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  1. You could likely hit all the coasters and some of the best flats in about 6-7 hours at Valleyfair as long as it's not a weekend. But it is extremely easy to spend several days at the MOA. e WAY shorter than that even. I say 4 hours max. Not very good park. Just hit the rollies if you have limited time.
  2. I like Renegade, but if given the choice between a refurbished SLC or a wooden coaster, I would pick the SLC. You are completely insane.
  3. Similar to Pepsi Orange Streak, I think they would get a park-wide Vekoma motorbike coaster for families with LIM launches. IMO, if they build another roller coaster, it will have to go throughout the park for space concerns.
  4. Do you have a source? The Mall of America already has an escape room; IMO they would go for something a little different before adding another escape room...
  5. Holding break on Steel venom was back and fully functional today.
  6. That looks great! Encouraging to have more high quality parks, especially those indoors. Thanks for the report; looking forward to part two.
  7. There is little to no chance Valleyfair is getting two old, used, crappy Verona coasters. Your analysis makes absolutely no sense. Cedar Fair is the chain that DOESN'T relocate roller coasters; view the Matt Oumiet interview from a couple of years ago. Plus, Valleyfair is an expansion park. I would expect the removal of Excalibur, but I wholly believe that Valleyfair will receive a new roller coaster by 2020. *IF Cedar Fair does decide to relocate, which would surprise me a lot, anything would go to Michigan's Adventure.
  8. Went to the park yesterday. Got there at 6:30 left @ 10:15. Not too busy, the park emptied out at about 9:00 pm. Lineup: Excalibur Renegade Wild Thing Xtreme Swings Flying Eagles Antique Autos North Star Chickie and Pete's Close out Renegade (2 laps)
  9. My North star opinion: It's a nice ride that offers a good view, but mostly over the parking lot. I don't think it has much of a thrilling aspect to it. IMO, not what the park needed at this time. A frisbee would have been better. Not a BAD ride, just not what we needed. And yes, today, lines were 75-90 min at peak with 2 operators. It looks to be a 2 operator ride. Should have 3-4 on busy days.
  10. I'm actually a fan of them doing this, not because I feel like we need higher security, but because the line for security will be significantly shorter than last year. The wands always took forever. These are commonly seen at arenas and ballparks, and they take 5 sec max per person. This will be good.
  11. This trip sounds miserable! WAY too much driving for crappy parks! Fly into Northern California, go to their parks, and fly out of Southern california. There's no way you would finish this trip with the amount of driving. Just pay for airfare.
  12. What does everybody think regarding the impending removal of Boomerang at Knott's Berry Farm? Personally, I don't really see it being relocated to Valleyfair. If anything, I think it would go to Michigan's Adventure. While I don't see a roller coaster coming to Valleyfair soon, other additions such as flat rides and water rides are better suited at Valleyfair.
  13. Very unlikely that Valleyfair will ever get a Triotech dark ride; they don't hold up well. It seems as if Cedar fair is no longer buying them.
  14. Yea, If you could go on Saturday, I would reccomend going then, as you may be restricted by having the park close at 5 pm. Renegade is the best coaster in the park. When the park opens, I would ride these rides in the following order. - High Roller - Mad Mouse - Renegade I really like Chickie & Pete's as well as Sidewinder Burrito. Everything else is pretty darn standard. We have had some good additions since 2009, but if you are solely focused on thrills, you may not necessarily notice them. (Route 76, Planet Snoopy, Dinosaurs Alive, etc.)
  15. How about 5 years. 10 years is completely illogical, as so much can change during that HUGE Span. I don't like listing by year, so here's what I think will be added through 2021. - Skyscreamer (North Star) - Mat Racer Waterpark Slide - Large Raft Slide - Water Fortress in Waterpark - Removal of Excalibur - New Gate in back of Park - Dark Ride • I could see this one falling through. Cedar Fair has now gone two years w/o a Triotech, contradictory to their original chart detailing a dark ride coming in 2017 and beyond. - An Off-Year or extremely small addition, i.e. (return of enterprise, planet snoopy) - B&M Coaster • In my personal opinion, Valleyfair doesn't really need an inverted coaster, as they already have Steel Venom. I would doubt that Cedar Fair would go with a wing coaster, so I will go out on a wing and predict a FLOORLESS coaster.
  16. Oops! My mistake entirely. Either way, the new one looks much nicer and I would be much more happy to have that one.
  17. My guess is that some (if not all) of the Geauga lake water slides will be coming to Valleyfair (within several years, likely NOT in 2017) Remember, Cedar Fair now has two Tornado slides (the one from Knotts) as well as this one. My guess on what could possibly be coming our way: Body Slide/Tube Slide Complex; Really thrilling and tall ProSlide Tornado; Could also see this going to Cedar Point and/or Carowinds, so don't get your hopes up. Water fortress. Kind of an older, lousier one, but still what VF needs.
  18. ^Closes on the 21st. I'll back that. It states it on Valleyfair.com.
  19. He's also talked about many, many incorrect rumors this year and in the past so there's only so much of what he says that you can trust.
  20. I don't see the 100 ft version possibly happening. It would be such a letdown for all of the Passholders and everybody may not renew passes. Plus, it wouldn't be that much taller than the current yo-yo in Planet Snoopy.
  21. Very excited. Exactly what we need - a thrill ride. I would love to see a package with a frisbee and Enterprise 2 as well, but I somewhat doubt that would ever happen.
  22. Yes, thank you for correcting me. I was a little unsure about the timeline of some of those, but the overall general story is true. According to what I know, the smaller Screamin swings were given to CF at some discount, although I'm not sure what. I used to work with Cedar Fair as an independent advisor and I believe the price was very good overall.
  23. OMG that would be awesome!! I love Condors but would HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt they would buy a competitor's ride, especially with Dorney in the same area.
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