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  1. Montezooma and Larrygator, thanks for the compliments, you two guys are the ones that finally got my ass in gear to get these up. I have been loving the amusement attic, and the retro trip report threads! Some of what I have coming is more Conneaut Lake Park, and Fairy Land Forest, Disney World for the 80s, Hershey, some small parks, and Kennywood from the 40s and 50s!!!! I was stunned when I found those! I also have some post cards and park maps to scan, including the elusive Williams Grove Park map!
  2. OK, time for another update, Conneaut Lake Park, around 1960. The pictures I am posting today came from 35mm slides. These would have been slides that were purchased at the park, in strips of four. I am sure that anyone who traveled up until about 20-25 years ago will remember these. Just about every tourist destination had them! I actually bought the original display for these slides that used to sit in the gift shop on E-Bay. So from these slides haveing light on them 24X7, and I am sure no being well taken care of, the color is almost non existent. I was trying to decided weather or not to even post them, because they are not that great, but I figured people would enjoy the scenery, even if the color is WAY bad! Let me know what you think, I will describe everything the best I can. I have much better quality pictures coming in an update soon, I just don't have them all scanned yet. Once again, sorry for the crappy color, but I figured it was better than nothing. Should have more soon! Last one for today, Boats on the lake. The Ferris Wheel and Scrambler, near the Dodgem's. The Music Express is now sitting where the Scrambler was. Kiddieland, My favorite growing up! If you look in the background, you can see the lift of the Blue Streak! View from the lake. You can see what is now the Beach Club, and the Down Under Bar. Also in the background, you can see the old part of the lower midway. The main midway. The right side of the picture still looks mostly the same, but unfortunately, The left now looks very much different because of the fire a few years back that claimed Dreamland! The Jungle Cruise. It used to be in the moat, or swamp that you see from the Blue Streak. In fact, if you look close enough you can see the Blue Streak through the trees. It closed sometime in the early 80s. An areal view of the park. The miniature train, once again, I have a better picture of this coming. Also, the picnic groves in the back ground. The train now run the opposite direction now, than it did in this picture. Hotel Conneaut! What a beautiful structure in my opinion, and so much history! My wife and I got married here, so it is special to us! I hope it and the park can somehow find a way to make it at least another hundred years! The beach full of people! There were some sliding boards in the water, and in later years the Water Rampage was where the pier is now. Another one the quality is quite bad on. This is the mini-golf course. It used to be down where the stage is now, near the lake. You can see the old midway buildings that were tore down in the early 90s in the back groud. The famous Blue Streak! My first coaster! Boy how I miss this ride! I remember standing in line as a little kid, amazed even then at how they ran two trains at one time, and watching the operators pulling and pushing the huge levers, ahhh the memories. Skiing on the Lake The park owned the Golf Course on the other side of the road at one time. I played the course the morning I got married, and it was a fun course. It has since been sold and closed. This is probably about the worst quality of all of them. This is in front of the convention center. The Whip and the Flying Scooters. I remember the Whip well, loved it, got a better picture of it in another update coming soon. Across the Street would be the Dodgem's and the Wild Mouse. This is the old Giant Slide that used to be in the park, it would be where the water slides are sitting now. I believe it was called the Astro Slide, or something like that. The building that you see beside the slide I believe was the cuddle up, then converted to the Pit Of Death, and I believe is the same building now used for the bath house for the water park.
  3. Ahhh yes, the Flying Saucers, I knew somewhere I read about that being the name of the ride, thanks for letting me know! I also did not know until you mentioned it, and I did a little searching, how short the ride lasted at Disneyland! It looks like it only lasted about 5 years because of maintenance and throughput!
  4. Time for another update. This one will be Disneyland, from what I think was 1961, well before my time! My grandparents took these pictures. These were taken on 35mm slides using Kodakchrome film, so they for the most part have stood the test of time. Some have a few scratches though, but the color seem real good on most of them. I know there are probably a few youngsters out there who have no idea what slides are! I am not going to be able to caption too much, being as I was not there, or even thought of at that time, and I have not been to Disneyland for almost 10 years. I look forward to everyones questions/comments, and have more stuff on the way! The Train Main Street, Is that what they call it in Disneyland also, I forget? Entrance to Adventure Land! Notice the sign, Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room! Again Train scenery This was in with the Disneyland slides, but I am not 100% sure it is. Did Disneyland have horse rides at one time? Hello! I must have been really tired, or drunk when I scanned this, because I have no idea why I scanned it sideways! Has some scratches on it also. Someday I will try to find that slide again, and rescan it, but I have 1000s of slides to go through. Is this the River Boat? I think this was called Indian Village or something like that, not real sure. Same as above, different shot Some kind of hover craft bumper car ride. For some reason I think I have rode a ride like this before, but not at Disneyland. Once again, I could be completely loosing it! The submarine ride, I know there was still something like this at Disney World up until about 10 years ago. I do not think it is at Disney World, not sure about Disneyland though. Or maybe I am completely confused, let me know! The parking lot, notice all of the vintage cars! I love it, as old cars are one of my other hobbies!
