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  1. Apparently the books below are a prop in the new Princess Fairytale Hall.


    I've heard at least one person complain that the books should not be in their original (non English) languages because the theme of MK is "Americana". I totally disagree. Fantasyland isn't Americana at all. Last I looked we don't have castle's like you'd see in the middle of the park, Snow White, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc, AREN'T American stories.


    Anybody have a problem with this or is this yet another overraction by Disney nerds?


  2. I don't think that the only answer for Apocalypse at this point is an RMC makeover. It's not so far gone that it needs that. It just needs some love and these short "emergency" shut downs aren't going to cut it. After FF it needs to go down until Spring Break and get some track work done. Doesn't need to be complete, just needs some work, trains need some work, and some grease on the track/wheels.


    Roar up at SFDK needs the same thing but now that that park has gone year round I don't see it happening anytime soon.

  3. Just want to give Knott's a special shout out for yet another AMAZING West Coast Bash day. Not just for the events (which were amazing) but the entire park.


    8-10 years ago we'd go down for Solace and during the day we couldn't wait to leave the park to go to Disney or other local parks. Even Universal one year. The past 2 years, even without all of the tours and Q&A, leaving the park isn't even something that crosses our mind. We had an absolute blast just being in the park and seeing the amazing turnaround the entire park has made the past 3-4 years. I see nothing but amazing things for the future of Knott's!!!


    It's so glad to have one of the parks I grew up enjoying so much bringing so much joy to my kids now.

  4. Totally agreed with your comments Robb. The kiddie coaster makes absolutely no sense to me. They have 3 now and none of them ever have a line, even on the busiest of days. I would have been less surprised if they had said they were removing Bugs Bunny World and putting in another coaster. We actually walked through BBW a bit on Saturday and the area is totally void of any personality ... or people.


    I'm still hoping for some improvements to the Full Throttle area once the offseason comes (after Fright Fest) but I'm not holding my breath.

  5. I don't have any question that SFMM will get #20 in a few years. I'm actually waiting for that to happen so then maybe they'll STOP putting in coasters every year and turn their attention to other things like Revolution and Colossus and maybe somewhere down the road, new trains for Gold Rusher.


    Spent a few hours in the park with some WCB peeps today. It was on ok day, mostly due to the company. Rode Apocalypse, that thing is rough ... REALLY rough. It's now the 2nd best woodie in the park (IMO). Sad too. The part they recently re-tracked was actually the roughest part. And for some reason the AC in the pre-show area wasn't turned on so they were holding everybody outside under the shaded canopies and then letting you in all the way up to the station.


    Better than nothing ...

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