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  1. There are no words to describe the state of awe I am in. I've been to California Adventure quite a bit over the last year or so, and the essence of Buena Vista Street is not just there, it is prominent. Before I even read the description of the photos I knew that was inspired by the entrance to DCA. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more.
  2. My family and I just happened to be at Disneyland on the day of the world premiere of the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, they had the "black carpet" rolled out and everything. We were planning to do both DL and DCA, and we were walking down Main Street after doing everything at Disneyland, and the stars started to arrive. My parents wanted to stop and watch, so we did. What felt like two hours later, we had yet to see any major stars and I was getting bored. I really wanted to go to California Adventure so I started to whine (I was about 10). My dad gave me a look of "shut-up" but I continued to be a brat. We eventually left and headed over to the other park. Once inside, my dad gave me a stern talk and I began to cry. I felt so bad for ruining my family's day, I refused to talk the rest of the day. That's Disney magic for you folks!
  3. My list is becoming more official now. I booked an Orlando trip for early to mid-April, so that really boosted the number of parks I'll be attending in 2017. Definitely Knott's Berry Farm Universal Studios Hollywood Disneyland Disney California Adventure Magic Kingdom Epcot Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure Possibly Six Flags Magic Mountain SeaWorld San Diego Six Flags Discovery Kingdom California's Great Adventure Six Flags New England
  4. It seems Universal Orlando is going through a "renaissance" period. Beginning with Hogsmeade in 2011, this new hotel is just another step on the long journey the resort has gone through to try competing with Disney. Not only have the parks been expanding and improving exponentially, but the new hotels, Volcano Bay, and a renovated CityWalk all make for a cohesive experience. I think in 10 years the resort from a distance won't look much different (kind of running out of space), but smaller additions will be made, and attractions that are lacking will be replaced (I'm looking at you Shrek 4-D).
  5. If you aren't planning to go to other Cedar Fair parks throughout the year, I recommend a lower tier pass. You can then add a parking pass onto your pass by going to customer service. I've had a basic Knott's pass for three years now, and the "one-time-pay" parking pass has come in handy more times than not.
  6. I was just saying it could fit. I should have said it's "rarely" more than a ten minute wait.
  7. How about the same layout, but leaving Montezooma and replacing Jaguar? It's never more than a ten minute wait, it's rough, boring, and the park now has a surplus of family coasters. What if this is why Knott's has been adding all these smaller coasters? In preparation of removing the aging Zierer and adding a B&M hyper?
  8. I've only ridden five B&M Inverts, so it makes it easy to choose, and sort of easy to rank. 1. Montu 2. Dragon Challenge: Chinese Fireball 3. Silver Bullet 4. Dragon Challenge: Hungarian Horntail 5. Batman: The Ride Yes, I rank Silver Bullet higher than Hungarian Horntail and Batman simply because I enjoy riding it more. It may not have the greatest first drop, but the overbank is amazing, the flat spins really snap around, and the final helix is super forceful (I gray-out almost everytime).
  9. Many people aren't able to easily go to both. The general public doesn't care that it's inferior to the HS version. What I was trying to say is that Disney realized it was a mistake to make an inferior version of an amazing ride, so they decided to create a unique experience in California. I have always wondered, from a business point-of-view, why parks made copies of attractions. It would make more sense to have different attractions in different parks to push people to go to more parks. For example, I am less inclined to visit the Magic Kingdom simply because it is so similar to Disneyland.
  10. I have no issue with losing the Twilight Zone theming in favor of the Guardians. DCA's tower has always been inferior to HS's, so why all this boo-hooing about losing a classic? If this were Paris's tower, it would probably be considered a saving grace for the park. My problem is with the fact the park was just recently renovated to have a somewhat cohesive theming, and now this happens. I'm mostly curious with how the Imagineers handle the red electric trolley cars. I have faith they will find a solution, but the current route would probably need to be redone.
  11. All the dates and days only match up to 1983. Just go back to any calendar and you'll see they all only match to 1983. Also just noticed that it says on the top of the map. Camp Snoopy opening July 1st. Yeah, after my post I realized it probably was 1983.
  12. The map has to be from before 1983. Camp Snoopy opened in 1983, and does not appear in the map. Based on the presence of the Wacky Soap Box Racers and the lack of Camp Snoopy causes me to think it is from 1980, 1981, or 1982. The lack of emphasis on the Soap Box Racers, which opened in 1980, seems to exclude that year, and as previously mentioned, the expiration of the SeaWorld coupon is in 1983, so I would place my bets on 1982.
  13. Absolutely: Disneyland California Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Knott's Berry Farm Possibly: Six Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Six Flags Fiesta Texas Silver Dollar City Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hopefully: Animal Kingdom Epcot Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure Busch Gardens Tampa Six Flags Great America
  14. I've always had great bellhops at load for Tower of Terror at DCA. One particular one, Travis, liked to make subtle hints at your impending doom such as "no lunch breaks, no water breaks, in fact...no brakes at all!" It's when ride ops get into the spirit of their job that they become awesome.
