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  1. I find it funny that people are so shocked the Bronkeys lost last night. When you look at the teams they've played so far it shouldn't be so shocking.


    Only 1 team with a winning record (Cowgirls) and 2 teams that have yet to win a game (Giants/Jaguars). To say the Bronkeys are overrated is an understatement. Not saying they "suck" but they are probably the 6-7th best team in the NFL.

  2. Finally saw the Blu Ray of the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour they've been doing in the U.K.. It's absolutely fantastic. Probably the best "production" I've seen of JCS even though I've certainly seen the show with better a better Jesus. Don't really care for Ben Foster when he goes into the falsetto (especially on Gethsemane). It just sounds fake.


    Other than that I thought it was great and I'd really like to see them bring this production to the U.S..

  3. Not going to say tonight's game didn't hurt ... still can't get any hits except for 1 inning per game. People are saying it would be different if Greinke pitched, I disagree. Nolasco only gave up 3. That offense should be able to cover that deficit.


    Got our 2 aces coming up ... game 7 will be played on Saturday.

  4. Both teams in the NLCS are playing bad, Dodgers played better last night but I have a feeling that with the two pitchers tonight we may see a little more offense. I still like the Dodgers in 6 with Grienke and Kershaw coming up in games 5 and 6.


    In other news ... apparently the Cardinals don't like that the Dodgers are actually having fun playing baseball. Whatever.



  5. I don't mind the audio in X2 not working, you can't hear it after the lift hill anyway. The fire is cool but mostly I'd just like a consistently smooth ride. Or at least consistently "don't beat me up" ride.


    Agreed with everybody else about the effects on Batman. Especially at night, they were so fun. I still remember the Batman commercial with all of the fog in it and the mist going from the brake run into the station. So cool.

  6. Not a bad first game for the Kings. Got the Shootout win. Didn't play great but good to see Drew and Carter get some goals in.


    It's obvious that the knee brace is something that Brownie doesn't care for but he's going to have to get used to it I think. At least for awhile.

  7. Got my graveyard up, it's to all the way to the right of my town across from the Church/Moe's. With all the rest of the Halloween stuff.


    Thanks to everybody who haunted me today. I paid a few of you back already, will do the rest after my run while I'm watching Baseball/Hockey.

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