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  1. i find it hard to believe anyone has zero interest in the food... i mean i can understand JUST for the food. but dollyoods food is amazing tbh
  2. it better be doin stuff on monday, i need to get one of my friends over airtime..
  3. i feel compelled to put this here... i dont know why i just want to..
  4. still amazing as always, but im a thunderhead fanboy so what can i say...
  5. bringin back to windows 98 it looks like with them colored squares
  6. asuh dude... yea the name is chris. dubstep is amazing (no, not skrillex, im talking that fuego excision). i scooter.. and i fall under one stereotype for that but whatever. and coasters. i mean im here. i like coasters. duh. also danke me-mes
  7. {off LRod topic} does anyone get the cookies at the grist mill more than the bread... i mean theyre both amazing but i always find myself with a cookie... is it just me?
  8. Yeah you guys totally never have. i mustve stumbled over it... whoops
  9. I saw this as well, but now it's back to saying technical rehearsal. Does anyone think we'll get a POV soon? as far as im concerned, the notification for technical rehearsal inst there. dunno if its just me but i don't see it.
  10. Thunderhead for me at the moment is my #1 wooden coaster beating El Toro and Lightning Racer for me. Incredible intense ride. agreed agreed agreed. i'll have to see about lightning racer this summer
  11. I rode backrow, and held on for dear life the whole time. It takes a lot for me to put my arms down. And the thing was a walkon!!! Back row Thunderhead is an amazing ride! Love all of the airtime and turns! its kinda sad how unpopular it to be honest. i mean, its almost always a walkon (but im not complaining), i really think it needs to be more popular, and LR wont help that any.
  12. weekday in august? itll be great, I can tell you that right now. and the timesaver is like 15 bucks (I think) so even if you feel compelled to get one, you can. but it doesn't let you skip lines, it waits for you. hope this helps
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