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  1. if barnstormer is empty, you can ask to ride in the handicap seat with the velcro stuff and a loose restraint. craziest thing ever. just sayin
  2. shouldnt be horrible, but a saturday is a saturday. sunday would be (much) better tho. danny can probably give a more accurate answer tho
  3. I hope so. I cant remember Dollywood ever assigning seating on even the busiest of days and I've never seen parks that don't assign seating every have major issues because of it. Now if only a certain 2 parks both 4 hours away from Dollywood would take a lesson and STOP ASSIGNING SEATS ON B&M HYPER AND GIGA COASTERS COUGH COUGH CAROWINDS AND SFOG COUGH COUGH!!! Disney assigns seats on every coaster and never has an issue with it.....I don't see what the big deal is. i wouldnt say theres an issue with it. its just nobody likes it. mystery mine has assigned seating and it kinda makes sense because it dosnt matter too much (unless you just love fire) but with rides like LR and fury, nobody wants to be assigned. how i see it is if they wanna wait for the front/back/anywhere, they should be able to. ill have to see which is better tho, front seat Fury or LR...
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