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  1. Very nice pictures filipv! The area turned out pretty nice after all.. The only bad thing is the horrible cover up of Gusteau's face on the arch.. They should have left it as it was.
  2. Still to come: Disneyland Resort Paris Phantasialand Walibi World Already visited: Magic Kingdom Epcot Disney's Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom
  3. Congratulations, your dead body is worth $4715!... Ouch, not alot of money!
  4. Space Mountain Mission 2 last friday, always nice to get a headache!
  5. Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Germany Austria Switzerland France United Kingdom Spain Italy Vatican City Andorra Hmm.. I need to get out of Europe!
  6. I hope the 'Early 2008' means before February 2008, I don't want to miss it on my first WDW trip
  7. The old Space Mountain, but since it's no more.. I'll have to go with the Rock 'n Rollercoaster now, So smooth!
  8. The ride in Paris was indeed closed for a few weeks, but the change of adding the new characters was not made in Paris yet. It was just closed for maintenance on the ride.
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