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  1. More news from CLP. Looking kind of bleak! From the Meadville Tribune: www.meadvilletribune.com/news/local_news/court-casts-doubt-on-park-s-opening/article_6916cfde-edc1-11e4-898e-1f1db5c341fe.html Court casts doubt on park’s opening By Keith Gushard ERIE — A U.S. Bankruptcy Court has given Conneaut Lake Park a week to explain how it will finance its operations this year or face a court-ordered sale and liquidation. At a hearing Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Jeffrey Deller told the amusement park’s lawyer to present details next week about how the park would finance this season’s operations. The judge said that only after receiving that information at a hearing next Tuesday at 10 a.m. will he decide if the amusement park will be allowed more time to file its bankruptcy plan. Lawyers for Conneaut Lake Park and its creditors were in federal courtrooms in Erie and Pittsburgh Tuesday via teleconference to argue whether Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park should be given until June 30 to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plan for the amusement park. Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park is the nonprofit corporation that oversees the amusement park’s operation. The corporation filed for federal bankruptcy protection in December 2014. George Snyder, the park’s bankruptcy attorney, has filed a motion seeking an extension until June 30 to file the debt reorganization plan. The Trustees’ Chapter 11 reorganization plan was due by April 3. Before issuing a ruling on the extension request, Deller said he wants details of how the park will finance its 2015 operating season. Snyder explained Con-neaut Lake Park is attempting to line up $300,000 in working capital for the season, including a $150,000 loan from the Economic Progress Alliance of Crawford County, Crawford County’s lead economic development agency. At last week’s board meeting of Trustees, officials said the other $150,000 needed may come from a loan from the Northwest Regional Planning and Development Commission, a regional economic development agency. The commission is not expected to act on the Trustees’ loan application request until the commission’s May 7 meeting. Trustees didn’t have commitment letters for the financing to present to the judge as yet, Snyder said at Tuesday’s court hearing. “It’s not a commitment until it’s committed,” Deller said of the financing. Deller also asked why there were no representatives from Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park at Tuesday’s hearing, which the judge said indicated Trustees weren’t supporting the project. Snyder apologized to the court and said he did not ask for any representatives of the Trustees to accompany him to Tuesday’s court hearing. Contacted by the Tribune following Tuesday’s hearing, Mark Turner, executive director of Trustees, said he will be prepared to outline the financing options to bankruptcy court next week. The park’s creditors are prepared to file a Chapter 11 reorganization plan for Conneaut Lake Park calling for the sale of the amusement park to pay off its debts, according to Larry Bolla, the attorney representing the park’s four Crawford County taxing bodies. “I just don’t see how this debtor, no matter how well intended, can open its doors,” Bolla told the court. “The park’s time has come and gone.” Bolla represents the Conneaut School District and the governments of Crawford County and Sadsbury and Summit townships, which are owed more than $927,000 back real estate taxes, interest and penalties. The four taxing bodies filed suit against the park last September in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas trying to foreclose on the amusement park and force a sheriff’s sale for the overdue property taxes. The amusement park then filed for bankruptcy protection in early December, staying a proposed sheriff’s sale. Conneaut Lake Park’s total debts are about $3.8 million, according to bankruptcy court records. Determining who should get a $611,000 insurance settlement from a fire at Conneaut Lake Park still isn’t resolved, Snyder and Bolla said. A federally appointed mediator met April 15 with all parties involved in a dispute over who gets the insurance settlement for the August 2013 fire that destroyed the Beach Club night club. There are three groups wrangling over the money — the Trustees; Park Restoration LLC, which operated and insured the Beach Club through a management agreement with Trustees; and the four taxing bodies that filed suit against the park. The parties are still in negotiations to resolve the insurance issue, Snyder and Bolla said. The back real estate taxes and penalties on the Beach Club properties amounts to approximately $515,000, Bolla said. Any remaining balance of the $611,000 in insurance money would be left for Trustees and Park Restoration, he said. Keith Gushard can be reached at 724-6370 or by email at kgushard@meadvilletribune.com.
