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  1. North Mississippi would make more sense. It least the Memphis area is a crossroads with a huge airport with tons of excess capacity. There's not a decent airport in over an hour from here. No, Huntsville doesn't qualify. It's like they threw out this location to see if some of the other areas would bite and approach them to move a little north, east or west.
  2. Dollywood has veered from the 1880s theme way more than SDC. In a way, It's becoming just themed areas without an overall unifying theme other than it just being Dollywood. SDC seems somewhat married to their 1880s past a bit more which in the end give it the better overall "authentic" feel and they certainly seem more concerned with keeping more of the original landscape and woodsy feel when building.
  3. How about a spinner with an inversion. Would that not be a US first to market to the masses. The place still needs a junior woody or steel coaster with lots of bunny hops. It would be a great idea, if the force won't exceed limit on the train (I don't think SDC will get something that runs single cars) Junior woodie would be good, but steel coaster with a lot of bunny hops isn't needed as much because SDC already has two airtime machines. Mack spinners have trains. And one is a launch coaster and another is an extreme woodie, not all kids are daredevils at 11.
  4. How about a spinner with an inversion. Would that not be a US first to market to the masses. The place still needs a junior woody or steel coaster with lots of bunny hops.
  5. I'm hopeful we can sneak away from our Disney stay in Feb for an afternoon visit. We have been to the Discovery Center in KC and the kids liked it very much. With them being 12 and 11, I figure this is the last window they would get the most out of it and I would like to visit since I saw the alligator handler at Cypress Gardens get his hand clamped down on by one he was trying to flip to put to sleep back in the late 80s.
  6. Not that I've seen, but the facebook page of Adventure Pointe, the other proposed Houston area park, was updated right before Christmas to show that they were at DanielsWoodland for theming purposes.
  7. Well, it should be for 13.5 million they got from the county in grant money
  8. Anyone seen this: http://www.local10.com/news/developer-receives-grant-for-20th-century-fox-theme-park-at-zoo-miami/29587044
  9. I do agree that that the quick succession from AB to Blackstone to IPO has been horrible timing. A poster mentioned Turtle Trek, I had forgot about that. Shows the impact it had along with new penguin experience. Those were clearly family aimed and it just didn't achieve the goal as new gate draws. We are not far removed from the new Manta at San Diego in terms of a new custom ride, most seem to like it but that park is hampered by restrictions to do much more that requires any height. As for the Busch Gardens, I understand the enthusiasts disappointment of getting a clone of something that was put into a Six Flags park on the West Coast. But...lot's of miles between the two and how many of the folks going thru the gates of both parks are likely ever going to both? I don't mind it as much considering the Virginia park just got the very custom Verbolten. It's a shame the new drop tower at Tampa was plagued with issues it looks like something the GP would eat up. I wonder is SeaWorld Parks has ever considered an AP that got you admission into all the parks than might spur visitation from frequent visitors of just one park to the others? We've seen this with Cedar and Six Flags. In fact, I'm thinking of purchasing a Six Flags pass for our family of four with plans to hit San Antonio, Arlington, St. Louis, and Atlanta one that deal over the course of next year with fuel prices falling.
  10. I like the idea of the expanded Orca Habitats with viewing areas and a more natural design but more rides are definitely needed. I think they are more victim to a perfect storm of swinging and missing on the Antarctica redo and Universal's growth and Potter Success. There's only so much one can do on a trip to Orlando and right now that's being consumed by Disney and Universal. Say a family is coming in for 5 full days. Disney is going to eat most of that and that leaves a day or two for something else and that something else is Universal right now for the most part for those that only go to Orlando only so often. That's not to mention all the other stuff that eats a day up like LEGOLAND, Waterparks other than Aquatica, Space Center, Shopping, and now the Eye and other proposals. Let's not forget the proliferation of Aquariums across the country and not to mention the leaps and bounds that zoos have done to improve. SeaWorld, outside of the Orcas, has lost it's uniqueness. Glass tunnels under sharks are a dime a dozen these days. What could SeaWorld do? Well, I'd focus a hell of a lot more on San Antonio. Texas is growing and it's just getting insanely huge population wise and lacks anything major outside of a couple of Six Flags. I'd make that park the prime objective, not to mention it's in a friendlier environment when it comes to activism. SeaWorld has missed the boat on having their own value added resorts so far. I love Discovery Cove, I think it's a incredible value when you hit it at the right time. I'm shocked so few of folks I talk to know about it when chatting about visiting Orlando. About those Aquariums, well look at Merlin. They have taken Legos and Sealife and used it as a growth vehicle. I have taken the kids to two of them in Dallas and Kansas City. Now, what if SeaWorld had done this with a SeaWorld branded Aquarium and a Sesame St. Discovery Zone combo in major metros. What if they paired those two with an Aquatica Hotel with indoor waterpark like a Great Wolf? Could you see a SeaWorld Hotel with an indoor bowling alley themed to being under the sea? I can, cause Bass Pro is doing them Hindsight is 20/20 but if you could get in Mr. Peabody's and Sherman's Wayback Machine, you wouldn't build Busch Gardens in Tampa and SeaWorld in Orlando now would you. Imagine if Sea World and Busch Gardens were across the street from each other along with Aquatica and Discovery Cove and a couple of park owned themed resorts. SeaWorld can be very successful, they need to find a way to grow the brand and enhance the existing parks' appeal. Not sure how much space Orlando has but it needs more themed rides. It can be done, look at that new park in China with the giant Whale Shark aquarium, now that's something the Downtown Aquarium doesn't have. I fret over the rumor of Comcast buying them as I see the Orcas going bye bye in that case but you might get a Jaws return. If it's bought out, I hope for Chimelong to snag them. I don't think a US chain would do them justice.
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