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  1. What I don't understand is why is Kings Dominion removing shockwave instead of hurler? A lot of GP really liked shockwave because it's a stand up coaster so it's a cool experience. Hurler is just really bad, it is only close to being good in the front row, and I hear a lot of GP call it, "the bumpy one that hurts"
  2. I suggest if you ride it again keep your head out. It really helps with reducing the head banging.
  3. I know, right? Anaconda is a great ride. It really feels like you are going much faster than you are! My only complaints are that there is a slight jerk during the butterfly element, and the ride is a little too short.
  4. Does anyone know if it is normal if your car tilts back and forth on a lift hill of a wooden coaster? Because that was happening to me on grizzly last time I rode it and it was pretty unnerving!
  5. I think it is perfectly fine if someone goes up to every group in line and asks "my group is ahead, can I go ahead of you please?" But when people just shove ahead of me I start to get annoyed. About people having to use the bathroom, I wouldn't really blame them all that much. With a lot of queue lines that I have seen, they don't look long but then after like 30 minutes it turns out to be way longer than you thought. In that kind of situation I would be fine with someone using the bathroom and coming back.
  6. I haven't been on it yet, but the drop after adventure expresses second lift hill at ki looks pretty lame.
  7. Vortex at Canada's wonderland. But anaconda is a quite close 2nd
  8. From what I have ridden: Intamin: Maverick (Skyrush is a close 2nd though) B&M: Leviathan (with Dominator at a close 2nd) RMC: New Texas Giant My opinions: Intimin: Maverick B&M: Fury 325 RMC: New Texas Giant (But Lightning Rod when it opens)
  9. Well that's lame. LOL Carowinds have a haunt in the middle of their Hurler turnaround and it's still open during Haunt season smh To me hurler being closed is a good thing, that way there's less fricken hospital bills...
  10. If CF used more land for the project there may have been enough room for an overbank. Thus fixing all the first turn issues. Oh gosh if there was an overbank right after the first drop all of the cp fanboys would be saying that I305 was a rip off of MF...
  11. Well, for starters, they wouldn't have Flight of Fear anymore...
  12. I don't adore it really, to me Dominator is the best coaster at the park . Volcanos launches are really amazing though and IMO they are my favorite launches on a coaster. I think people think volcano is really good because they don't get to ride it as often because of the long lines it can get, and so they don't get bored of it as easily as they would get bored of a ride that is always a walk on.
  13. I haven't been on firehawk, but I've been on batwing at Six Flags America which is a clone of it. It's really uncomfortable at first, but once you get out of the lift hill it's way more comfortable!
  14. I think during Halloween Haunt some of the Zombie High maze scare-actors use it for a break area. Other than that, I don't think the park has used that structure for anything. I never understood why they did not dismantle it when they removed Hypersonic XLC. Plus, the only time you can see the old station up close is when you are standing in line for the Club Blood maze during Haunt. I always thought the west end of Candy Apple Grove felt like an "unfinished dead-end /no man's land" after Hypersonic was removed. The placement of the Windseeker did help give it a focal point; but, there still is that "dead-end" gap between it and the Jukebox Diner. I felt the old station should have been removed and the Haunt building for Zombie High placed further back it its place. That way at least another flat ride could have been placed where Zombie High is now, to round off the open area. I'm just wondering if it could be used for a new coaster. It could interact with Grizzly and Hurler in very cool ways. Honestly, I don't think any ride should interact with grizzly. The theme for the ride has a lot to do with solitude, like away from everything else (although with the removal of a lot of the trees in the turnaround area, and. Dinosaurs alive being right next to it, the theming doesn't work as well, but it still does work.) However, it would be fine if they had something interact with hurler. Actually, they should probably just remove hurler all together! That ride literally causes rib injuries... Edit: I'm not exactly sure what went wrong with the quotes... But whatever
  15. 1. Maverick - CP 2. New Texas Giant - SFOT 3. Skyrush - HP 4. Iron Rattler - SFFT 5. Goliath - SFOG 6. Dominator - KD 7. Intimidator 305 - KD 8. Volcano - KD 9. El Toro - SFGADV 10. Nitro - SFGADV
  16. Arrow trains are designed to keep your hands in the car. You will never see vests on arrow coasters with loops because the clearance ceiling is not enough. Next time you are on an arrow and about to do a vertical loop, notice that you could 'high five' the beginning and end of the loop if your hands were free. Why don't they make the sides of the train taller? Or would that look too weird?