  2. Looks like strong winds in Wichita knocked down the coaster at the old Joyland park. www.kansas.com/news/local/article17285291.html I never got to ride it, but I know there was hope to save it. I imagine this will be the final blow. (No pun intended)
  3. The platform site may seem a bit smaller, because the platform does take up some real estate. Like I said I haven't tented for quite a few years, so I don't remember much about the sizes. Look at the campground map online, if I remember correctly I used to get RI- 8 10 or 12. They were roomy sites, and on high ground, and an easy walk to the little foot bridge that takes you into the park right near Skloosh if I remember correctly. The TP sites off to the left looked neat, kind on a dead and path, and seemed to have a lot of room, but looked like it could get muddy in a hurry if it rained. Maybe they took care of that by now though. The International Food Court is in the park, not a far walk from the campground though. During the day they have Alligator Bits, which are supposed to be real alligator meat, breaded and deep fried. My daughter loves them, I "like" them, but I am not much of seafood eater. Just thought it was odd that Knoebels was selling alligator. I ate some just so I could say that I ate alligator. Also, my wife loves the tacos at the same food court. I think they are good, but nothing I would write home about. I guess we all have our own tastes. The Chicken and Waffles I would think are more of a lunch/dinner meal. Think of thick creamy chicken noodle soup, with no noodles, served over waffles. I am not one for waffles but I like them this way. Keep your eye out when you are walking around, after 15 years I am still finding stuff I never saw before, little things, but neat none the less.
  4. Ohh and one last thing, (For Now) Chicken and Waffles is kind of a regional thing. One of my favorite dishes, and The Alamo has some of the best.
  5. Sorry, for some reason thought you were getting a cabin. If you are tent camping, if I recall, most of the tent sites are VERY close to the park. One year I had a site where I thought the twister was coming right through my tent one morning when I slept in and they started testing early in the morning. I actually like the tent sites more than the RV sites, but because my wife has some back problems we can no longer tent, that's the reason we bought the camper. I don't remember them having these when we were tenting, or maybe I just missed them, but they now have tent platform sites. They have what is basically a wooden deck built off the ground where you pitch your tent, so if it does rain you don't have to worry about the water under you, just the water coming down on you. I always took a few tarps and some rope to build a "tent" over the tent. That saved me on my story above with the down pour. Also, forgot to mention, the camp store is pretty well stocked with the essentials, if you don't want to pack much. Another thing worth mentioning is the international food court has a pretty decent breakfast in the mornings, and I think they open pretty early (6:00 maybe) if you are an early riser. It is tradition for my family that I usually cook breakfast in the morning for everyone, but one morning it was just too easy to take everyone out for breakfast, (Maybe a few too many of those beers???) and we were pleasantly surprised. With Centralia, from talking to the locals, it changes all the time because of the fire. When we there, there were places we could not walk because of the heat and smoke. The locals said some days you can go anywhere without a problem. I like "exploring" so I thought it was cool. Back when we went (over 10 years ago) there were still a few buildings, I think they are all gone now, except for maybe the church.
  6. The campground it one of the largest I have been too. One year I was able to get a site directly next to the twister, and a very short walk to the park. Another year, not so lucky, I literally was the furthest site away from the park (We have a travel trailer) and I am betting it was every bit of a 1/2 - 3/4 mile walk! They do have trams that run fairly consistently , say every 10 - 15 min if the walk bothers you, I personal enjoyed the walk and seeing everyone's camping setup. Being right next to the Twister was way awesome, get to hear the park "Wake Up" in the morning, and go to sleep at night. You can even walk around in the early morning while they are doing maintenance on the rides. The cabins are spread all over the campground, but I don't think any were "very" close to the park. Be warned the shower houses at the campground are pretty primitive. They have been upgrading them, but don't expect much. They have always been clean when I was there though. Little side story, when I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our honey moon 11 years ago, she did even hesitate and said "Knoebels" We tent camped, in the campground, because we didn't have a trailer yet. Poured down rain the first night, ALL night. Most people in tents were completely flooded, and had to sleep in their cars. Of luck for me, I happened to put our tent up on the high spot in our campsite. All of the water ran right around us. My wife thought that was planned and I was golden for the rest of our week there, little did she know it was dumb luck. We did spend a week there, but took a few day trips to see other sights, like Centralia (Google it) doesn't sound like you will have enough time on this trip, but on one of your future trips, stop, it is a very strange experience, to me, to others it may not be their cup of tea. Knoebels also owns Lake Glory campground, and runs shuttles from there also. I personally know nothing about it as I have never been there. Have heard people say it is nicer and more modern than the one at Knoebles, but being able to walk to the park and back to my site any time I want seals the deal for me, especially if I want take a break and grab a Beer!