  15. Regarding Cedar Fair parks getting any RMCs, at West Coast Bash on Sunday, Knott's VP of Maintenance and Construction, Jeff Gahagan, mentioned the only reason Cedar Fair didn't go with Topper Track on GhostRider was because they wanted to keep a classic woodie at the park. I took this to mean that Cedar Fair is not against using RMC, its they just haven't seen the right opportunity yet. Unlike Six Flags, who seemingly has decided wooden coasters should not exist (except El Toro), it seems that Cedar Fair has a respect for where their industry has come from.
  16. I just wanted to thank Robb, Elissa and everyone at Knott's for all their hard work to make today possible. I had a blast at my first WCB! Thank you to everyone who attended for being so great, everyone's sense of humor was astounding at the Q&A. I can now officially say I have accomplished my two biggest theme park dreams, owning a coaster part (Xcelerator pull cable), and riding on the same coaster train as Robb Alvey. I'm already looking forward to next year!
  17. I'll be heading to Disneyland tomorrow for my last visit during the 60th anniversary celebration. That means my last ride on Hyperspace Mountain before Ghost Galaxy returns for Halloween. I like the Hyperspace layover, but I definitely miss the classic version. I was just curious if anyone else misses the classic version, and if you think it will return after Ghost Galaxy or not.
  18. I could be the only one, I just know that GhostRider seemed to throw me against the lapbar more than I can ever remember it doing so. When it initially reopened I was disappointed the only coaster in the park with airtime was lacking it. Not until I rode in the very back row did I notice the "ejector" airtime. I mostly noticed it on the small bunny hill after "the drop".
  19. ...huh? Meaning that instead of experiencing zero-g's at the peak of a hill, riders experience negative-g's, practically throwing them out of their seat. Being the result of going over a hill at higher speeds, instead of floating in your seat, you are thrown against the lapbar. Many RMC coasters implement it, as well as B&M hyper and giga coasters. It is most noticeable during the latter half of GhostRider, after the former MCBR.
  20. After my two rides this afternoon on GhostRider, I have now ridden in every row and have come to a conclusion on which is the best. Old GhostRider's best row was easily the very front, simply because it was the only row bearable enough to ride in. New GhostRider however, is much smoother, so the choice becomes more difficult. The front felt super fast, faster than the stats say it is. All middle rows feel pretty much the same. Not a lot of airtime, rather smooth. The back row offers the most airtime of all the rows, and while it is the roughest to ride, it is, in my opinion, the best. I also noticed New GhostRider seems to have more ejector airtime than Old GhostRider, which had more floater airtime.
  21. I realize that WDW can handle more crowds than it has to. My point was that after the big deal Disney made of the 50th anniversary, people started to realize the history of Disneyland vs Disney World. Yes, the number of annual pass holders is an issue. My family had passes in the early '00s, when an annual pass cost $99. Since then, the price has over tripled, showing Disney is getting tired of annual pass holders coming. Also, the amount of black-out dates on the lower tier passes shows they don't want pass holders there that often.
  22. I agree the Peoplemover track needs to be removed for logistical reasons, but some part of me still hopes they revive the classic. As far as older rides and their limited queue space, I feel the biggest offenders are Peter Pan's Flight, which always has an hour and a half line, and Pirates of the Caribbean which cannot hold the sheer amounts of riders in the courtyard queue. Disneyland has had a crowd issue since the 50th anniversary, too many people decided Disneyland was a better trip decision than Disney World. Star Wars Land should help to alleviate some crowds, but to achieve the feeling the Imagineers want, they'll probably sacrifice logistics for creativity. An outpost planet would seem to have less people than the expansion would need to hold.
  23. FYI, I learned on my trip today that Soarin' Around the World no longer offers single rider access, even though the park map says it does. When I brought this to the attending cast member's attention, I was met with a rather rudely said "the maps are old", so I think they were tired of being asked.
  24. Everyone loves a good coaster, but dark rides, water rides, and simulators are also a large part of the theme park industry. So, why don't we share our top 10 lists. What qualifies as a "non-coaster" is pretty much any attraction that tells a story, features water, or has some sort of theme, but does not have roller coaster features. Below is my list, including the parks in which I have experienced them. Notable Mentions: Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland and Magic Kingdom), Timber Mountain Log Ride (Knott's Berry Farm), and Jurassic Park River Adventure (Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal's Islands of Adventure) 10) Transformers The Ride 3D (Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida) 9) Soarin' (Disney California Adventure and Epcot) 8) The Haunted Mansion (Disneyland and Magic Kingdom) 7) Splash Mountain (Disneyland and Magic Kingdom) 6) Test Track (Epcot) 5) The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (Universal's Islands of Adventure) 4) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney California Adventure) 3) Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood) 2) Radiator Springs Racers (Disney California Adventure) 1) Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland)
  25. I just find the jokes to be immature. I get that's why people like it, I've just never really laughed at it. I have nothing against it, I just don't watch it.
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