  5. AndyUK, thanks for the tip on the Adobe Program, I will have to check it out. My wife is very good at touching up photos, and has done a few of my family pictures with GREAT results, but it was very time consuming, because they were in bad shape. I have some photos that are well over 100 years old now, some even on tin!
  6. Thanks to every one who replied. Glad to hear the Sky Ride is still there. Ahh Yes, the Le Mans Raceway, that rings a bell now that you mention it! Sucks to hear it is gone. Car rides are always cool rides for families, which is important to me now that I have a little one. Speeddeamon128, sorry, no pictures of Drachen Fire, not sure if I did not take any, or if they got lost somewhere. I am now working on my next update, hope to have it up today or tomorrow. About 15 pictures of Disney Land from the early 60s. I would say 1961 if I had to guess.
  7. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now, but just finally got around to doing it. I am a long time reader of the TPR, but very rarely post. I have a ton of pictures and other random stuff that I plan on sharing in the next few weeks After going through old family pictures, I realized I had a lot of stuff that people here might enjoy. Some of these pictures were taken by myself, my parents, and even some from my grand parents, so that should give you an idea of how old they are. I could be posting soon, what might be the oldest amateur park photography on TPR, but we will have to save that for a later update. But for today, what I have is pictures of Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Va. around what I think was 1990-1991. I would have been around 12 years old at the time. They main reason I am posting these first, is because this park, and the Loch Ness Monster is what got me really interested in coasters. You will see most of my pictures are of the Loch Ness Monster. I remember just standing there watching the coaster go through the interlocked loops. For some reason it just amazed me! However, I never did ride any of the coasters that day, or have yet to return more than 15 years later to do so, but one day I will. Up until this time, the only coaster I think I was on was the Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park, which I have many pictures of coming soon. These photos were taken by me, with a cheap Kodak point an click camera, but I still think they came out fairly well. They are scanned from 35mm negatives, that were not stored well, so the color is off on some of them, and there are a few scratches here and there. Call me crazy, but I still love film, and still take a lot of pictures on film, it drives my wife crazy, but thats ok. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes, because this is my first shot at posting photos. Also, if you have any questions, ask. I will try to update it ever few days with new, old stuff! And to finish this update off, a random turtle in the lake at Busch Gardens. A bad angle of the log flume, but I still added it because you can see a little. The log flume, also not sure what the official name of the ride is. from a different area of the auto ride. Again The load/unload area. Another shot of the same ride. Some bad color though. The auto ride, not sure what the official name of it is. A closer shot of a train going through the loop. I thought this one came out well, being a cheap camera and all. I remember standing there waiting to get a picture of the train going through the loop. Yet again, with a little better color. Another shot from basically the same angle. The Loch Ness Monster in all it's glory, and the sky ride. Is the sky ride still there??? Is this the main entrance? I can not remember.
  8. Judge rejects sale of Conneaut Lake Park property From the Meadville Tribune
  9. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the comments in the article from the paper are crazy! I don't know what it is with those people. I think the park has the potential to make some money, but what seems to be killing it now is the interest on loans, and fees on back taxes. If all they are paying now is loan payment, and penalties on back taxes, they would have never been able to get into the black. However, if they can get the debt paid off, and spend some of the money they were using for taxes and loans, on rides and upkeep, I think it will come back to what it was in the 70s and 80s. I don't think it will every be a destination, but I do think it can be, and has been a great local family park, such as Waldameer is. And as far as the people’s comments in the article about Sterns, I met him twice, and I thought he was a jerk. But as far as Deshner, I have seen nothing but good from him. Seems like he was the only one who saw that the rides are what bring most people to the park. Also it does not seem as if Deshner is afraid to work! I have seen him do everything from working in the kitchen to help work on rides. I don't know why the area people give him a bad rap. Maybe there is something we don't know. Anyway, hopefully after years or teetering on the edge of closing again, maybe things will start to turn around this year.