  7. My family and I have been going to Knoeble's at least once a year for the last 15 years. We camp at the campground, so we are there first thing in the morning, and last ones to be leaving the park in the evening. I am not sure if I was just lucky, or if it is the norm, but we found that around 7:00 most of the groups and locals seem to start leaving. I have been able to get at least 10 rides on the Phoenix and Twister in as little at a 1/2 hour, in the late evening. What we usually do, since we are right there in the campground it go in and spend a few hours in the morning/early afternoon, before the crowds start getting large, take a break to eat and swim, and look around at the shops and such, then hit the rides again in the evening once the crowds start to ease. Last year when we were there, the only thing I remember seeing more than a one or two cycle wait for, an hour or two before closing, was the Flying Turns and Black Diamond. We were there for three days during the week. Also, don't do what I did and pass on the Rocket Slide thinking it was a kids ride! My daughter "Made" me ride it one day, now I have to convince her to ride it with me!!! Totally fun ride, and more than what it looks like! Word of advice, keep your arms in the slide, I literally have scares on my elbows from it! The Pioneer train is also neat, if for nothing else than a few minutes to relax, it is also a heaven for squirrels, you will see what I mean when you ride. It is a nice long ride out of the park into the woods. To answer your question about Beer, not sold or aloud in the park. I have seen people with beer in the picnic areas that they brought themselves, but I believe it is frowned upon. If you are staying in a cabin in the campground, you can have it there, but they will say something if you get out of had, which I think is a good thing. You will have fun! Don't expect anything flashy, it is just a fun park from the old days, that managed to stick around. They have the best of the old, mixed with the best of the new. They are probably the best example of a old time park that stayed relevant in the modern days.
  8. Being from PA, and also a person who loves parks, but not necessarily thrill rides I may have a few suggestions. While I love Kennywood, I really have no reason to spend more than a day there, if that. Great park, Great setting, but I hate to stand in lines and hate crowds, and it seems as if every time I am there, I hit it on a busy day. I still get everything in I want too, but just because I am not a "crowd" person, and I tend to not enjoy myself as much as I should. If you are into old school woodies, this is the place to go. Kennywood's 3 wooden coasters are awesome to me for different reasons. Jackrabbit, cool trains, short, but has the OMG moment you will know when you hit it. Racer, not thrilling, but just plain fun. Thunderbolt odd layout, but in my opinion a great ride. As for Conneaut Lake, I have a sentimental attachment to this park. My first park, first big coaster, and I got married there. Not sure what kind of places you like to stay at but Hotel Conneaut may be a nice place to spend a night for your anniversary. A little rough around the edges, but cool for being right on the lake over 100 years old, and being able to hang on out the front porch, and drink a beer in the evening, if that is your thing. Has a nice restaurant in the basement, and nice to wake up in the morning and take a walk on the boardwalk. Could show up there in the evening after a day at Kennywood and spend a few hours riding rides, and crash in the hotel for the evening. Blue Streak is a fun ride, and somewhat aggressive ride that has been getting some much needed TLC in the last few years. Has the better Tumble Bug out of the last two running, and cool old school dark ride. Other than that, not much to write home about. Wish it would return to how it was when I was a kid, it was an awesome park in its day. Waldameer is only about an hour up the road, used to not like this park, but it has really grown on me in the last 10 years. They have been doing a ton of upgrades, and my family make sure we get there 2 or 3 times a year. If you like flumes, I think Waldameers is one of the better ones out there. Hershey, I can see why you want to go, but for me I could give or take it. Been there twice, once was my honeymoon, but I still drive almost right by it to get to Knoebels every year. Loved the Lightning Racer though. Comet was fun, as well as the Super Duper Looper, I think that is what it is called. If I recall the Wild Mouse seemed to feel the most out of control of any I have been on. Lakemont, Small park, lots of old school flats. Very little atmosphere, but home to the oldest coaster as has already been