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  1. theres always the slight chance of them pulling a tempesto. i'm thinking 2018 still but its just a thought
  2. May be going to the park tomrrow for an hour or two but dunno. if i do ill check on LR
  3. LR was down all last week too. I asked a lady in the merch shop and she didnt know. And operations where dreadfully slow for a Saturday.
  4. now the question is intamin or S&S? it sounds like an intamin the way they described it and the art looks like a roto. But the tower in the art looks more S&Sish. Or maybe i sound like an idiot.
  5. praying for an intamin if they get one. but seeing theyve already worked with s&s thats what itll probs be
  6. *meanwhile is hanging up the 50 dollars worth of lightning rod merch i just bought*
  7. quick run down of today, LR was closed as someone has pointed out already, i talked to the guy working the merch store and he said it was because of the rain and hail yesterday. sounds reasonable enough. said it should open (possibly officially, not likely, but possible) tomorrow. other very notable thing is i noticed what appeared to be water slide pieces up on that big mound by timber canyon, where they normal keep pieces for new things. its a bit early, but they were forest green, neon green, and blue and stacked like waterslide pieces. there werent many, but if anyone is there, look for em. very easy to see from WE and dunno about TH, wasnt payin much attention on it to see them. only really noticed on WE. now i must keep reading schlock....
  8. i ski next door to ghost town so im by it all the time in the winter. sad to here about it. oh whell
  9. i agree on that. and seeing i can get to the park relatively easily and have passes, i dont really care whether its running or not, but i would LOVE to ride it.
  10. i should be there late tomorrow. it better be running. can someone tell me how late it runs today?
  11. ill be there friday for sure because 2 hrs isnt that far. so hopfully ill be there on official opening too, because why not.
  12. all that i ask from dollywood... drop tower where timber tower was... please.... PLEASE
  13. I'll gladly trade our Midwest speed bumps for what you have in NC It's not Summit County, CO, but you could have it much worse, lol... i will say sugar is pree dope. but catt is meh. i really REALLY wanna go to big sky
  14. omg i swear i heard the exact same thing in 2014, and TPR was at the park... probably not the same person but ill explain what happened. the child asks his mom, "does this coaster go upside down?" my first thought was omg just look at the layout, dose it LOOK like it goes upside down (maybe i dunno, its pretty twisty) then the mom says "no, only roller coasters with over the shoulder restraints can go upside down" then a lady from TPR turns around and corrects them (right before i was going to) and brings up OR. i talked to the lady a bit and she gave me a club TPR card [sorry for double]
  15. me and my friend were walking by Tennessee tornado and some dude with friends behind us points at TT as its leaving the station and says "Look! there goes the mine train!" so close... sooo close
  16. we had a decent season here in NC. besides the fact our mountains are more like hills. and my race season was cut short because i got a minor concussion. *sigh*
  17. if you dont go to the park at all theyll refund it. we got a super pass one year and never went to splash country and they refunded our money, and we didnt even ask might i mention
  18. lumberjack pizza. its pizza but its soo good. its either that or that its a ton of pizza
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