  10. I don't post here much, in fact this may only be my second post. However, I just wanted to offer my words about the current situation at CLP. It seems as if things are going in the right direction, which may not make sense being they are going more into debt. I have been a customer of the park since 79. I have seen the highs and lows of the park. It seems as if this is the first year that someone has realized the rides are the heart of the park. If the rides were not there, the park would not be there. This is the first year I have seen a true effort the get the rides back up and running, and I know for talking to other guests at the park I am not the only one that noticed that. A lot of people were commenting about how this it the first year they have seen most of the rides running in many, many years. Look at what happened this year. The Tumble Bug is back, it may not seem like much, but people do love it, as it always has a like. The train is back, another big family draw. The Tempest is back, and looks like new! There are more cars in the bumper car building. So while they went into debt this year, could that help them next year? I hope we get the chance to find out. I guess what I am trying to say is that while the debt is high, it seems as if it was spent in the correct places, to put the park in a better position for next year. They could have just left things go they way they were, and not opened any of the rides back up, not been as much in debt, and opened next year, with one or two less rides, and just keep up that nasty trend, until there was nothing. Also, I wonder if the sell of the land will help more than we think? I hate to see land sold, but if it will save the park, I am all for it. I know from a previous article in the paper that there was effort to pay some back bills and taxes, but from what I gather they are not getting to far out of the hole, if at all because of the interest on the loans and penalties on the taxes. So will the sell of the land get them out of the hole, and create a better cash flow, because of less interest and penalties? Sorry for the long winded responce, but that is what I have been thinking about today.
  11. You know Derek, there is a lot of doubt, but for those of us that have been going to the park for the last 25 years, have seen some things happen. In the early 80s the park seemed to be doing great, very clean, always lines for the rides, and two trains on the Blue Streak, and there was never a ride closed! Then, come the 90s a slow down hill slide, then an announcement the rides were being auctioned, and the Blue Streak was history. But someone stepped in, and bought back all of the rides, and the park stayed open. And so on and so on, I am sure everyone knows the story by now. So you may ask, what is my point? Then comes the 00 years, things looked bad, the park seemed run down. Rides were not open, there was always doubt if the park was going to open at all, as there still is today. The big change however is that if you have seen the park every year, in the last 5 years, you would have notice a lot of improvements. A lot of new paint. Rides are opening that have not been opened in previous years. As it sounds now, all rides with the exception of the Ultimate Trip should be open by on Memorial day. Maybe not the train, but they say by July 4th. I guess what I am getting at is Maybe another year will bring this park around? Maybe it won't, we will just have to wait to see. I guess I just see it differently, because of sentimental value, but I think this old girl still has some life left in her, one way or another. Okay, here it goes, I am going to try my hand at a TPR sig! Todd "wasn't Cedar Point a gonner 35 - 40 years ago" Simmers
  12. Just breaking news, on a positive note! Looks like the ride is back on! http://www.meadvilletribune.com/breakingnews/local_story_122164320.html
  13. Hey, Whats wrong with Olivia Newton-John??? No Really, she's my girl! Loved her since I have been around 4 or 5! I hope everyone knows this is not a post to start a fight, I am more of a Classic/Hard Rock Guy, but for some reason, Olivia Newton-John just trips my trigger!
  14. Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie
  15. This is my first post to TPR. I have been a long time listener, first time caller, but this topic just sparked my interest. One thing I like more than riding coasters is Jeeps. I am a huge fan of Jeeps and older Crystler products. I have a few Jeeps: 1946 Willys CJ-2A 1948 Willys CJ-2A Woking on a buying a 1947 CJ-2A 1992 Jeep YJ, Yeah it has square headlights, but I would not trade it for anything. 2000 Jeep Chreokee and a 1979 Dodge PowerWagon I also had a 94 Wranger that I rolled on my way to work one day! The last year in the Wrangle line I liked was the 95, the last year for the YJ. For some reason I just never liked the newer body style, although I am not sure why. I am currious though if the new one pictured above in this thread will have a soft top avalible? It looks as if they are trying to get away from the soft tops. Anyway, not sure what the point of my post was, but nice to finally make a post.
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