the seat feel that Schwarzkopf designed into his rides (the aforementioned lateral spots). Those old Schwarzkopf/Mind Bender trains are so plain looking, but really a genius design. It's basically the same position set up for your body as on an old wood coaster (the kind before seat dividers and individual lap bars), but with individual lap bars. But note there is no seat divider; the individual lap bar does allow a good amount of lateral movement so you get that classic feel in the turns. Totally genius. There is a small gap between the wheels and the track, which makes the ride run loose but not messy (like an Arrow, for example). This is a concept that has been largely lost on modern rides which have spring-loaded wheel assemblies... from an engineering point of view, this is good on VERY fast and tall ride, but not a ride the size of a Schwarzkopf if you want that loose feel. Basically, these classic steel coasters/trains by Anton have some modern stuff for loops but have some ride experience features of a classic wood coaster. Oh, or they could be testing that Revolution train backwards. End Schwarzkopf love rant
  2. That's what many wood coasters used to be like. And then the 90s came and went. More reason to get out and enjoy what you can while we still have it. Not much real airtime left around (the kind where your butt leaves the seat more than an inch).
  3. 2 wooden coasters that still have their buzz bars, and a classic (and awesome) Schwarzkopf Jet Star. Damn.
  4. It's sad to realize how many people won't remember it that way. Even in 2010, it was close enough to that for me to love the place. Shame so many people missed out on its better days or witnessed its decline. Agreed. I guess if one has never had it that good, they will never know what they missed. A friend sent me this video history of IB: Indiana Beach (until 2008/2009) was the definition of Amusement Park. You could feel the excitement crossing the bridge to the park. Coasters and rides moving all over the place. Seeing the Hurricane and Cornball cross eachother on their respective lifts was a common sight. All the neon and flashing lights in place at night. Kids and families laughing and having a great time. The smell of hot dogs and fries, freshly-made funnel cakes, hot spun cotton candy and tacos(!?) permeated the air. Everything always moved, no closed rides. No operational issues. Relaxing if you want, or wild with excitement! Really a perfect park until the sale. It was sad to see the place transform into just another little six flags-ish dump. A good reminder to appreciate your favorite places and rides. I sure did! My friends and I would go to IB usually 1-3 times a summer until 2008. Still a major bummer. Remember the Koch family wanted Kentucky Kingdom (they already had a name/logo for it: Bluegrass Boardwalk), let's hope they consider Indiana Beach. Could you imagine the awesomeness!?
  5. It did. That's why it turned into a dump in the past decade. Please let the Koch family get it... that's the only hope. The good people of Indiana like being treated with respect; there was no way IB was going to last the way it was running. I couldn't even go in the past 3 or so years, it got so bad. Up until the Spackman's sold it, it was one of the best-run/well-kept/funnest parks in the country with 2 immaculately maintained wood coasters, and 2 little classic steel coasters. A Galaxi only does so much, but on a pier at Indiana Beach, surrounded by water slides and blinking lights, it was like heaven. Charm. Think a miniature Knoebels on the lake. It was a guaranteed great time up until the sale. We would rather drive 2.5 hours to IB than the 45 mins to SF Great America. Quality over quantity. Frankly, it's out of it's misery. Come on Koch family!
  6. New Holiday World podcasts are up. I know what I’m listening to on the way home.
  7. Does anyone even play RCT2 anymore? I've done all the rest, love Planet Coaster, etc. I put them all away a while ago (you know, life and stuff!) but during some recent down time, decided to challenge myself with what seemed like the funnest coaster game (by a small margin), RCT2. Rainbow Summit! Did anyone win that scenario years ago when you first played the game? I sure didn't. Having played the game so many times over the years, I learned some tricks (with out 8carsper or any other cheats) to help with my goals. I've done Rainbow Summit so many times (changed the name of the this one to Rainbow Valley and Rainbow Canyon), and always enjoyed the challenge; to see if I could do something different and best my last scores (guests and profit). Like many real parks, I guess I always kept my usual formulas of double-wide paths (separated by hedges, except where need be) and a large square to keep things moving. I finished the scenario with over 1,000 past the October Year 4 challenge of 2,500 guests, and this past time I was just shy of my 4,000 guests goal. All the coasters were pre-planned out of course (so that could be considered cheating?), and with this last game finishing at 3,990 guests and nearly $1,500 in the bank I'm putting the game away. In the game before this, I finished with 3,500 guests and over $20,000... But this time I kept building new coasters (all pre-designed, of course) to keep em coming in. I would assume that many people use some of the same tricks I've used, such as closing this park at the very start, putting up no entry banners to get everyone out, while quickly building a first midway with rides - then when all the guests are out, re-open the park at a much higher entrance fee (mine was $60, and they seemed happy paying it). I repeated this process 2 more times when I had 500 guests in the park. Close and re-open. Lots of cash to start building. Doing that took the first year, then after that it's build build build time! Lots of fun! Thunderbolt and Monster of the Midway wood coasters, Phantom of the Park steel coaster. Starliner wood coaster with white structure and blue tracks, Nessie Arrow cork, Tyrant/Cyclone wood coaster, and dueling mine train rides underneath it all. Monster of the Mountain wood coaster (formerly wood coaster 1 - opened with the park, redesigned and eventually rebuilt), Alpengeist Schwarzkopf speed racer, and Atom Smasher wood coaster. The blue queue with no ride was the log flume that I wasn't able to finish building.