mentioned. Also, I think the Sky Liners is under rated sometimes. Small, but as of a few years ago, gave some great rides, and lots of airtime. Delgrossos, I can't really give you an opinion, been there once for one of the free concert days, was so packed I didn't get to ride any rides. We were there for the concert though, and not the rides, so no big deal for me. However I do remember the spaghetti being awesome, mainly because their main business is making spaghetti sauce across the street. Now for Knoebels, My family and I usually spend 4 days a year there. We have a camper we take with us and stay in the campground, however if you are up for it, they have some really cool looking cabins in the campground you may want to look into renting. But if you do, you may want to plan now, because from what I hear they fill up fast. The are bare basics, mainly just a place to lay your head at night, but looked clean. Also they have decent shower houses usually close by to the cabins, so it is community showers, no frills, but I have found they have been mostly clean. I love the fact that we can stay at the park. For some reason it just seems that when we can walk from the park to our bed, it makes the day more special. And waking up in the morning and hearing the park come alive. From dead silence to hearing the Twister, and Phoenix testing, to full out yells and screams of the crowds and riders is awesome to me. Also we don't seemed rushed, and if we want to take a break, we can walk back to camp and relax for an hour or so. Down side with that for you would be bringing blankets and pillows while flying. That being said, if you can, STAY at Knoebles. There is so much to do, like I said we spend 4 days and never get bored. I am sure some will disagree with me though. There a tons of rides, and some for everyone. If your partner likes to ride, but not thrill rides he will LOVE Knoebels. As I said my wife and I love parks, but not rides so much, but we ride rides at Knoebls all the time. So much to do even if you are not riding, games, cool little shops, and FOOD! While not the best food I have ever had, it is about the best "park" food I have run into. Usually the crowds are not at all bad, and I am not sure I have ever waited in line for longer than 20 minutes for anything there, other than the first year the Twister was open. Sometimes we will just sit on a bench and hang out and watch the crowds. We also found that unless you are power riding, the tickets are the better deal than the wrist bands. By the sounds of what you like, I would think you would enjoy two days at Knoebles, just my opinion though. I just want to add, my opinions about about lodging may be different than others, for my wife and I it doesn't take a lot to make us happy, however I know there are people that would never say at a 100 year old hotel, or a cabin without a private bathroom. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, and understand. Just wanted to get it out there so you know what you are getting into. If I can be of any help, let me know Bull
  9. Some interesting news from Conneaut Lake Park: Sounds interesting, what are everyone's thoughts? ymlp.com/zxW5SF CALL TO ACTION: TV PROJECT HELPING TO SAVE CONNEAUT LAKE PARK The Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park have been approached by the Travel Channel to be a part of a new and exciting show about amusement parks. We believe this project will start a new chapter in the park’s story by adding a few new elements while preserving the integrity of this beloved site. The Board of Trustees and the company producing this show, Lusid Media needs you. We are calling all volunteers, organizations, businesses, and interested parties: We need your help! The time is now to show your support by leaving an indelible mark on the park’s history with donations of time and/or resources. WHEN: The revitalization begins Monday, July 29th – Saturday, August 3rd. You can donate as much time as you are able. We need volunteers around the clock to make these plans become a reality. WHAT: We need skills in all disciplines such as, but not limited to: landscaping, painting, light construction, etc… We are also looking for material donations as well including lumber, paint, fabric, etc… WHERE: Conneaut Lake Park, of course! WHO: YOU!! and your friends, and... If interested, please contact Skye De Moya at skyeldemoya@gmail.com Please do not call the Park office. WHY: What better way to spend a summer day than at the park you love so dearly? You may also end up on TV! All your hard work will be rewarded with a party (that will be filmed for the show) on the evening of the 3rd. We will show off the park’s features and most importantly have a ton of fun! We hope that you can join us.
