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  1. In the last picture they posted on instagram, they said a tunnel will be added in the structure over the crossing road
  2. The one I liked the most is Fluch Von Novgorod. Seriously didn't expected how great it really is.
  3. OMG i'm so excited to ride it this summer!! I'm just waiting to know the opening date and then I will just book my flight! This 0-g stall looks amazing and seems to provide a great headchopper effect with the wooden structure!
  4. I don't understand what are you talking about. This new strata coaster actually doesn't feature any "tallest" vertical drop.
  5. I like the first part till the small camelback.. but then it looks well boring and very slow.
  6. Wicked Cyclone, Batman clones, Nemesis, Medusa Steel coaster, and my favourite layout experience : Der schwur des Karnan & Fluch von Novgorod!
  7. I didn't have the possibility to ride any North American drop ride, so I will only talk about the european ones. If your question is about intensity, I'd go with : 1. High Fall (Movie Park Germany) 2. Space Vertigo (Gardaland) 3. Scream (Heide Park) But, in the meaning of whole experience and theming.. Mistery Castle and ToT are the best.
  8. Karnan has the best drop I have ever experienced, even better than the Expedition GeForce's one
  9. Nessie @ Hansa Park in the back row was a huge surprise! Just to name other coaster.. I'd say : Abismo, Vekoma's invertigo or Giant Inverted Boomerang, Intamin's megalite, Fluch von Novgorod..
  10. I wouldn't say so. I already rode Altair and after the 4th ride I couldn't raise my hands because the pressure of my legs with the restraints really hurt, especially in the "in-line twist" part.
  11. Shambhala x18 (with flash pass) Expedition GeForce x17 Stunt Fall x12
  12. Katun at Mirabilandia, and still one of my favourite all time.
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