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  1. Dang, Orion looks massive by windseeker! That wave turn is looking beautiful, too!
  2. It's the same color that was on KI's animations. Some pictures look the same as the animation; the one that I shared looked more orange than red on the restraint. I also never noticed the red on the lead car, I guess.
  3. This was shared on The Coaster Kings facebook page. Honestly, this was not the color I was expecting. I can't say I hate it, but I'm interested to see how it'll match with the track.
  4. The webcams are back up! Orion looks much bigger when you can see it right next to racer. Also, the drop looks INSANE; as has been mentioned, it's steeper than the other B&M gigas, and you can definitely tell.
  5. Ok wow I feel attacked. I'm not dissing on Orion, just making an lighthearted observation. Y'know, tryin' to keep keep it loose. Look at the pictures and you'll see what I mean.
  6. Yeah I was looking at the weatherbug cam earlier and I was disappointed to find that, from Kings Island Drive, they look almost identical. I'm sure that as you get closer to each ride, the height difference will be clear. But from the road? Diamondback and Blue Diamondback. Doesn't help that the drops are oriented the same way.
  7. ^A link would be nice I like this guy Gus, though. I've been very open about my support of Seaworld's animal exhibits and shows. Shame he resigned.
  8. Didn't Shilke Design TT? By that logic, it could be said that RMC's are the "modern Arrow loopers" . If you want some company continuity, S&S Sansei just built Steel Curtain, which definitely falls in the category of "mega-looper." The same people stayed in the industry for the most part. Had Arrow not gone bankrupt I don't think we'd be seeing anything too different than what we're seeing today. Design can always be improved upon, and for the most part it has been. Look at Vekoma and what they're doing these days! I was personally a fan of Vortex, but you can't deny that it had it's awkward moments, like the rapid track banking before the loops that punched you in the face, or the hairpin turn brilliantly placed before the MCBR. It was the quirkiness that made it what it was, and that can't be replicated because it's simply not practical; even the GP would think it's dumb. If you want intentional quirkiness, look at RMC. It's very different from what you see on old Arrow coasters, but it's so much more comfortable. It's sad to see a legendary coaster like Vortex go, but we can't sit here forever and mourn it's loss. We have the technology now to make rides that are so much better! I have no doubt that the park will put something in that will more than make up for the loss. For now, let's look forward to our giga!
  9. I would not recommend you ride any B&Ms built before 2006, if Banshee makes your feet numb, ones with forces might kill you. Nice to know we have a comedian in our midst! Again, if you want to deny science and reality, that's on you, no skin off my back! Thanks for the compliment, but I dropped out of the stand up scene after bookings dried up. At least those thousands of dollars of training at second city can come in handy here. For realz though, I can't find how many G's the ride actually pulls anywhere (likely because it's not marketable when it's like 2 tops). If it's that forceful to you that's great, I just like to *feel* something when I'm on a coaster, and this ride just doesn't do it for me. It's not bad, it's just unmemorable. I agree that pre-2006 B&M's are generally more forceful and definitely more snappy, but how do you not feel the force on Banshee? Have you only ridden the thing once or twice? It can be hit or miss, granted, but even on 'slower' days you can still feel it coming out of the batwing through the loop and all the way up the helix until you get to the heartline roll.
  10. ^I figure it would at least be something like Time Traveler where the spinning is reduced at some points. There's also a factor of how fast the seats are designed to spin. Perhaps my physics intuition is failing me but in the video it doesn't really look like it's as free to rotate as, say, the free-spin model. I'm looking specifically where it comes out of the first turn; it doesn't seem to correct itself as fast as it should, which is in direct contrast to the first flip where it seems to spin very freely. Correction: Scratch that, I was looking too deeply into just the AT video. The spinning pattern is clearly different in the video posted by S&S, so, yeah, I'm pretty sure it does spin freely.
  11. In the Amusement Today video they said the flipping is "initiated by the track." I took that to mean that it is controlled, but most likely not as strictly as X2, where the flipping is mechanically controlled by a second set of rails. If I were to guess, I would think that there's some sort of gyroscope in the seats that responds to rapid changes in the track to make the seats flip but generally keeps riders 'face up' with respect to whatever forces are being pulled by the track. My reason for that is that it doesn't look like the seats are completely spinning out of control, but there's also no mechanism on the track like there is in X2 to keep the seats exactly where you want them (and it's highly unlikely that they would try to sync up the ride cycle remotely using just a computer in the train).