  8. Yes - the chassis is a faithful reproduction of Schwarzkopf, but the interiors are a SF custom job. The thing that stinks about this is one of the best parts about riding Mind Bender (and Shock Wave, Scorpion, etc.) is being able to slide around on the curves due to those old perfect flat-ish seats that were on all Schwarzkopf (and Gerstlauer replacement) trains. The new Revolution trains have bucket-y trains that take that fun away as well as a strange angled headrest, which has a hard back connected to the train body - and thus causes a strange vibration up through the headrest. Basically, the SF custom trains are hot mess. SooperdooperLooper had it's 3rd generation trains built by Gerstlauer (which are not a possibility) and have slight buckets in the seat, but still much more comfy and classic than these new custom jobs. Although an significant detail to most folks, this really sucks for some of us die-hard Schwarzkopf fans. That lateral motion was pronounced and vivid on my first Mind Bender ride back in 1990; that hard left at the top of the spiral, after the first loop. And the next curve even more, flying right into your riding partner. Schwarzkopf trains enabled some of that classic wood coaster motion into them, very cool. I hope they wait a while, I'd like to get down there and ride my favorite looper a few more times before these not-as-fun SF custom jobs hit the track.
  9. Yes, I thought I mentioned that (but it's gone now?). That 1979 video was shot during break-in. One day a good video will pop up. No matter what I say on the subject, people who weren't there are going to argue against it, so it's probably in my best interest to make this my last post.
  10. Very happy to see a classic park coming back! Pennsylvania sure is the place for classic parks and classic rides (and some new ones too!) I could make a 2 week coaster trip out of Pennsylvania alone (come to think of it, I have!) and can't wait to add Bushkill to that lineup.
  11. Either way, I had a few frighteningly fast rides on the Beast 1987-1989 (including during the Beast 10th anniversary party in March of '89... in the rain and snow!) People argue endlessly about how the Beast used to be (which usually includes the 1979 POV of the ride, fresh and tight, running very slow during a test run). The discussion is usually ... "well, you were young and you just remember if faster!" No. It was definitely faster on a regular basis. If you got a brakeless Beast ride back then, you knew it. If it went past half-way up the 2nd lift, you got what was (back then) considered a brakeless or near-brakeless ride. 1989 was my last fast ride on Beast. By 1992 (we would drive over from Cedar Point on days off), it seemed Beast lost all it's bite. Forward to the 2000s, and another big step-down in speed. Still fun, and will always be special to me, but not but a shade of what it used to be. Bummer to me, but it's life. Since we are in the Great America thread... there is the case of a brakeless American Eagle! What a treat that was. When the track is in top condition AND the brakes are off, I call that "Voyage meets Phoenix." True magic. You could get a taste of that around 2009-2010 when Shapiro was in charge. Eagle was his favorite coaster in the chain, and made sure it was kept in good condition and ran fast, albeit for a short period. It's back to it's usual self, but I still love it. Late 80s was horrible as the wooden track on the out run made it nearly un-rideable. Then they added the hybrid track; it's got that vibration, but it still runs fairly well.
  12. Actually, Cyclops opened with 5 cars (even though the queue gates were built for a 6 car train). Damn that ride was awesome a few years ago!
  13. Driving home the other day... I forgot we had this street here. Made me miss Holiday World! I oddly didn't make it to the park this year. Even thought I'm headed to Knoebels in 2 days... a year just doesn't feel right w/o HW. Love Raven, but Legend is still my favorite
  14. I love Voyage how it is, a traditional wooden-tracked coaster. The trains are great, too; can be rough, but gives you a real roller coaster ride. My last rough ride on Voyage was 2011; it gets it's spots every year, no biggie. When they built Voyage, they probably knew how much it would cost to maintain and willing to do that in order to have such a unique, awesome and popular, coaster.
