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  1. Just got this in a email from sfgadv. Awesome


    New Celebration Stickers are Available


    Celebration stickers are here! Six Flags Great Adventure has always celebrated our guests, but now we want you to tell us why you are celebrating! Stop by Main Street stores or other select retail locations and tell a cashier if you serve our country, if it's your birthday, a special anniversary or occasion. You'll receive a sticker to let everyone you encounter know why you're having a Six Flags day!

  2. I love TTDs rolling block system. KK could benefit from this.


    Yea, I think KK's "dual station" design was flawed from the start. If they used a system like TTD's, things would certainly be improved. However, the staffing issues come into play, there - the rolling block system requires more staffing to work effectively.


    Why do you think the dual station was flawed from the start?

  3. Can somebody who works at the park (Ryan, is that your name?) explain why, for whatever reason, they don't unload Ka at the back of the station so that when the train is wheeled to the front it's empty and ready to go?


    Maybe the system won't let a train move forward with the restraints unlocked, but I would imagine that's a relatively simple reprogramming that they could've easily implemented when they ditched three out of the four loading areas. Seems especially worthwhile now, considering that they have a hard time even getting two trains out between Zumanjaro cycles.


    I was told by a SF employee last season, that it has to do with staffing. just to unload in the back would require more employees. And if you have been to the park lately, every coaster in the park is usually run with min staffing.

  4. Last year they ran Zumanjaro as fast as possible and Kingda Ka was the one that suffered. This year I hope they make it a point to let at least 2 Ka trains launch between Zumnajaro dispatches as last year it was often less than that. I think that's the best option for both rides given this unfortunate situation.



    It was SO bad that most of my visits, KK only launched 1 train in between a Zumanjaro cycle. It was terrible.

  5. More tax payer money down the toilet for something that will only work half the time...


    You are misinformed.


    Why are you saying that taxes will be wasted? The project is not going to subsidized in any way.


    Why are you under the impression it will work only have the time. Solar power is quite reliable today. The projection of the solar panels being able to power the park most of the season sounds reasonable.


    you do know that that the govt gives tax breaks for this.

  6. I love this. Hopefully will all the saving on electric, we can see our Season Pass prices even cheaper in the future. Maybe like $50 for a gold SP



    Looks like SFGADv will build a 100-acre solar farm to power the entire park.




    Ordinance – Solar Energy Facilities

    Ray Shea represented Six Flags along with representatives of KDC Solar. Mr. McGuckin said the ordinance was generated

    per request by Great Adventure to allow for a solar field on their land. The Township Council did not introduce the

    ordinance as it was too late to refer it to the Planning Board before the end of the year, but the Council is sending it now

    to the Planning Board to weigh in prior to introduction of the ordinance.

    This ordinance will be referred back to the Planning Board for review of consistency with the Master Plan, after the

    Township Council’s first reading introduction. Mr. Hudak said this is a request from Six Flags to put in a solar array on a

    100 acre site on property they own. The property is not developed and is currently wooded. They will be able to

    generate almost all the energy they use at Great Adventure. Mr. Bressi said another positive note is they would go back

    three years on taxes for their forestry benefit. They could run the entire park at times on the solar power. The Council

    supports the ordinance but couldn’t introduce it before the end of this year, but they want it to move forward.

    Rick Roseberry, KDC Solar, was sworn. He said there are two changes brought by this ordinance, the rezoning of Lot 15

    to CR-2 and to add the solar use as a conditional use in the zone. The project will make Six Flags completely solar

    dependent. They have the ability to project their costs for the next 20 years which would allow them to save money on

    electricity and develop other commercial ventures in accordance with the Master Plan.

    Mr. Peters said in terms of the Master Plan, it is environmentally friendly. The area is not developed and the solar field

    would help meet the needs of the facility. The project would put some land back on the tax rolls. Mr. Peters finds

    nothing wrong with the proposed ordinance, adding that it is the more time efficient manner to approvals than asking for

    a use variance. The ordinance preserves their rights in a cleaner and efficient manner. Mr. Bressi added that if they

    went before the Zoning Board and anything changed, they would have to appear again before the Zoning Board.

    Mr. Klee said he met informally and said this is a good project. There would be an analysis of all the trees to be lost.

    Mr. Kern asked about the net meter projects as he felt it important to look forward. Mr. Roseberry said the Board of

    Public Utilities regulates that. This is an accessory use. They can specify that it is a net meter project. Mr. McGuckin

    said they should submit that to the governing body. Ms. Buono gave a copy of the ordinance to Mr. Roseberry. Mr. Kern

    asked how large the project is and was told 22 megawatts DC, 17 megawatts AC. He asked why not use the parking lot,

    and was told it would be not feasible. They would deforesting near Reed Road. Mr. Kern asked if there is any nonforested

    area to consider. Mr. Roseberry said this is the only area that has contiguous acreage to support the project.

