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  1. I bought 20 Gold Spins and got my 10 house decorations and a few other things (like snowmen and the Helter Shelter). Also 1,000 cash is one of the "prizes". Whatever.


    There are some good prizes and it probably makes more sense to spin for the snowmen decorations vs buying them just using donuts.

  2. I watched the "extended edition" of The Hobbit recently, only about 12 minutes longer but for some reason it works a lot better than the theatrical version, and the CGI looks like it might have been cleaned up in spots too. So I'm optimistic for the next film - after all, Fellowship was the weakest of the first trilogy so it might be the same case again this time around.


    Interesting, Fellowship is my favorite of the LOTR trilogy. I felt that ROTK was actually the weakest of the 3.

  3. ^ Stranger things have definitely happened, but that was a pretty good whuppin' that the Seahawks put on the Saints. They definitely look like a really good team right now, but teams have been known to crest and then all of a sudden just not start playing all that well when it really matters (ahem, Kansas City).


    The difference is, when KC was winning all their games they were playing against mediocre (at best) teams. Seattle has actually beaten some really good teams ... and they've won some road games (obviously).


    They are going to be tough to beat for sure. I'm still hoping my 49ers can beat them on Sunday (not because I hold out any hope for getting home field or the division but for the confidence). Either New Orleans or SF is going to have to go in and play Seattle in the NFC Championship game (and maybe even the Divisional Round as well). The way the season is shaping up SEA is likely going to have to play both of those teams to get to the Super Bowl.

  4. Also saw Catching Fire opening weekend. I thought it was great. I've read the books but it's been awhile so while I know what happens in the 3rd book I don't remember EVERYTHING. From what I remember of Catching Fire though the movie was pretty faithful to the book.


    As far as The Hobbit is concerned, I'm a huge fan of the book. I've probably read it 25-30 times in my lifetime (the last being last year). I did like the first movie, the "Riddles in the Dark" scene was absolutely perfect, probably the most faithful chapter adaptation in any of the Hobbit/LOTR movies.


    I know there is a lot of controversy about the 3 movies and especially with this one, but all I've heard so far from people who have seen it say it's REALLY good. I'll find out early next Friday morning.

  5. It also doesn't help that Full Throttle has the smallest station ever. Maybe they'll take some time in the offseason to finally finish the station and expand the unload side a bit? They could also speed up dispatch times if they implemented a STRICT locker policy. I'd imagine that even with the seat belts dispatches would go down :45 - 1:00 without all the bags and crap.


    ^Same with kingda ka, right? At least I've never seen the other side of the station being used (nor when I went there nor in any video).


    I saw KK use them in 2005 (opening year). Didn't see it last year when we were back there.


    People also seem to forger that X2 also has separate load/unload stations that are never used.

  6. Holy crap ... I apologize to the rest of TPR but nothing is going to top my gift. Thank you to the amazing Kristin Connolly!!!


    I've decided that this needs to be my new desk lamp as you'll see in the pictures below.


    If the lamp wasn't enough, I got an awesome R2D2 Christmas snowglobe. That will go with the Xmas decorations when they come out later this week.


    It's a MAJOR AWARD!!!!


    The snap of a few sparks, a quick whiff of ozone, and the lamp blazed forth in unparalleled glory.


    Oh, look at that! Will you look at that? Isn't that glorious? It's... it's... it's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!

  7. Yesterday I would have probably said no ... but we went to see the 50th in the theater last night and the theater we went to had to add a 2nd show due to demand. And this was in Oxnard. So I'd imagine that the demand is probably there.


    No matter the theme of a ride, if it's a good ride it's going to be popular. I personally can't stand the Transformers movies but I think the ride is amazing. I know plenty of people who don't care for The Simpsons but absolutely love the ride.


    If it's done right, it won't really matter.


    All that said, I really don't see it happening anytime soon.

  8. Did anybody notice there is a new decoration in Krustyland (Fleet-A-Pita) and you have to complete the "Investorettes Pt 4" quest? Is this old news? I haven't been doing anything in Krustyland for awhile. Guess I'll have to head over there before I put everybody on tasks in Springfield.

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