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  1. Yesterday (10/29/17) was the last day ever for the Finnish Fling, our beloved Chance Rotor. It has been at the park since 1973 when the park opened and was one of 7 original rides at the park... this is the 3rd original ride we've lost in the past 4 seasons. Good news though, it sounds like it will continue to operate in a museum. It's been said Chance Rides actually bought the ride back and plans to refurb it for this "museum". Anyways, I took my last rides yesterday, and actually got on the very last ride... ever. Eric from the park was extremely generous in allowing me to hop on even without donating to be on the last ride, but kudos to those who did, as it went to a good cause. Below are a few pictures of the ride on it's last day of operation. RIP Fling 1973-2017 Finnish Fling before closing yesterday for good
  2. Also something I just looked into, I think I found the old home of Falcons Flight. If so, it used to be Ikarus at Gardaland.
  3. Season pass preview went great last night! Despite the two rides being open, everything was better than I expected. The park was packed for a season pass preview, but the gates new capacity held up. The new security booths were still a little slow but much improved over last years setup. The brand new guest relations, season pass, and ticket windows looked absolutely wonderful, and definitely very efficient. The new catering facilities also looked great and about ready to go. The balloon topped the whole area off. Overall I would give the gate an A+ for looks and operation. The International Plaza looked beautiful as well. I can't wait for Haunt and Winterfest to see how the park uses the new area. Looks like they barely finished the funnel cake building next to Chickies and Petes. That should look really nice. Moving around to Scandinavia, Fjord received a huge upgrade including a new queue, ride panel, paint job, and lights soon to come. I'm hoping it will run similar to the other Swing Arounds. Moving on, the Tivoli Theatre's outside looks completely different. It should look better by the time Winterfest comes around. Finnish Fling wasn't open last night, I'm guessing because there weren't any operators to operate it. Something I noticed this year more than ever was how bad the asphalt looked in Africa and parts of Americana, but they've done a good job in the past few years slowly replacing parts that need it most. Moving into Africa, Zulu wasn't open and Boomerang was open off and on. Prowler was running pretty well, I'd say up to how good it was running last fall, which is good. Mamba was running absolutely insane! The trims were barely on, and I actually got airtime on the bunny hops! Moving on, Falcons' Flight still looks like it has a lot to be done so I wouldn't expect it to be open for another 2-3 weeks. The new pavement in Europa looks a lot better than the old asphalt. Moving up to Americana, Mustang Runner (also not open) looked very close to completion though. I'd expect it to be open next weekend. Not too much has changed in Americana besides a new First Aid building in the half of the arcade closest to Thunderhawk's old spot (which is almost destroyed). Bicentennial square should be getting more upgrades as that is supposed to be a hub for Winterfest. Timberwolf wasn't open last night which was kind of disappointing. Something else I noticed was most of the restaurants have a screen on the counter, which may be a new option for the customer to order what they want. I saw a lot of the gift shops have new merchandise. Other than the flags being removed on the bridge from Scandinavia to Orient, nothing has really changed in Orient. Finally, I have to mention the employees. I know it's the first day, but everyone seemed like they actually wanted to be there and everyone seemed happy. That's about it! This is definitely going to be a great season. I'll share some pictures from last night. Not all the pictures below are mine. I didn't want to worry about taking video and picture last night and focused on just having fun. New Balloon and Turnstiles New Security (Credit to Midwest Info Guide) International Plaza with gate in background (Credit to Midwest Info Guide) Fjord's new look Falcon's Flight Mustang Runner Tivoli... (Credit to WOF.org)
  4. ^ I wonder if the impulse could fit into Tidal Wave's old spot. Firefall being removed, opened that area up a bit.
  5. I'm not really too aware of anything of interest that was in the boneyard besides one of the old train cars from around the late 70's (Eli opened with 6 passenger cars). I noticed the tank for the train located back behind the Tivoli wasn't in the video, so maybe they are updating the train shed while they're updating everything else in that area.