  12. ^I don't see why it wouldn't be. "Winter' doesn't really exist in that part of the country.
  13. Whatever it is it looks cool. Could be a free-fly as has been mentioned, or a flying coaster, or by some weird twist of fate an updated 4d coaster design...
  14. I saw the same video on Insta. Crazy stuff. I have a friend who op'd Diamondback at Kings Island. He said that some days they'd do their first test runs in the early morning when it was cold and the train would barely make it into the brake run after the splashdown even if the MCBR did absolutely nothing. I asked if they'd ever tried it with a full stop on the MCBR and he said they wouldn't dare.
  15. Great TR! I wish I could have been there, it looks like you had an awesome day! SFGAm is definitely on my list of parks I want to visit soon.
  16. From what I can tell every Cedar Fair park has a signature 'sinking' ride. It's actually impressive how many people 'know' about Vortex. No joke, people used to talk about it at my middle school. As far as urban legends go it's pretty widespread.
  17. I've mentioned this before, but I don't think it would be possible. Steel coaster supports tend to be more specifically designed for the track. If anything, I think a single-rail conversion would be more possible.
  18. F Those who know me know that this is very upsetting for me. I'll admit, though, I'm not really too surprised. It wasn't until recently that I started hearing about people who actually liked Vortex, and that was about when I started appreciating it as well. I certainly don't know any GP who say they even like the ride. I'm super glad I got my last rides on it this August. DILinator was calling me crazy for riding it three times in a row but I definitely have no regrets now. The first drop, the floating corkscrews, the snappy transitions, the overall quirkiness...like people have said, they just don't make them like that anymore. You will be missed, Vortex.
  19. Double post, sorry! Because speculation is fun. Kinda... Here's the Fox 13 video of the new ride. The biggest takeaway imo is that the ride may not open until 2022, so yeah...it's definitely (still) early for speculation. But Julie Freed, who represents the park in the video, basically confirms that this ride will be interactive, moreso than a normal shooting ride. Judging by what can be seen in the video, it looks like this thing will be absolutely huge and very immersive. At the end of the video, Freed says "It's fun to break records, but we just want a ride that our guests will love." So, as has been speculated already, we're probably not looking at a very intense ride. But if I were to guess, I think we might see some near-Disney-level theming on this thing, which I have absolutely no complaints about.
  20. The park is starting to tease their "mysterious construction" on instagram This is exciting. If it wasn't apparent before, it definitely looks like it's gonna be something big.
  21. This is an awesome point. And I think it leads back to the thing that's been said over and over in this thread: just because Orion doesn't break any records doesn't mean it's not going to be an awesome ride. When people come and ride this thing, they'll want to keep coming back for more. That's exactly what the park wants, hence the emphasis on gold pass sales. Kings Island could build the world's tallest roller coaster, and once people have ridden it they'll brag about it to their friends and possibly never come back because it was simply too intense. Or they could build a scary-but-not-too-scary, awesome, fun, roller coaster that's taller than anything they currently have and drastically improve their overall park experience, causing more people to want to visit the park more often.
  22. Okay, you've definitely convinced me to go back to DisneySea when I visit Japan. Your photos do the park every bit of justice it deserves.
  23. I'm half Japanese and lived in Japan for a total of 6 years of my life. There's so much to do there! I'm hoping to make it back out next year, but honestly, I plan on hitting Nagashima Spaland and Universal Japan (I've already been to DisneySea and Fuji-Q) and that's it for parks. Well, maybe I'll go to Tokyo Disney again...haha. My point is, there's a ton to do in Japan and it does bother me a bit with enthusiasts get their entire impression of Japan from a couple dozen obscure theme parks. I'm excited to read more of your report and see what you guys did! I am curious, though. Obviously you guys go to Japan a lot and are very familiar with the culture, but, how good is your Japanese? Do you speak to people when you go?
  24. I agree, The Bat is my favorite of the three Arrow suspended coaster's I've ridden, and one of those is Ninja. I'm going to reiterate my love for Wicked Twister on here. Get it in the front or back and it's a quality ride.
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