  10. Is this a scare tactic, or the real deal, what are your thoughts? http://meadvilletribune.com/local/x1374698752/Conneaut-Lake-Park-headed-to-tax-sale-over-877K-in-property-taxes MEADVILLE — The Crawford County Board of Commissioners said Wednesday it will put into motion plans to have Conneaut Lake Park be sold for overdue property taxes. However, commissioners said any sale won’t happen until at least the September 2014 tax upset sale due to the number of properties and complexities involved. At their board meeting Wednesday afternoon, commissioners issued a statement saying “The obligation of the commissioners is to the taxpayers of Crawford County.” As of April 30, Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park owed $877,168.24 in back taxes and interest to Crawford County, Conneaut School District and Sadsbury and Summit townships, according to figures from the Crawford County Treasurer’s Office. The overdue taxes and interest date back to 1997, according to the Treasurer’s Office. See Thursday’s print edition of The Meadville Tribune for more details.
  11. For me, that was the best reply of the year! Seriously, thanks for that made me LOL, and spit a little of my Hot Chocolate and Amaretto on the keyboard! Bull
  12. To be honest, the first coaster that came to mind when I thought of Legendary coasters, was... The Willams Grove Cyclone! Not sure why, and probably not what you were looking for as far as legendary, but it certainly has a legend behind it. People talked, and still do about so many different things about it. The 3 bench, 2 car, PTCs that the lap bars flew open on, the crocked lift hill, bouncing down the double down, the horrible noises it made on the turn around, the return leg being under the out leg, and the abrupt 45 degree track angel into the station, before it was modified, park construction truck almost knocking it over, I could go on and on. And the most legendary part of it was, everyone couldn't believe they made it back alive. Boy do I miss that coaster Bull
  13. Mr Coaster, maybe if parents started taking responsibility for their kids! A two year old does not know, nor could he get himself out of harms way, that is what we as parents are here for, to RAISE our kids, teach them what is good, what is bad, and keep them out of harms way. It drives me crazy how many times I see kids in potential dangerous situations, and the parent's have nothing better to do than worry about that texting their friends, or updating facebook! I think we have lost a lot in society of people taking responsibility for their actions. I don't post here a lot, but this whole ordeal has got me on my "soapbox" and 99.9 percent of the people I talk to say the mom is to blame 100%!
  14. Mr. Coaster, it's called common sense, which it seems is something fewer and fewer people have these days. In your statement above about the railroad tracks, don't you think these people on the railroad tracks should have thought "Hey, if I stand on these railroad tracks long enough, I am going to get hit by a train." Yeah, I know might be a hard one to grasp, just like, "Hey, if I put my 2 year old on this 11 foot railing overlooking wild dogs, he might possibly fall and get eaten!" Believe me, I feel horrible about what happened, and I am sure most people do, and people with kids, such as my self (6 year old) probably feel even worse, but bottom line is, it WAS the mothers fault, and I am sure the worst thing for her is having the live the rest of her life remembering what happened, and thinking about what her son would be like as he grew older. I don't know what I would ever do if I lost my little girl, accidental or not, but I can assure you I would be lost, she means so much to me. I never realized how much a person can change when they have a kid.