  6. With the 2016 season coming to a close, us enthusiasts are left with questions about 2017 at the park. I had a couple of questions to be discussed, and I also stated a few rumors for next year. First, does anyone know if the park is going to continue to retrack Timberwolf this year with GCI? GCI is pretty busy right now I wouldn't be surprised if the park leaves it how it is, or retracks it their self. The transition from where they left off last off-season is pretty rough and seems like it is pretty hard on the trains. Even if the retrack is important enough, the park's budget might not permit a Timberwolf retrack this year either. With all the new stuff next year, it might not be on their priority list. Also, I had heard something about Fjord Fjarlane being removed/moved to accommodate the new gate. Anyone know anything about that? It's defiantly the most tame Huss Swing-Around I've ever seen, so a complete refurb (which would include new shocks, new paint, lights, etc.) on that ride would be awesome. I really wish we had concept art for the new gate. The official plans have been made though and from what I've heard, the gate should be as great as Carowinds' gate. I also have heard several new improvements for next year for Winterfest and Haunt.From what I've heard, the Forum Theatre is to receive a complete rehab to accommodate the Winterfest show that is expected to go there. I'm guessing a new stage will added similar to the old one. As for Haunt, I've been told the park is building a new Haunt storage building. I've been told that's what the clearing behind the train shed is for. With that being said, the whole "Boneyard" will likely be cleaned out for the gate and catering facilities. Anyone know where Mamba's third train is? These past couple weekends, the ride surely could of used it due to a full queue poring out on the midway. I know they've been doing rehab on the trains the past three years, but they usually have the third train ready and on the track by October Haunt. Hopefully it isn't just being used as a spare parts train. As for Oceans of Fun, at the end of the season I saw the third Monsoon boat (it had sat in the boneyard for a season) in the parking lot behind the wave pool. I'm not sure if it's still there or not so hopefully they aren't just throwing it out. Also, good news. Diamondhead is still standing! I had received information from a manager that it WAS staying for next year, but I had also heard it would be closed next year by a lifeguard, but it didn't seem like he knew exactly what he was talking about, so it's still up in the air whether the park will keep it open for next year.
  7. There's really not too much you can do other than buying tickets/fastlanes online. Unless you live relatively close enough to the park to have season passes, it will probably be pretty expensive for one visit. I visited the park 20 times this season, and I spend around $350 on my season pass (Platinum pass with Dining plan and soda cup) and definitely got my money's worth. Anyways, prices for Haunt weekends are usually around $35 each ticket. Fastlanes are about that same price.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but no I didn't make it into the skeleton key rooms. I've never done them, so I don't quite know what each one is. I know the skeleton key room in CarnEvil is in the big crate.
  9. I didn't make it to London but I did make it into CarnEvil. I definitely liked last years look to it mainly because of location and old theme. The hobo clowns probably aren't as scary as the old ones to the average person. Neither of them are scary to me so I might not be the right person to decide. Also, I probably had the best ride on Prowler all season at night. It was hauling on the train without the logo.
  10. My final predictions are small park upgrades for season pass holders and possibly the gate renderings! I guess a slide from Knotts/Wildwater Kingdom isn't too out of the picture like everyone is saying, but I feel like if it was happening, they would have announced it when they made the other announcements. We'll have to see...
  11. They've been using it for All Wheel Sports the past couple years. The ramps and stage have been torn out and I've heard it won't be returning. I hope they use it for something, maybe Winterfest? They could also do something like Frontier City does and offer free concerts. From what it looked like, it was a pretty big hit. On another note, I received information from a manager at OOF about Diamondhead. He told me it would be there next year, which was nice to hear, but it's hard to say if that is actually true. I took my last rides on it like it was closing for good, but hopefully it isn't.
  12. No ^ It's not a coaster. Our capital investments have already been announced. Chances are the announcement will be the concept art, or something like park wide wifi. Maybe even all season Fastlane. I don't see Funpix coming in 2017.
