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  1. The only reason Cedar Point and Valleyfair even ended up getting screaming swings is as followed: - Slingshot at Cedar Poiny was having extreme troubles and S&S couldn't do much about it. - S&S, as an apology, offered Cedar Fair a BOGO ( buy one get one free )Screaming Swing. Cedar Fair was much more interested in adding an El Loco, which was new at the time. S&S stuck to its original deal and refused CF's offer. Remember, this was before the Paramount Parks were bought. CF, which already had smaller models at Dorney Park and Knotts, elected to place them at Cedar Point and Valleyfair. In a perfect world, neither park should have this ride.
  2. B&M track can be very very quiet, even silent. Look at Talon at Dorney Park for an example. Its track is filled with sand. Also, the MCBR on Wild Thing, as previously stated, hasn't hurt shows in the past and they just brought back a new show so you can see management doesn't think much of it. I also don't think the Ampitheater will be leaving this year. I'm sorry if I offend some people, but in the case of a coaster coming, they would demolish the Ampitheater in a second. Practically NOWHERE are live entertainment shows advertised like on TV or radio and frankly, most people don't think too highly of them - it's an amusement park show, not Broadway. A coaster would do marvels for the park in terms of $$$ that it would bring in. A new show might get a 100 Passholders to renew. IDK, that's just my opinion. *And, no I don't think Valleyfair will be receiving a roller coaster for 2017.
  3. You are sure that Valleyfair will be getting a B&M? We don't seem to see any evidence of that and it's my home park...
  4. Wouldn't shock me at all. I actually think a Windseeker would be more likely than a Gertslauter Sky Fly/ Sky Roller. I don't think they would put the same ride at Nickelodeon Universe in at Valleyfair. The Windseeker couldn't be over 275 feet though. I think if it were to go somewhere, it would go in Wild Thing's helix.
  5. Bit disappointed with Mystic Timbers; not my style of coaster, especially GCI.
  6. To be honest, I'm going the other way and I think this is going to be a larger expansion because it is happening so early. Not a coaster, but something to please everyone for sure.
  7. Yea, a Full Throttle type coaster would be real good at Worlds of Fun, but it definitely won't be coming this year. In my honest opinion, I think they may have to wait until 2019 or 2020 until their next coaster. Canada's Wonderland, Valleyfair, and Kings Dominion are next in line to receive coasters in front of Worlds of Fun. * and yes, it autocorrects full t h r o t t l e e to YOLOCOASTER
  8. A GCI wodie costs $8-10 million, A GCI rehab of Hurler would be about $6 million, a floorless conversion would cost about $3-4 million, flat rides cost about $1 million each, etc. The costs add up. I believe floorless conversions cost $6-7 million.
  9. Post your predictions below for Cedar Fair parks in the 2017 season. Then, see how they compare to other users and what the parks actually receive! My Predictions Cedar Point: Soak City expansion; possible ProSlide Tornado from Knott's Soak City. Relocation of RipCord to former Shoot the Rapids location. Kings Island: GCI Woodie, IMO the next Son of Beast (obviously no loop) Canada's Wonderland: Action theater replacement: Plants vs. Zombies Style Knott's: Soak City expansion, family flat rides Worlds of Fun: Thrilling flat ride Dorney Park: Triotech Dark Ride Kings Dominion: Action theater replacement, Mass Effect Style Carowinds: 4 vintage flat rides, Vortex sit down train conversion CGA: Vortex Conversion to floorless, RCI Ropes Course Valleyfair: Honestly, I could be wrong, but this is my home park, and I think they will get a Triotech dark ride in the bumper cars building, rumored to be transitioning. Michigans Adventure: Preparing for relocated Zamperla Volare from Canadas Wonderland in 2018
  10. Yes, it is made by ProSlide. No, I think that Valleyfair would be more likely to receive just one large raft slide, along the lines of a ProSlide Tornado or a mat racer.
  11. With some small exceptions, I didn't really enjoy it and thought that there was an overemphasis on some of the show's parts. It is much better at somewhere like Dorney Park where it is indoor with a bunch of lights and cool effects.
  12. The crowds after 4 pm probably wouldn't be as bad as crowds from about 11 to 4, but I would still expect substantial wait times for most of the major rides. If you plan on staying until closing time, the last hour (give or take) of operation usually has lines no more than 10-15 minutes for most rides. Substantial wares until about 9:30; then, everything is a walk on. If planning on hitting Soak City as well, I would do that first thing, as people make their way out. Soak City tends to close at 8 or 9.
  13. No rumors and no paperwork has been filed from the city, so I guess unless something changes, we should assume to see it back again for the 2017 season. It could stay longer if we get used flat rides this year and hoping and praying, a new front gate coaster next year.
  14. Valleyfair already has FunTV. Are you saying that they would be getting more? Also, if you download the mobile game MobileStrike, and show that you have it at Guest Services, you get two one-time use Fast Lanes. I would imagine you could do this each visit, but please correct me if I am wrong.
  15. Valleyfair was surveying guests as they left the park today and was asking questions about waiting in line and FunTV. No mentioning of what rides could come in future years. The survey paid participants $5.
  16. Apparently Oumiet will be there in the next following weeks part of his annual review, but I don't know of any extended review.
  17. I would wonder if the price of fixing Enterprise would even be worth it given the relatively cheap cost of the new enterprise 2.0. As of Supercat, I don't know. I think it is one of the worst flats in the park. Didn't it used to go backwards though? Maybe if they restored that then it would be OK... If they could make it a caterpillar again like the ride at Canobie Lake Park up in New England it would be awesome, but I highly doubt that would happen. I kind of sense we might be getting some new flat rides as well, possibly. Maybe a frisbee and/or Gerstlauter Sky Fly? CF has bought those in the past.
  18. If Bumper Cars were also to get removed, I would be extremely interested to see what would take place of Bumper Cars, Riptide, Supercat, AND Enterprise... Seems to be a bigger project although likely not a coaster
  19. I would be curious to see what kind of ride from Europe we would get. I would love a condor. Would we be getting one in both the spot of Enterprise and Supercat?
  20. Does anybody with any information have a clue on the immediate future of Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider? I was under the assumption that it was a maitancence nightmare and that the NU executives weren't big fans of it. I was told to expect a removal "in the near future". But it still keeps running... By the way, Crayola is crap. Big disappointment. Wouldn't be surprised to see this "permanent addition" be yanked out in favor of something else. I honestly think they are better served putting a larger, new store in there.
  21. I think that it is just a chance to get changed and get a seat before other people, but whenever the lifeguards and the water are ready, they just start opening stuff. You can get everything done in the first hour and a half of pretty much any day with walk on or 2 min wait on everything.
  22. Let's keep the Cedar Point talk on the Cedar Point thread. Remember, this is the Valleyfair thread.
  23. I wish they were bigger as well, but I think it is a safety concern with so many people in the pool and not knowing how many are strong swimmers (or swimmers at all). The lifeguards with the most seniority work the wave pool because the safety concern is the highest of all of the Soak City rides.
  24. Just got back from Valleyfair and did Soak City and all. Unless you want to leave your stuff left behind, I can't recommend enough buying one of the orange key lockers located right outside of the park for 75 cents. They save you $14.25 from a small locker in Soak City. I just bring my phone and wallet with me in a waterproof case and put it in my swimsuit. Works great. You would want to get a re-admission stamp, though. Also, since the front of the gate is so close to the Wave, it gives you a chance to ride that as well.
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