  15. Big Mike, I know a while back you were asking for the "lurkers" to post so you knew people were reading. I just want to say the Big Mike Road Show is like my morning cup of coffee, without reading the updates, my day just doesn't seem complete! Thanks Big Man, maybe see you "live" some day in a park! Conneaut Lake is my home park, and I have been riding the Blue Steak since I have been old enough to sit under the lap bars!
  16. Our wedding was on Saturday afternoon, but we came to the hotel on Thursday morning, to enjoy a few days off, and to get some last minute things done. So we check into our room that afternoon. The window was already open (this was long before the had any AC. in 2003) and we had left the door open more that it was closed, except for at night when we were sleeping, because there were all kinds of my family and friends in and out of the room most of the day, especially Saturday, getting stuff ready for the wedding. We stayed there Thursday and Friday nights without indecent, but Saturday was different. I believe our wedding was at 2:00, so at about 12:30 - 1:00 I go upstairs to my room, to get ready. Had to take a bath in the bathtub, because we didn't have a shower, but that doesn't matter here. Anyway, after I get my bath, and put my pants of the tux on, I opened the door of the room back up, because it was a HOT HUMID day, and wanted to get a nice breeze coming though. So, as I was putting my shirt on, the door slammed, violently shut, I mean scared the crap out of me loud. I didn't remember a breeze that hard that would have shut the door, but was preoccupied putting the tux on. I just opened the door, and didn't think much more of it, until... The windows slams shut just as violently as the door about 2 minutes later, the same window that had been open for at least two days straight! Hard enough, I thought I was going to have to pay to have a window replaced. Now I was getting a little spooked, but you will see when you are there, the windows are OLD, possible originals, and still use the old style heavy windows weights with the ropes if you know what I am talking about. Once again, maybe a coincidence???? Open the window back up, and go about my business. Then again, the door shuts, not violently, but hard, this time I just left the door well enough alone and keep getting dressed. The window also shuts again, a minute or so later. I didn't mess with either the door or the window again, just finished getting dressed quickly, and got the heck out of there. I never told my wife until we left, because I didn't want her to be freaked out, as I kind of was. We stayed in that room for two more days, without a problem. I am glad a had a few drinks that night, because I might not have been able to sleep. So take it for what it is, if someone told me that story, I would have told them the were full of crap, but it happened to me! I told the front desk later, and they said that things like that a lot to people getting ready for weddings. Maybe it was Elizabeth, who knows. Also, I have stayed there many other times after, without a thing happening! Good luck, and let me know how your trip goes! Also, if you need any recommendations for other cool sites to see in the area if you have time let me know. I have lived in PA all my life, and have been going to Conneaut all my life. I currently live about an hour from there.
  17. I have stayed there quite a few times, in fact I got married there. I enjoy it for being so a cool old historical building, and being able to stay right in the park. It is really nice to be able to wake up in the morning, and walk out to the nice porch and sit and stare at the lake, and feel the cool breeze. I also enjoy sitting there and relaxing in the evening with a good cold adult beverage. One thing I will say though, if you want a room with A/C make sure you check in early, because it seems as if they overbook their rooms with A/C. Last time I stayed there, we made reservations 6 months ahead of time, and when we got their they didn't have any A/C rooms left. I was quite upset, but what could I do. All of the times I have stayed there did not have A/C, and it wasn't a problem, especially if you are on the lake side. You get a real nice cool breeze after the sun goes down, and I think all of the rooms have ceiling fans. Now on the 90-100 degree days we are having now in PA, that would probably not be the case. Just be prepared, while it is a cool looking hotel, it still needs a lot of work, which is currently underway. Some of the room still look like they are stuck in the 60s/70s, while other rooms look brand new. Also the rooms are small, but comfortable. Some rooms also only have bathtubs, so if a shower is a must for you, I would request that also. Hope this helps you some, if you are not worried about modern amenities, you would probably like it. Also, about the ghosts, I never believed until they day of my wedding, when I was getting my tux on, strange stuff does happen there, I will tell my story is anyone is interested.