  13. Also something to remember, the park hasn't ever been early on construction. Rebar for Steelhawk and more recently Planet Snoopy didn't go in till January which is almost half the time they have to work in the first place! I was really happy to see Planet Snoopy and Splash Island open for their opening days though. I saw the official permits for the Planet Snoopy rides and they weren't filed until September, so just something to keep in mind. There aren't really any markings, no permits filed yet, so right now it could go either way. My predictions as before is the two flat rides, winter event, and new gate. I've stuck to that for awhile now but I feel like there might be something else instead of the winter event since it sounds like more of the larger parks are receiving that. Anyone else get invited to the announcement?
  14. Yes. I'm sure the new gate will be right in that area. Sweet Spot might be too small to move in there, but that would be great to see that happen.
  15. I've heard from the merchandise department the building at the front of the park with Sweet Spot and Norma's Funnel cakes is indeed coming down. Also heard Sweet Spot will move to Planet Snoopy.
  16. Just got an email from the park with this linked in it.... 4 BIG expansions in 2017!!
  17. WOF waited till October to file the KIVA permits last year for planet snoopy. I believe that is why construction started to progress in January. I'm sure they have to workout something before they announce an addition.
  18. Yeah I agree. I think Outlaw's Revenge needs the most work out of the scarezones. Last year it was very boring.
  19. I was hoping they would get Thunder Road's old PTC's since the park said they were going to be relocated to another CF park.
  20. Can I find this video anywhere? A friend of mine thought I would enjoy it.
  21. In follow up to my most recent post, I didn't manage to take very many pictures, however I did manage to have a very much needed good visit at the park following last times visit. The park was running really good! Besides running out of ice at food locations, overall the food locations looked much better than last time. I noticed lots of Dorney Park cups too. The first time I saw two I just figured they were from that area, but then I saw many many more and figured WOF must have ran out of cups and needed Dorney's help in restocking. Coasters were running really well, especially Patriot and Prowler. Mamba was trimmed a lot at the MCBR, as expected, however still delivered some great airtime through the first half of the ride. Finnish Fling (2 times; my stomach couldn't handle anymore) This might have been the best sight of my day. Usually they run it so most of the riders don't even stick to the wall and lower the floor only a couple inches, however yesterday I stuck! And they lowered the floor well over a couple inches. Not only was it riding really good, but the structure as a whole looked really nice. Fjord Fjarlane (1) The ride seemed to be running better than usual, however it might be just because I don't typically ride this ride. Patriot (2) Rode it in the morning, and it was running pretty typical. Had a slight rattle more than usual, but still provided a great ride. Gotta love that zero g roll! Mamba (2) Mamba seemed to deliver more airtime in the back of the train than usual. I was flying out of my seat! I even greyed out in the helix which usually isn't something that happens to me. It felt good to get misted by the misters on this ride in the helix as well. Great rides! Boomerang (1) Nothing to be said. Prowler (1) Only got to ride this once, as a girl had a bloody nose, which shut down the ride for like 10 mins... Great ride though! Running better than I've seen all season! Timberwolf (1) Running okay in the new sections, decent air, but still not what its former self used to be Le Taxi Tour (1) Not a ride I typically ride, but it didn't have a line, and I love old Arrow car rides, so I got on. Great family ride. Detonator (1) Looking for ejector air? Look no further. One of the best S&S towers out there. Flying Scooters (4) Can't go wrong with a flyer, and WOF is no exception. I had many snaps (more than usual). I am very happy they put this ride in to WOF. We went to OOF to end the day, and I have to say, it was a great day! The heat brought the crowds to OOF leaving WOF pretty empty. Wasn't quite walk ons but 5-10 min waits (mainly because 1 train operations, besides Mamba). Anyways, this was a much needed visit for me, and earned back my respect to food service! I would rate the day 9.5/10 on WOF standards. That's my mini TR, sorry I didn't have very many pictures. With this being my homepark, I typically don't take many pictures because I already have most of the pictures I would be taking anyways. Thanks!
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