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  1. More news from CLP. Looking kind of bleak! From the Meadville Tribune: www.meadvilletribune.com/news/local_news/court-casts-doubt-on-park-s-opening/article_6916cfde-edc1-11e4-898e-1f1db5c341fe.html Court casts doubt on park’s opening By Keith Gushard ERIE — A U.S. Bankruptcy Court has given Conneaut Lake Park a week to explain how it will finance its operations this year or face a court-ordered sale and liquidation. At a hearing Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Jeffrey Deller told the amusement park’s lawyer to present details next week about how
  2. Looks like strong winds in Wichita knocked down the coaster at the old Joyland park. www.kansas.com/news/local/article17285291.html I never got to ride it, but I know there was hope to save it. I imagine this will be the final blow. (No pun intended)
  3. The platform site may seem a bit smaller, because the platform does take up some real estate. Like I said I haven't tented for quite a few years, so I don't remember much about the sizes. Look at the campground map online, if I remember correctly I used to get RI- 8 10 or 12. They were roomy sites, and on high ground, and an easy walk to the little foot bridge that takes you into the park right near Skloosh if I remember correctly. The TP sites off to the left looked neat, kind on a dead and path, and seemed to have a lot of room, but looked like it could get muddy in a hurry if it rained. May
  4. Ohh and one last thing, (For Now) Chicken and Waffles is kind of a regional thing. One of my favorite dishes, and The Alamo has some of the best.
  5. Sorry, for some reason thought you were getting a cabin. If you are tent camping, if I recall, most of the tent sites are VERY close to the park. One year I had a site where I thought the twister was coming right through my tent one morning when I slept in and they started testing early in the morning. I actually like the tent sites more than the RV sites, but because my wife has some back problems we can no longer tent, that's the reason we bought the camper. I don't remember them having these when we were tenting, or maybe I just missed them, but they now have tent platform sites. They
  6. The campground it one of the largest I have been too. One year I was able to get a site directly next to the twister, and a very short walk to the park. Another year, not so lucky, I literally was the furthest site away from the park (We have a travel trailer) and I am betting it was every bit of a 1/2 - 3/4 mile walk! They do have trams that run fairly consistently , say every 10 - 15 min if the walk bothers you, I personal enjoyed the walk and seeing everyone's camping setup. Being right next to the Twister was way awesome, get to hear the park "Wake Up" in the morning, and go to sle
  7. My family and I have been going to Knoeble's at least once a year for the last 15 years. We camp at the campground, so we are there first thing in the morning, and last ones to be leaving the park in the evening. I am not sure if I was just lucky, or if it is the norm, but we found that around 7:00 most of the groups and locals seem to start leaving. I have been able to get at least 10 rides on the Phoenix and Twister in as little at a 1/2 hour, in the late evening. What we usually do, since we are right there in the campground it go in and spend a few hours in the morning/early a
  8. Being from PA, and also a person who loves parks, but not necessarily thrill rides I may have a few suggestions. While I love Kennywood, I really have no reason to spend more than a day there, if that. Great park, Great setting, but I hate to stand in lines and hate crowds, and it seems as if every time I am there, I hit it on a busy day. I still get everything in I want too, but just because I am not a "crowd" person, and I tend to not enjoy myself as much as I should. If you are into old school woodies, this is the place to go. Kennywood's 3 wooden coasters are awesome to me for differen
  9. Some interesting news from Conneaut Lake Park: Sounds interesting, what are everyone's thoughts? ymlp.com/zxW5SF CALL TO ACTION: TV PROJECT HELPING TO SAVE CONNEAUT LAKE PARK The Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park have been approached by the Travel Channel to be a part of a new and exciting show about amusement parks. We believe this project will start a new chapter in the park’s story by adding a few new elements while preserving the integrity of this beloved site. The Board of Trustees and the company producing this show, Lusid Media needs you. We are calling all volunteers, organ
  10. Is this a scare tactic, or the real deal, what are your thoughts? http://meadvilletribune.com/local/x1374698752/Conneaut-Lake-Park-headed-to-tax-sale-over-877K-in-property-taxes MEADVILLE — The Crawford County Board of Commissioners said Wednesday it will put into motion plans to have Conneaut Lake Park be sold for overdue property taxes. However, commissioners said any sale won’t happen until at least the September 2014 tax upset sale due to the number of properties and complexities involved. At their board meeting Wednesday afternoon, commissioners issued a statement saying
  11. For me, that was the best reply of the year! Seriously, thanks for that made me LOL, and spit a little of my Hot Chocolate and Amaretto on the keyboard! Bull
  12. To be honest, the first coaster that came to mind when I thought of Legendary coasters, was... The Willams Grove Cyclone! Not sure why, and probably not what you were looking for as far as legendary, but it certainly has a legend behind it. People talked, and still do about so many different things about it. The 3 bench, 2 car, PTCs that the lap bars flew open on, the crocked lift hill, bouncing down the double down, the horrible noises it made on the turn around, the return leg being under the out leg, and the abrupt 45 degree track angel into the station, before it was modi
  13. Mr Coaster, maybe if parents started taking responsibility for their kids! A two year old does not know, nor could he get himself out of harms way, that is what we as parents are here for, to RAISE our kids, teach them what is good, what is bad, and keep them out of harms way. It drives me crazy how many times I see kids in potential dangerous situations, and the parent's have nothing better to do than worry about that texting their friends, or updating facebook! I think we have lost a lot in society of people taking responsibility for their actions. I don't post here a lot, but this
  14. Mr. Coaster, it's called common sense, which it seems is something fewer and fewer people have these days. In your statement above about the railroad tracks, don't you think these people on the railroad tracks should have thought "Hey, if I stand on these railroad tracks long enough, I am going to get hit by a train." Yeah, I know might be a hard one to grasp, just like, "Hey, if I put my 2 year old on this 11 foot railing overlooking wild dogs, he might possibly fall and get eaten!" Believe me, I feel horrible about what happened, and I am sure most people do, and people with kids, su
  15. Big Mike, I know a while back you were asking for the "lurkers" to post so you knew people were reading. I just want to say the Big Mike Road Show is like my morning cup of coffee, without reading the updates, my day just doesn't seem complete! Thanks Big Man, maybe see you "live" some day in a park! Conneaut Lake is my home park, and I have been riding the Blue Steak since I have been old enough to sit under the lap bars!
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