  18. I think Lisa in the above e-mail put it very well, about the park being more than just a collection of rides! There is so much more going on, and so much more that has been done at that park, than the average amusement park, and I think that is why it has made it this far. She stated about the dances and proms, but there is also weddings, family get outings, the beach, The Beach Club, Hotel, car and motorcycle shows, and so much more. I know this for a fact, as my wife and I got married there seven years ago, and my brother just got married there this year. But before that, I have great memories of my grand parents there and growing up, going there every summer. The kiddie coaster that is still there today was my first coaster, and the Blue Streak was my first big coaster. I could go on and on about how many "Firsts" I had at that park. I also now know how it feels as a parent to ride the carousel for the first time with my daughter and think about riding it fro the first time with my parents and grandparents, and watching her run from ride to ride as I did in kiddie land as a kid, on most of the same rides. However, I do know nostalgia an memories can not run a park, but hard work, money, future memories, and a ton of support can. I wish I could help with the money, but all I could do was help with the hard work attending cleanup weekends, which I have done in the past. While I know the midway looks horrible now, the rest of the park looks better than it has in many years. Hopefully that can be corrected in the next few years. I just think sometimes people that are just stopping by to ride the coaster are failing to see the rest of the beauty of the park, such as sitting on the hotel porch, and watching the lake and people, strolling the boardwalk, or grabbing a drink in the beach club. I guess what I am trying to get at is, I don't think that the rides will ever be the main draw again as they were in the past, but maybe with the right combination of things and events the park could turn a profit, and be around for years to come, because part of me feels that the ending of this summer was the best I have seen in years, and hope that is a good sign for next summer. I always make it a point to visit on Memorial Day weekend and Laborday weekend. Here is to hoping for good things for Conneaut Lake Park Sometime this weekend I will post a picture of my wife and I, and the rest of our wedding party taking a dip on the Blue Streak, which we did directly after the wedding.
  19. I don't post here a lot, but wanted to give a quick report from today at Conneaut. Drove up today, got there around 2:00 (I live less than an hour from there) Had to wait in line for almost 1/2 hour just to buy tickets for the Blue Streak, and about 45 minutes in line to ride! Been going to the park for 30 years, and today was the busiest I have seen it in probably 10 years, other than special events day, like the Pumpkin Fest. The coaster was running great. As has been said, the first three hills are amazing as usual, and the turn around and return trip was better than it has been in many years. Had more speed on the return than there has been many, many years, so there was some air time over the little hills, which there hasn't been in a long time. It also seemed like the trim break before the turn around is gone! They had the 4 car NAD train running with one lap bar not working, so it could handle 22 riders per trip. Sorry if this is short and doesn't make a lot of sense, but I am tired, and heading for bed.
  20. Thanks for all of the comments, I am glad everyone is enjoying them. I have a lot more, life has been busy though. I will get more up as soon as I can!
  21. Time for a break from the Conneaut Lake stuff, and I don't have the rest scanned yet. Here is what will probably be my favorite update. These are pictures taken at Kennywood from 1952 and 1956. They were taken by my grandfather. At the time, from what I am told amateur photography was a bit expensive. Half of these were scanned from very old, what I believe were 2X3 negative, and half were from prints. Sorry some of the prints are a little crooked, but they were in a very old album that I did not want to take apart, and some were very fragile, from old age, and improper storage. I know I could have done something with them now that they are digital, but I suck at photo editing, and figured the content was better than the presentation. Sorry for any typos, I was doing this one in a bit of a hurry, because I forgot there was somewhere I needed to be soon. Enjoy!!! One last horse and buggy ride! I hope everyone enjoyed the update! Again, another crooked one, sorry. This is a shot across the lake. You can see the row boats, that were there before the paddle boats. Also you can see the Racer, before the station was redone, then redone again back to original. Also you can see the Jack Rabbit, and what I think is a fun house or dark ride, any old timers that would know for sure? Another picture of that sign, this time from 1952 Horse rides, I am pretty sure that is the Little Dipper in the background, someone please let me know if I am wrong, because it would be the first time Very crocked, sorry, I did not realize how bad they were until i finished scanning them. I may have also had a few beers that night. For some reason I really like this picture. Horse and buggy rides The Swan Boat ride again, I believe that is the Little Dipper in the back ground, and you can also the the Auto Race Noah's Ark, looks kind of strange there all by itself A park sign where you could get your picture taken, 1956. That is my dad, check out the Davy Crocket shirt! I think this was called the turnpike, I think it was the same as the panther cars at Knoebels. The Flying Saucers The old Swan Boat ride A picture of a carousel, I am almost sure in kiddyland. Kind of dark, but I still included it. Some kind of car ride, probably in kiddyland
  22. Montezooma, Yeah, I remember just being a little skinny kid on the slide, getting some air near the bottom, is scared the crap out of me the first time, but then I loved it after that! Yes, I remember the moon walk, they had one of those at Conneaut also, I think it was over by the old Wild Mouse. Don't remember much about it, except is smelt like feet, because the made you take your shoes off!
