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  1. I rode millie for the first time in 2014 in mayfly season and it was a REALLY fun ride. But i like getting thrown around more so rides like maverick and LR solidly ramk above it for me. But i must say, the last bit of the ride i just loved. so. much. that tiny hill packed a massive punch then just flying by the queue and hitting the awkward looking overbank only to find it clean and consistent was just glourious.
  2. I like it but wish it had at least another shade of blue. Possibly a border
  3. Call it fake Chinese all you want, Panda Express is my kryptonite.
  4. The only food I really ever eat is dollywoods food but even then I can't say much because I always get pizza. If u can mess up pizza there's something wrong. And about coaster in cold weather. I've ridden WE in about 40 degree weather. Nothing else was open except FCE I think. Dunno how cold it was in that nitro pic but it was fun as hell to ride WE while freezing my face off.
  5. Agreed, Ive only been on Lrod and its INSANE. But short. But Meaner steak is probably gonna be hella long
  6. please please PLEASE let there be an overhaul of county fair. It really needs it. Fresh paint, maybe different layout, LEDs, ect... On food- Lumberjacks is my go-to honestly, I love pizza behind chicken fettuccine so obviously a 1 pound piece is literally a dream lol. but drop line with the extra 30? e x q u i s i t e
  7. i second this. I just in general am not a massive fan of B&M inverts (except afterburn. i love afterburn). And I also LOVE launched coasters so that works for WT as well.
  8. the hype for this is so real. maybe 2018 will be a better coaster year overall lol
  9. I have not ridden roug, but i have mantis, and thought it was honestly fun. With vortex however, i hate that thing. its never worth riding and i always regret it if i do. And yes the lines are always because loading times. My absolute dream is to have it tossed over to MaAdv and we get a launched infinity. One could easily fit, but seeing cedar fair has only done a few things with Gerstlauer, i doubt it.
  10. Technically for some people new or old mean streak might be open. if we are going with time isnt real, for people we have never seen/'synced time' with, they could be anywhere in time as their speed of life has moved. But as for me, im wasting time reading this thread
  11. I believe 36 is when they cant operate, 42 is when they open and I'm pretty sure it also has something to do with the computers/block systems. I was told that by an employee on new years this year.
  12. I love the idea but i do like having cups as another souvenir to add to my collection lol. (of coaster stuff at least cause i only have a few cups atm)
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