  17. It is not a coaster, so by definition, it is not. It's a lot cheaper ride than a new Shockwave-class coaster, however. It shouldn't exclude a coaster soon, although seeing CF lately, another may have to fall to get that. It would be a new experience for me, however, are thse rides in any way sickening like Berserker or Bourbon Street Fireball? Unless someone can convince it is not, I will never ride. Fireball was the worst experience I've had on a ride in years, almost ever. I have been on bourbon street fireball and psyclone at CW, and I felt sick on fireball, and I rode psyclone multiple times, trust me, these are pretty tame in the sickening category.
  18. Grizzly is actually a pretty good first coaster, it might have some big drops, but they aren't very visible through the trees!
  19. There are already a lot of coasters other than hurler at KD that could easily be someone's first coaster, rebel yell, grizzly, ricochet, backlot stunt coaster, avalanche, and Woodstock express... I really don't think that is something KD is lacking.
  20. Nice. Not everyone can handle the ferociousness of the ride haha I found Maverick to be more enjoyable than i305. It just does more than curves and speed, which isn't much when it comes to overall ride experience. Although it does pack a lot of intensity, but not quite enough to negate its stale variety. Dominator is my favorite ride in the park, followed by a tie between Volcano & i305. I didn't find Anaconda that rough (I don't see where the complaints are coming from), it was fairly fun. Rebel Yell had the best airtime out of all the coasters I rode that day, one of the better racing coasters I've been on. Hurler was a piece of garbage, it needs to be burned to the ground. omg another dominator lover!!! EEEEEEEE! I love dominator! I rode it 7 times without getting off once...
  21. If they retheame i305 to king cobra, I think it would be awesome if they kinda made it a kingda ka sort of theme. Like adding a bunch of bamboo and huge plants and stuff. That would be really awesome!
  22. Ok so I've been to kings dominion 8 times, but I have never been on a weekend. However I have been when it's semi crowded. So obviously if you don't have a season pass, go on dominator first, it opens 30 mins before the rest of the park don't go on berserker yet though, that's a ride that's great to ride right before you leave the park. Then head down the path between dominator and Woodstock express and make your way through planet snoopy to the Safari village, you might have to wait until the rope drops if the rest of the park hadn't opened yet. Go to volcano right after the rope drops, as it gets the longest lines. After volcano, go to imtimidator 305, flight of fear, anaconda, and backlot. You can also ride avalanche and the crypt if you want to. Then go down to candy apple grove and ride shovkwave, drop zone, rebel yell, and Windseeker. Ricochet and hurler are both optional, but since you haven't been on them before you're probably going to want to. Ride grizzly next, if you can also try to ride grizzly again at night, it's not as good as the beast, but it sure packs a punch! If you want you can then go on the log flume, white water canyon gets you very, very wet, so since you don't plan to go to the waterpark I don't recommend it. Then you can ride Woodstock express at the other side of the park (and the great pumpkin coaster if you really want to, but I think you might need a kid for that...) once you do all that, it shouldn't be late, and again I don't know how bad it is on weekends but I don't think it's too bad. Dominator usually has a short line from like 3-6, and that's my favorite ride there, so I usually reride it a bunch of times. But yeah basically just wander around the park and ride whatever you want, and don't forget to ride berserker at the end of the day! Edit: wow, I didn't realize how how much I'd written!
  23. Doesn't anybody realize that the footprint is big enough for a b&m hyper station? The lift hill could go over the path and the rest of the ride would be in the forest, kinda like diamondback!
  24. We used TrainCarts and TC-hangrail. They aren't technically mods, but they are both public server-side plugins.
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