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  1. I saw that some people are talking about Anaconda being rough. I just thought I would offer my advice: head out and lean into the turns. The roughest part is the exact middle of the butterfly element. I also recommend sitting in either the front or the back, since what I have found out about rough multi-loopers from arrow or vekoma is that they are usually rougher in the middle seats than the front or back. Oh and also, after those corkscrews it can be kind of bumpy so keep your head out then too. And this has been happy lesson time with Sythe.
  2. So I was at the park yesterday and basically nothing at all has changed for so long. That bulldozer in the land clearing hasn't moved since I last went. And with the exception of the new handrails on the first drop, Hurler hasn't changed at all. What is going on???
  3. 3, 4, and 5 are blue. Those numbers are at the end of the sequence. The sequence is short. Drop rides are short. When a ride is over, you'll be feeling... blue I'm pretty sure most people don't feel blue when they get off of rides. Unless it's their last ride of the night of course!
  4. I have been to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kings Dominion, and Canada's Wonderland (I'm going to Carowinds in a few weeks though, so I'll be able to say more after that). I think that KD ranks under CP (and barely under KI) but definitely over CW. CW is a nice park and all, but the lineup just isn't all that interesting to me (even with all of those flats). Also, I know I haven't been to Carowinds yet, but just by looking at the lineup and somewhat lack of the charm in the park makes me think that KD is WAY above Cwnds. My main problem with Carowinds is that it has a great top 3 but then the lineup just brutally drops in quality. At the end of. The day I would think that you would end up just walking back and forth between the 3 good rides in the park. Looking at KD, it has a top 3, while they might not be as good quality as Cwnds' top 3, you still have a lot more great rides, like flight of fear, rebel yell, and grizzly. And that just makes it seem way better than Carowinds for me. So yeah I would consider KD to be the 3rd best cedar fair park. It has a really good lineup (and also a LOT of charm, which I forgot to mention earlier). So yeah, the end, or whatever, I feel like I just wrote an essay or something...
  5. hmm. . to me, it makes me think of a Chute the Chutes -- where everyone in the boat is gonna get wet (ie: covered). HersheyPark doesn't have one of those, do they? (tho they do have that awesome flume ride). They definitely have a chute the chute. (Tidal Force) it's one of the best chute the chutes ever! The splash is GIGANTIC!
  6. I just got home from the park. Nothing new with Hurler. Not even flags or markers. Please tell me this means they're using it as firewood. What if it isn't the type of fire you've been wanting? Any type of fire would do. As long as a certain type of bear isn't affected by this fire!
  7. Ah. I was a little confused about that but I was too lazy to look it up. (I'm not smart so expect that kind of stuff from me.) Anyways I really do hope KD doesn't take down Rebel Yell . Was Thunder Road an ACE coaster landmark? If it was then Rebel Yell's days really could be numbered... Then what if Racer is next??? Oh the horror!!!
  8. There is no way they are removing rebel yell AND hurler. Rebel yell is a classic. Plus those two coasters are the only real airtime focused coasters in the park... Oh and Also not only is this wrong but the park wouldn't care even if it wasn't. I also just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that I305 and Grizzly exist. I've never gotten any airtime on Rebel Yell or Hurler ever. I get more airtime on Dominator coming out of the midcourse. I said airtime focused... I305, Grizzly, and dominator are focused more on other things (like intensity or inversions) and hurler has some actual ejector air if you sit in the front seat. (Which surprised me) Rebel Yell also does get some airtime, especially in the back seat. Although it's not anything like the racer or something, it's still some good airtime.
  9. There is no way they are removing rebel yell AND hurler. Rebel yell is a classic. Plus those two coasters are the only real airtime focused coasters in the park...
  10. That would be amazing. A little unrealistic but still amazing. That would most likely be my new #1.
  11. Read some reviews of thunder run at Kentucky kingdom if you think the layout is bad...
  12. Well... Hurler has the most airtime out of any coaster in the park. If you sit in the front row then during those airtime hills it's almost el toro smooth. But those turns are still very painful... If GCI saves hurler it could become a GREAT ride. Also. The turns aren't even close to being 90 degrees. But believe me if they were then hurler would probably be a heck of a lot better.
  13. ^ I believe they do it back behind tidal wave bay. Anyways the amount of land cleared is a LOT for just fireworks. There's definitely enough room for a large coaster. (Like a B&M hyper! *wink* *wink*)
  14. I'm calling it now...this is going to be an RMC coaster themed to gay pride! Lol! Imagine how many people would not go to cedar point if that happened though. Parks are already risking it enough with all this "gay day" stuff.
  15. I know, I realized that after I had already left the park, and I don't live near cedar point so it isn't like I can just go back and get more pictures. I did take a mean streak queue pov for my friend though. It's bad quality but you can see the pink from the flag a little bit above the "play" symbol (for the video) in this screenshot: I know it isn't much, but it's something. And if anyone here is at CP today they should be able to find it as well. Edit: There's also this you can see the order that I took the pictures. And it's right in between pictures that are obviously of mean streak. Doesn't necessarily prove anything, but it's something. (Also notice how the ground from some other pictures taken near that area has the exact same color and texture as the ground from that pic)
  16. I found this under Mean Streak near the queue path yesterday. Read what it says. Things are getting interesting...
  17. Yeah but did they deserve $80M dollars for future expansions...? Yes, and I think it's even more clear now that it's happening. And it's not about "deserve," it's about business. But the only major area around Carowinds is Charlotte. That area doesn't exactly have a big audience to appeal to.
  18. Yeah but did they deserve $80M dollars for future expansions...?
  19. Wait what? Lol you asked for some justification and you got it. I think it's 100% fair for people to be of the opinion that Afterburn is better than Volcano (I haven't been to Carowinds but I definitely prefer Raptor to Volcano). Now that people explain why they disagree you can't handle a valid opinion or you'll get cancer? Okay sure go find another "more mature" forum It's not the people who are giving good answers it's the cwnds fanboys here... Edit: some guy posted a really stupid answer but must have deleted it because I can't find it. That's mostly what I was referring to.
  20. Lol this is just too funny. I'm gonna have to stop looking at this thread for a while or I'm gonna get cancer.
  21. Lol k. I'm sure just a normal B&M invert it *totally* better than an invert with 2 amazing launches, a giant inversion out of a volcano, and amazing view with heartline rolls over 100 feet up... You can just keep saying that afterburn is better and deny the obvious I guess.
  22. Honestly no, I don't usually expect maturity from anyone on THIS forum. But you could at least try instead of acting 12.
  23. Well first of all, Volcano is way better than Afterburn. How original. I love the part with the intelligent and mature response to my post.
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