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  1. Thanks again for running this one! Was Fridolin's verrückter Zauberexpress considered in the new for 2021 list - https://rcdb.com/19040.htm? It's a lot more significant (and awesome) than the stats would suggest.
  2. Some Ireland and France stuff. Tayto Park - Ladybird Loop Le Pal - Yukon Quad Le Pal - Yukon Quad Le Pal - Yukon Quad Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Mystic Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Timber Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Timber Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Mystic Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Mystic Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Timber
  3. Thank you! Could you also add Happy Valley Chongqing at some point please. https://rcdb.com/12158.htm
  4. Just been back on to update some stuff and noticed Phaethon from Gyeongju World is missing.
  5. Couple of things on a similar level to your Blue Fire clone addition: https://rcdb.com/11055.htm https://rcdb.com/3448.htm
  6. Wild Train 15s are slightly longer than Fantasiana's and pack just as much punch, but it's up to you. Powered ones still on there: Arctic Blast - Ocean Park Draak - Plopsaland de Panne Thought Monte Carlo Racetrack - Happy Valley Wuhan was Golden Horse rather than Vekoma, but even having ridden it I couldn't say for sure. If you're after unique Golden Horse stuff, don't forget the spinner with the inversion: https://rcdb.com/15531.htm Side note: since your latest fixes my ranking list is now error 500. Ridden list is fine.
  7. Typo: Walibi Sud-Ouest rather than Walibi Sud-Quest. Suggestions: I reckon Wild Train at Parc Saint Paul should be included as you've got some of the other Pax stuff. Same with Miniwah at Freizeitpark Plohn as you've got a few worse powered coasters hanging around. If we're calling out unnecessary family rides on the list, these two jumped out to me: Green Scream - Adventure Island Achterbahn - Bayern Park Inconsistencies/missing clones: Dragon from Legoland Malaysia is missing when German equivalent exists. Dragon Legend at Romon-U. Chimelong's Sky Rocket. You've got a Golden Horse spinner at China Dinosaur Park but not other parks such as Jin Jiang Action Park, Wanda Nanchang & Hefei. All the mine train clones from Happy Valleys, Joyland etc. are included, but not the ones from from Oriental Heritage/Fantawild parks (Night Rescues /Mount Tanggulas). It may take you down a dark path to start including all of that model though... That'll do for today.
  8. Sea World Australia - Creatures of the Deep isn't much of an attraction, just some statues sparsely scattered along a pathway area. Here's one.
  9. Vilda Musen is listed under Thorpe Park rather than Grona Lund. Chrystal Wing doesn't need an H. Flutch von Novgorod doesn't need a T. +1 for T-Express missing. Currently missing a lot of China parks for my personal taste, but otherwise a promising start.
  10. Hope these are of use. Ninjago, Legoland Billund King Kong, China Dinosaur Park
  11. Thanks for the tips. Not worried about capacity, just wanted the cheaper price and to reduce the ridiculous amount of cash i'm already taking by booking as much as possible up front. Will keep an eye out for travel agents if I can't find an alternative.
  12. Hello, Does anyone know of an alternate way to book advanced tickets online for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Chimelong Paradise? Going through the main website it requires you to enter a local mobile number and postcode. Thanks in advance.
  13. Had this on a few interesting cases: Karnan Novgorod Revenge of the Mummy (USS) In some ways, being alone adds to the experience for the dark ride sections. Also Supersonic Odyssey and Piraten.
  14. Depending on what you want from holiday park, 3 hours is plenty to tick off the star attraction. You're already doing much better family parks, so there wouldnt be much else there to worry about.
  15. My vote goes to Ring Racer. Straight lines and warehouses.
  16. Great interview, this was a really interesting listen. Thanks for sharing. On the topic of the show, something I particularly enjoy about 'international parks' is the situational aspect. Like how often can you do a park on the edge of a cliff, opposite the central train station of a capital city, up a mountain etc.
  17. I did enjoy it, it was a nice place to wander around on a quiet day. Also a good respresentation of China's favourite pasttime: imitation. In particular I liked the bobkart ride, I had never done a powered one before and it was far more nimble than I had expected.
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