    Mr. Kern asked about the inter-connection and was told there would be a substation on Route 537 near the employee

    entrance. They will have to build another substation.

    Public portion opened, no one came forward; Motion to close public portion by BRESSI/Kern. YES:

    Unanimous among those present.

    Mr. Hudak approved of the project for tax revenues and helping the environment.

  7. I'm always all about the cooler and stopping to pick up Wawa hoagies for lunch before we head in. I rarely get food here unless its a full day from open to close and we get desperate for a bite later in the evening. I'll bring some brews usually too so its nice to go out to the lot, take a break and tailgate for a bit in the middle of the day.


    I'm really leaning towards Easter Sunday since it seems like a good day to take advantage of a fairly dead park on opening weekend.


    Also really hoping they're doing Coasters After Dark again this year, last years was one of my favorite trips to the park all season. Has it always/usually been in April?


    years ago, me and a bunch of buddies did the whole tailgating thing in the parking lot. we went as far as bring up out tailgating grill from football. we did burgers, meat tacos, small beer keg , a few other items. security said there were complaints , and we were ordered to shut down. I think guests were jealous for not thinking of doing something like this, and rated us out. we were out near the busses parked, and no cars were around. go figure.

  8. I kind of laugh at the complaints about not having a new coaster in 5 years. From what I've seen, this park has a solid coaster line up, and the only additions I could see truly making this park better would be several more flats, and perhaps a smallish wooden coaster to ease kids onto the larger rides. I think a RMC is the last coaster they truly need. You have El Toro, arguably the best wooden coaster ever. Why would you want an RMC which might still not hold a flame to Toro? Think about it. It's one thing to have a small wooden coaster and a larger Intamin/RMC, but it's another thing when both of your woodies are large and intimidating.



    sorry, but the last good coaster SFGadv installed was 2006 with El Toro. TDK is terrible, and GL was used and terrible

  9. I still can't believe they're adding a god damn carney ride to SFGAdv. I rode one of those at Coney Island. I rode one of those at the local god damn fair. Disappointed.


    Still want to make the trek back to Jersey for my beloved El Toro though.


    I honestly don't get the hate on El Diablo being a carnival ride, after all...


    Deja Vu = carnival ride

    Swashbuckler = carnival ride

    Tango = carnival ride

    Twister = carnival ride

    Fender Benders = carnival ride

    Buccaneer = carnival ride

    SkyScreamer = taller version of a carnival ride

    Giant Wheel = taller version of a carnival ride


    Them marketing it as a roller coaster? Sure, I can see the backlash at that, but El Diablo isn't bad addition to the park's non-coaster lineup.


    the hate I have on is, for the crowds that SFGAdv get, they should have added a flats package this season, like a few different flat rides. Not just one lousey carnival ride

  10. So I'm seriously considering purchasing a membership after reading more about it today. My biggest issue with the season pass is going through the processing every season and this seems to be a one-and-done ordeal.


    Are there any drawbacks I might not be considering vs. purchasing a season pass? Might it make more sense to wait until April / May so I don't make a few months a payments, or will the price likely go up?



    I was told by SF guest services, the best thing to do money wise is buy the pass in full when they run the labor day sales. that's the cheapest. she did say the membership usually runs a few $$$$'s more.

  11. Instead of delaying a ride opening to get more passes sold, how about they stop running the park like crap and pissing off the people that buy passes so that they might actually buy one again.


    Unfortunately this probably won't happen until the chain smartens up and starts charging $100+ for a season pass.



    totally agree, a gold pass should be sold more the $61.99, like way more

  12. I was hoping that they would stop the delayed openings after the Jaro/Goliath delayed openings were further delayed due to actual setbacks. If I'm not mistaken, Jaro didn't open until July. Thats where is teters from teaser to plain old bad press.


    Instead of delaying a ride opening to get more passes sold, how about they stop running the park like crap and pissing off the people that buy passes so that they might actually buy one again.


    Funny you mention that. The park was rumored to get a new coaster for 2015 (possibly a new S&S 4th dimension free spin coaster) until Zumanjaro opened a month and a half late causing it to go way over budget.



    how did it go over budget by opening a month a half late? the price should be the price to get the ride installed and running. what does opening up late , making it go over budget? I dodnt get that

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