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  1. Thanks again for running this one! Was Fridolin's verrückter Zauberexpress considered in the new for 2021 list - https://rcdb.com/19040.htm? It's a lot more significant (and awesome) than the stats would suggest.
  2. Some Ireland and France stuff. Tayto Park - Ladybird Loop Le Pal - Yukon Quad Le Pal - Yukon Quad Le Pal - Yukon Quad Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Mystic Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Timber Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Timber Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Mystic Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Mystic Walibi Rhône-Alpes - Timber
  3. Thank you! Could you also add Happy Valley Chongqing at some point please. https://rcdb.com/12158.htm
  4. Just been back on to update some stuff and noticed Phaethon from Gyeongju World is missing.
  5. Couple of things on a similar level to your Blue Fire clone addition: https://rcdb.com/11055.htm https://rcdb.com/3448.htm
  6. Wild Train 15s are slightly longer than Fantasiana's and pack just as much punch, but it's up to you. Powered ones still on there: Arctic Blast - Ocean Park Draak - Plopsaland de Panne Thought Monte Carlo Racetrack - Happy Valley Wuhan was Golden Horse rather than Vekoma, but even having ridden it I couldn't say for sure. If you're after unique Golden Horse stuff, don't forget the spinner with the inversion: https://rcdb.com/15531.htm Side note: since your latest fixes my ranking list is now error 500. Ridden list is fine.
  7. Typo: Walibi Sud-Ouest rather than Walibi Sud-Quest. Suggestions: I reckon Wild Train at Parc Saint Paul should be included as you've got some of the other Pax stuff. Same with Miniwah at Freizeitpark Plohn as you've got a few worse powered coasters hanging around. If we're calling out unnecessary family rides on the list, these two jumped out to me: Green Scream - Adventure Island Achterbahn - Bayern Park Inconsistencies/missing clones: Dragon from Legoland Malaysia is missing when German equivalent exists. Dragon Legend at Romon-U. Chimelong's Sky Rocket. You've got a Golden Horse spinner at China Dinosaur Park but not other parks such as Jin Jiang Action Park, Wanda Nanchang & Hefei. All the mine train clones from Happy Valleys, Joyland etc. are included, but not the ones from from Oriental Heritage/Fantawild parks (Night Rescues /Mount Tanggulas). It may take you down a dark path to start including all of that model though... That'll do for today.
  8. Sea World Australia - Creatures of the Deep isn't much of an attraction, just some statues sparsely scattered along a pathway area. Here's one.
  9. Vilda Musen is listed under Thorpe Park rather than Grona Lund. Chrystal Wing doesn't need an H. Flutch von Novgorod doesn't need a T. +1 for T-Express missing. Currently missing a lot of China parks for my personal taste, but otherwise a promising start.
  10. Hope these are of use. Ninjago, Legoland Billund King Kong, China Dinosaur Park
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