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  1. Wow, Professor Scrivens is on a roll and filling in quite admirably. A well deserved "Player of the Week" last week.


    The Kings as a whole are on a roll right now and have picked up about 8 points on the Ducks over the past week. Only 1 point out of first right now (along with 3 other teams). The West is tight this year.

  2. Does anyone else get a crash most of the time when you go from playing in Springfield for a while to Krustyland? I'd say it happens 75% of the time on my iPad. If I load up the game and go right into Krustyland first thing, it doesn't happen.


    Yep. Both on my iPhone and my Galaxy Tablet. So it's not just an iOS thing.

  3. ^ If Quick is out for any extended amount of time the Kings are in trouble.


    Lots of people blaming Scrivens for the S/O Loss but you can't blame a cold goalie having to come in for a Shoot-Out. The offense sure didn't help him out. Is it too late to get Bernier back?


    EDIT: Quick headed back to LA, looks like Jones is going to be called up from Manchester. No bueno.



  4. ^ Lions beat a 3rd string QB who had no NFL experience. It was obviously asking too much to have the Packers defense step up.


    My 49ers stunk up the place. Sure they only lost by 1 point but it just seemed worse than that. I've been a huge supporter of Kaepernick, not ready to throw in the towel yet but I'm starting to wonder if the 49ers chose the wrong guy.

  5. ^^Carter is now laughing from the IR. Luckily Toffoli and Vey are solid prospects to kind of fill the void.


    They've been fun to watch. Was at Vey's first game the other night against the Sabres.


    In other news, the Casucks probably don't want to come back to SoCal anytime soon.

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