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  1. We got a couple of kittens in April of 2012, so they were quite a bit smaller than what you'll see here. The orange one is Weasley, the short hair is Hermione.


    Hermione hanging under the covers.


    Yes, that is an exploding Death Star on the TV. She was taking care of me when I was sick.


    Hanging out under the Christmas Tree


    Being a lazy cat.

  2. ^ I disagree that the park needs another big coaster.


    If you talk to any fans of Knott's (to which I include myself) the general consensus is that the park is in a MUCH better place today than it was the day Silver Bullet opened. Why? Because they are concentrating on the complete park experience vs. just adding coaster after coaster after coaster.


    The opposite could be said of SFMM who was doing a good job of maintaining the park and adding some variety before they realized their GP clientele doesn't care about anything other than coasters.

  3. ^^ Obviously there is no way to know ... but with all of the rides you are getting for ERT I can't imagine that it will be that difficult to get multiple rides on everything. I know that yesterday wasn't too busy and it was a holiday. But as Robb said, if it's a priority then I'd get a Flash Pass.


    After morning ERT if Tatsu, Apocalypse, Riddlers and Green Lantern are priorities I'd head there when the park opens. Remember though that Riddlers, Viper and Green Lantern have single rider lines. Everybody is going to go to Full Throttle and Tatsu when the park opens so the back side of the park should be empty until at least noon.

  4. ^ The point that Elissa was making is that you can't always count on the parks website to be up to date. Apocalypse is open, website still says it's closed. Even IF X2 were to open the site probably wouldn't be accurate for a few days. You are going to get more accurate information on a fan site than on the parks site.


    And STOP calling it POCKY. Pocky isn't a coaster, it's a chocolate covered biscuit stick!!!


  5. Something that some of you may be interested in. Six Flags is now doing running races, the first one is at SFDK on Dec. 7th.




    I'm actually kind of involved in this so I'm pretty excited that it's finally time to release the info. You'll also notice when you register that park admission is involved but if you have a Season Pass the price is 1/2 off since you don't need admission.

  6. I also haven't paid any $$ to EA for Simpsons, but my reasons have nothing to do with the Simpsons game but because I got burned by another EA game.


    I spent quite a bit of $$ playing Sim City Social and without warning they shut the game down. I get that games can't last forever, especially online games. But a nice gesture would have been for them to open up all parts of the game to everybody (without having to pay $$) so the people who put so much time and energy into the game could have at least completed their city. I would have been totally fine with that approach. But it didn't happen.


    I'm not saying I'll never put $$ into Simpsons, or that I'm opposed to it, I just haven't yet.


    Other than that, I totally agree with your post Robb.


    Gregg "by the time I do put $$ into Simpsons they'll probably shut it down" C.

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