  15. ^Oh yeah, I got that book right when it came out! F13 part 7 might have had lots of gay cast members... but NOES2 is way gay on the overtones. I had no clue as a kid! It's almost a joke when you watch it now (still enjoyable!)
  16. Most excellent! Note this cover, although sporting a rainbow Freddy, is really about the star of Nightmare On Elm Street, Part 2 (1985), Mark Patton. (Actually, to a 12 year old horror geek, Freddy was the star!!) His documentary "Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street," is now being toured (got my ticket for Chicago!) It's about the very strong gay overtones in the movie and how it all affected him in terms of being a closeted gay... the movie is campy (but awesome) but caused problems for Mark Patton. Here is the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEhrVRXMGjc I've been waiting a couple years for this; as of now, they are still touring the documentary. https://www.screamqueendocumentary.com/
  17. I voted for years, but stopped as some of my favorite rides and parks never showed up in the top 10s... so, it just drove home the point of "you like what you like," and having different opinions is ok. But I especially enjoy seeing my favorites make it in, though! Very happy to see Phoenix (buzz bars) still at #1 and Voyage at #2; not my #1s and #2s, but at that level of awesomeness, it doesn't matter much to me. Those are world-class coasters.
  18. ^Good deal. Just a note: this is a direct-to-video low budget/goofy movie. Right up my alley - but not for everyone. I'd suggest watching some old Banana Splits episodes to get to know them; this movie is probably biggest with people close to my age. When I was little, the Brady Bunch was always on; as old as it already was, it was great. The Banana Splits were even older than the Brady Bunch! Seriously dated, but great stuff. A new topic might be in order
  19. Hey check out the Banana Splits at SFNE. I never knew about this; it's from years ago as the Cyclone is still the Cyclone (I loved that ride, btw!) This popped up on my youtube probably after looking at Banana Splits videos after the movie came out (liked it) and the news of Coney Island in Cincinnati. Those 2 searches spit this out! The Banana Splits original intro was shot at Coney Island, as well as SFOTexas... With one episode shot at Kings Island years later. Getting off topic... but that's what youtube does!
  20. Anyone take a guess on the price of a ride on the coaster and drop? I'm sure they could fetch at least $20 a pop... I'd think. Big and interesting project! Can't wait to ride them.
  21. You have seen American Eagle's queue, right? Yes. And Viper, Superman, Raging Bull, Maxx Force, X-Flight... Scream, X2, Goliath, Riddler... The Boss, Mr. Freeze, etc., etc. Notice a pattern? It’s not a space issue, it’s a Six Flags design feature. And a horrible way to treat paying customers. Bruh... lol. Don't you think that statement is a little overboard? No, I don't. But I definitely respect your opinion. I respectfully disagree and have experienced other parks for many years manage their crowds and queue lines/exits much better and with guest comfort in mind. Bottlenecks don't make people happy. No, I don't hate SFGAm. Please stop defending for no reason. It's a well known and valid complaint in the industry. But you are correct in that this is not typically the place to air those grievances.
  22. You have seen American Eagle's queue, right? Yes. And Viper, Superman, Raging Bull, Maxx Force, X-Flight... Scream, X2, Goliath, Riddler... The Boss, Mr. Freeze, etc., etc. Notice a pattern? It’s not a space issue, it’s a Six Flags design feature. And a horrible way to treat paying customers.
  23. ^Amen. I love Eagle, especially red. That drop is epic; the gradual speed gain and continual steepening really do it. Heck, the entire first run is already hybrid track, they did that in the early 90s. When the big helix brakes are off, the run back home is basically “Voyage meets Phoenix.” I’d be bummed to see them RMC it. Either way, my Six Flags days are just about over. I’d rather drive a few hours for a quality service park.
  24. Excellent memories! My first visit to Great America was 1980, the year of the Demon! I see you are from Crown Point; I was there last week to visit the Lake County Fair. Not what it used to be be, but also good memories... my grandparents were the caretakers of the Fairgrounds throughout most of the 80s, so that was my playground. The house that used to be right inside the 4H entrance gate; that was my home away from home! Oh the Zipper and Sky Diver memories. I was a tiny kid and they'd let you ride anything - even alone! Times have changed! Sorry to get off topic, but I love Crown Point and visit all the time. I'm glad to hear they are getting Maxx Force trains out quicker. Now could they open the exit gates so we don't have to walk ... nah, forget it. I'm at the point where I need to be done with Six Flags for a good year or two; it would be my first "time away" from my home park since 1980. It's more fulfilling to drive a few hours to parks that have a higher quality of service. It's a bit sad as I do love Great America and consider it the best in the chain, but you know what they say: "if it ain't fun no more, don't do it!"
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