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  1. I love the Disko coaster thing at CGA, but if they are marketing this as a "family" coaster is it going to be as big? Just as a comparison, the one at CGA has a 48" height requirement while the one here is 42". But it's a different ride vehicle which could compensate for the difference (or it could be just because the one at CGA is in California). The CGA site does say that one is 40 feet.


    Still, glad to see these coming to more parks. They are hella fun (as people in Northern California say).

  2. it's absurd to expect people to spend a huge amount of money at a park and then not be able to ride anything! Of course, that may be what they're banking on; you'll come in and then leave frustrated, and for all they care, they still got your $$.

    Or maybe if you're fat and have issues fitting on rides, you should just lose weight? A park shouldn't have to cater to fat people. Same way the airlines shouldn't either. if you have problems fitting in a seat that millions of other riders can fit in, that's NOT THE PARK'S FAULT!!! And parks already go OUT OF THEIR WAY ON SO MANY RIDES ALREADY to make "fat seats" for gigantic riders.


    If this isn't enough, check out your local 24 Hour Fitness.


    --Robb "It's absurd for fat people to complain about not fitting on a ride when they are the ones that are fat." Alvey


    That's.... really, really rude...


    My point wasn't that parks should "cater" to fat people, it's just asking that they have clearer information about size restrictions on their rides. That way, if someone knows beforehand that they're too big, they can save themselves the trouble of going OR make changes to lose weight first.


    Dang... that's all I was saying... the whole fat-bashing rant was totally uncalled for.


    If people do research they can find all of the information you are talking about on the websites for "most" major parks. Instead people like to have others do the work for them.


    All anybody has to do is spend some time doing some research before you go to a park ... or anywhere else for that matter. I'm amazed at how many times I see people going to a park, the zoo, a museum, a concert, a sporting event, the airport, etc and don't know what's required in order for them to get inside or use whatever it is they want to use.


    We've become lazy. Instead of learning how to parallel park ... buy a car that does it for you. Instead of actually looking at the blind spot before you get over ... buy a car that will beep when you try to get over. Instead of looking at the parks site ... I'll just post a thread on each random site and have people do the work for me. Instead of getting up and losing a few pounds I'll blame the parks for trying to take my $$.


    It's laziness pure and simple.

  3. So... I'm going to Knott's For Haunt on October 6th and I want to do the Trapped maze. Would anybody be interested in meeting up with me so I don't go through it alone? (Not because I'm afraid, just seems kind of like something you should share)


    It also ends up costing less per person if you have a small group. I think it's $60 for up to 6 people. Something like that.


    I am going on the 29th and am getting the Skelleton Key Fastlane. Does anyone know if that includes TRAPPED with it? That would be awesome if it did!


    Skeleton Key access does NOT include Trapped. Totally separate.

  4. Just FYI, trying to upload photos to the SFMM thread and keep getting an Internal Server Error. Using Chrome but it may be an issue on my end since it doesn't appear anybody else is having an issue. I'll try again later, just wanted to let you know.


    Internal Server Error


    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.


    Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@themeparkreview.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.


    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.


    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  5. When it comes to Kaepernick, I don't think the 49ers are actually using him correctly. They only ran the Pistol/Read Option 2-3 times the entire game. It's almost like they are trying to prove to the league that Kaepernick is a good pocket QB, which he is. I really expected yesterday to be a bounce-back game but I guess not. Not sure what's going on with my 49ers right now.


    Alex Smith has got to be laughing his ass off right now. And deservedly so.

  6. ^^ My personal favorite was Blackout. I just loved the execution of it. It was simple, no thrills, but it delivered on something that all mazes should deliver on ... being freaky.


    Aftermath was also good. I really wanted to like Willoughby's and while the maze itself looks great, I didn't think the talent had a hold on the entire new maze yet. Hopefully this year will be different.

  7. Watched a few movies over the last couple of weeks that I missed in the theater:


    Star Trek: Into Darkness - I don't get why so many Trek fans hated this movie. I thought it was as great. Not as good as the first one but have there ever been 2 Star Trek movies in a row that have been good? (answer is no). I liked that they changed things up a bit from the original Khan movie but I'm disappointed we don't get Star Trek 3 - The Search for Kirk.


    Jack Reacher - I enjoyed it, some good action, a good storyline and I really liked the Reacher character.


    42 - Could have been SO MUCH better. Jackie Robinson's story deserves more time than what this movie gave it. That said, I think the casting of the entire movie was PERFECT, it just needed to be a longer movie and not blow through so many things so quickly.


    A Good Day to Die Hard - Terrible, pointless and just even more Terrible.


    Evil Dead - One I actually did see in the Theater. Just a fun movie. Not anywhere near as good as the original but it's a great horror movie. I did watch some of the extra's on the Blu Ray and all the main actress did was bitch about how hard it was. STFU.


    Also watched a couple of campy horror movies on Netflix Instant last weekend:


    Slither - A B-Movie with A-List actors. I thought it was fun, definitely worth checking out.


    The Devils Rock - Another recommendation. An interesting story, some cool scares.


    American Mary - Not really a "horror" movie, but really just messed up. But certainly recommended.


    The Shrine - It was blech. Really not even worth watching on Netflix Instant.

  8. ^ Every time the Dodgers play the D-Backs it looks so weird seeing Gibson managing against the Dodgers. I don't like it ... not at all.


    As for the celebration, apparently some people in the D-Backs organization didn't like it. How about you beat the opposing team so they don't celebrate at your home park. Their GM also made a little dig at "old" Dodger Stadium ... he wishes "The Bob" was as awesome as Dodger Stadium. That park has absolutely no personality.


    And to the player who said "The Yankees would never do that" ... uh, how about them letting a cheat play 3rd base for the past month?

  9. Well, I do agree that it's taking WAY too long especially considering the rate that Universal is churning out "E-ticket" quality attractions. But I disagree that it's not going to be awesome when it finally does open. I've never understood hating a ride before it even opens.


    Sure, anybody could have looked at Full Throttle and realized that it was too short but I don't think anybody ever said it wouldn't be fun, and it is. But when it comes to Disney, you know it's going to be quality.


    Wonder if Snow White's animatronic hair is going to create controversy too.

  10. ^ I don't think there is enough room in the palace games building for a full size maze. Yes there is space left but I believe it's a storeroom.


    I think they are going to be redoing that building there for Season Pass processing so the new permanent maze location may be a part of that? That building is kind of on the "edge" of all of the available space in that area and I don't think it would be too needed for any kind of expansion.


    The picture below illustrates what I mean. The red is the existing building and maze, the yellow is all of the space that is empty with the removal of Flashback and the Metro. I think this spot would be perfect for a nice HH expansion although this could also be where the new kiddie coaster is going. I hope not, but it's possible.


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