  23. Scott, I love the old pictures, keep them coming. The pictures of Cascade's Comet and the West View's Racing Whippet are my favorites. Two parks, and coasters I wish I could have ridden!
  24. Time for another small CLP update I have more CLP stuff, but will have to get it scanned. I might post my Kennywood photos next, but for now this is what I have. I have some shots from the 1960s, that were taking on 35mm slides, that are not too bad, one is a bid dark, but I will still post it. The newer pictures were taken with a cheap 110 Kodak instant camera, and are pretty good, considering the cheap camera, and age of them. These would be from the early 80s. The park was jammed packed with rides in those days. Everywhere there was a spot, they had a ride! And the last picture of today, a newspaper clipping from 1995, the parks financial problems have been going on for years, it is not a new thing! The stage down by the beach. Sorry for the dark picture, but you can see part of the old midway in the background. One of the ferry boats on the lake. Sorry for the black boarder on the slide. A beach seen from the 60s. Also notice the two ferry boats docked by the beach club. My brother and I in the Whip, there really should be more of these around than there are. Not like the ones at Hershey, but the old ones, that really Whipped you around. The Yo-Yo is in the background, it may have been brand new that year. I used to ride this over and over, loved it! A kiddyland ride, some kind of rocket ship ride. I remember the little guns actually made some kind of sound. Yup, thats me in the back of the rocket! Another angle, I remember jumping in the big burlap bags, and flying down this thing! The Astro Slide, man I loved that thing, I think because it was one of the first "Big" rides I was able to ride in the park. Sorry for the scanner boarder, I should have cropped that one a little better. This is the old Train station, they were fake buildings. As I think I said before, the train ran the opposite direction in those days. Also, part of the fry stand that is still at the park can be seen in the left corner.
  25. Time for another update! This is the part of Conneaut Lake Park that I have never seen pictures of on TPR, Fairyland Forest! These pictures are from the 1960s, and once again, the color is horrible. I promise, from here on out, the quality will be much better! Anyway, Fairyland Forest was across the street from the main park, and featured the nursery rhyme characters, and live animals. Most of the buildings are still there, and reused for Camperland, which now sits on the land once used for Fairyland Forest. Sections of the park like this must have been popular in the 60s. LeSourdsville lake had one, And of course Idlewild, which still exists today, and I am sure there were many more. Thanks for looking! An overview of the park Ali Baba Humpty Dumpty There was an old lady that lived in a shoe! I think this was the entrance to the petting zoo Jonah and the Whale The Three Little Pigs Noah's Arc Goldilocks and the Three Bears A place to feed bears from a safe distance. I am sure this probably would not fly in todays society, and PETA would be all over it! The sign said "To feed, pull can down, put feed in can, tell bear to Pull up, Pull up! Mary's house I guess. Ducks and Geese in the pond The Easter Egg tree Kids having fun on the sliding board. I can not remember what rhyme this was themed after. Deer in the petting zoo The entrance, notice the cars of the 60s
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