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  1. I went on the first Sunday after Labor Day weekend in 2012 and it wasn't crowded, 10 - 15 minute waits for the most part but I don't remember if that was a bring a friend free day or not.


    The weekend of the 13th and 14th will be worse since there are concerts on both Saturday and Sunday. It's too bad that they aren't open on Friday nights in September this year since those were perfect times to go for low crowds and it seems like every weekend in September will be crowded this year with Fright Fest running the last 2 weekends of the month.



    I heard that the park took a killing last year on Fridays in September. The park was DEAD

  2. So myself and some amigos were planning on going to the ACE/Fairgrounds private event jawn this Saturday night @ the park but according to every forecast I can find its gonna thunderstorm all night so thats out.


    Curious if you guys think this Sunday morning would be a quiet time to hit up the park? I am majorly itching for some Toro.


    I know its a bring-a-friend-free day BUT with it being after Labor Day and school back in session, and an Eagles game @ 1 on Sunday I thought it might be quiet. Anyone have any experience doing Sept sundays in the past? Should I not bother? Id like to avoid spending the $$$ on a FP but even a few early morning spins on the bull (and maybe Nitro )would be enough for me.



    dodnt forget, not only this weekend, but I think next weekend, is bring a friend free days. and the Jets play at home on sunday.

  3. Can't wait for Backwards Looping Dragon in 2016.




    Yeah looking at where RT's final turn was (re: Ryan's post) on Google maps, it's pretty obvious where this is going and how it'll be connected to where the Golden Kingdom already is. I'm putting a lot of money on them not fixing any infrastructure problems this year, AGAIN. I sincerely doubt they're building a new path from there to Plaza Del Carnival, alongside the old one, keeping the old one abandoned. It would have to be pretty long, that doesn't make any sense. They're not in the habit of fixing things at this park. Until I see proof, I'll assume this will just be one more attraction serviced by that dreadful bottle neck near the top spin.


    im pretty sure they wont be fixing infrastructure problems, especially when you can get a gold SP for $61.99.

  4. ^I wouldn't call it mistake. But maybe they should have made sure that they could run both rides at the same time first. All in all, at SFMM it works just fine.

    That's exactly why it is a mistake. GAdv assumed NJ would allow them to run both rides simultaneously. They should have done their homework some more, before rushing to slap the ride onto KK and then fighting with the state to get it open.


    No its because NJ told them at the last second they couldn't do it. Its really silly since LLDD and Giant Drop operate just fine with no loose article incident, we also have Top Thrill Dragster with the midway right behind the tower, the que in the middle, and the midway going next to the launch area with again no incident. Its just NJ politics being corrupt as usually.


    What do you expect from NJ and its Liberal excessive regulations. That's what NJ voters, vote for, over regulated and high taxes.

  5. I have a feeling it's going to be some coaster in the Rolling Thunder spot. Did we all really believe the "We have to remove RT to make space for the construction of Zumanjaro story"? I didn't think so. I could definitely see a coaster - this park hasn't gotten a big one in a long time!


    If the park is building a new roller coaster, survey marks would be popping up and the forums would be all over it. I haven't heard anything about those. I see a coaster coming at Rolling Thunder's spot, but not next year.



    Maybe they are not going to start doing survey markers until Aug 28th. Whats the big rush anyways. As long as the ride is open by the 4th of July

  6. way to treat veterans, SFGAdv




    N.J. veteran says Six Flags denied him admission over shirt supporting Marines



    Mario Alejandro

    Mario Alejandro wearing the shirt he said got him denied from entering Six Flags Great Adventure. (Courtesy of Mario Alejandro)




    Rob Spahr | NJ.com By Rob Spahr | NJ.com

    Email the author | Follow on Twitter

    on August 14, 2014 at 3:25 PM, updated August 14, 2014 at 3:58 PM




    Mario Alejandro was ready for a fight when he was part of the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.


    Where he did not expect a fight was at Six Flags Great Adventure while taking his children there for a birthday party.


    But due to the shirt that his family bought him for Father’s Day, a fight is exactly what the 33-year-old veteran from Woodbridge says he encountered while attempting to enter the theme park on Saturday.


    Alejandro, who is a father of three and a former coach of the Cardinal McCarrick High School football team, served four years as a member of the Marine infantry. He was part of the initial invasion into Iraq in 2003 and said he is classified as disabled, due to the hearing loss and post-traumatic stress disorder he sustained from his military service.


    In June, Alejandro’s family gave him several shirts they had purchased from the The Reconnaissance Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps to support Recon Marines and their families, as a Father’s Day gift for him.


    “I thought it was great, I loved it. The shirts fit my personality perfectly. They’re military and they’re patriotic. That’s my thing,” he said. “I wore them to all over the place, to my kids’ baseball games – everywhere. And I got nothing but compliments about how great they were. No one ever said they were offensive, because it’s obvious that they’re in support of the military and the United States.”


    But Alejandro said this changed on Saturday when the black shirt he was wearing - with a red, white and blue machine gun and the words "Keep Calm and Return Fire" on the front and the logo and website for The Reconnaissance Foundation on the back - caught the attention of a security guard at the front gate.



    Mario Alejandro


    Photo of the back of the shirt, which was purchased from the Reconnaissance Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps to support Recon Marines and their families.


    Courtesy of Mario Alejandro


    “I was walking in through the gate with my wife and kids, who were in front of me, when a security guard grabbed me and said: ‘I can’t let you into the park with that shirt on. That shirt’s offensive,’” Alejandro said on Tuesday. “I said that it’s not offensive, it’s a military shirt. I told him that I am an Iraq veteran… I served in the war. But he said: ‘I don’t care, you have to take that off… or you need to buy another shirt to put over it.’”


    Alejandro said that when he refused to take the shirt off or buy a new shirt to cover it, the security guard told him to wait there while he checked with their supervisor.


    “I saw him talk to two women in white shirts, who looked at me and then shook their heads. And then the man grabbed my arm and asked me to leave,” he said. “I told them that’s it’s not offensive, that it’s a military shirt and that it means something. But they said: ‘I don’t care, get out of the park."


    Alejandro said he complied with the request, but only after announcing to hundreds of other people who were entering the park that he was a veteran and what was happening to him.


    "My wife and my son were crying, because they didn't understand why this was happening," he said. "I just told my son to remember this day. To remember how they treat veterans."


    Kristin B. Siebeneicher, a spokeswoman for Six Flags Great Adventure, said via email on Thursday that the incident was "under review."


    "Our goal is to maintain a fun, safe and family-friendly environment. Our dress code does not permit clothing with vulgar, offensive or violent language or images," she wrote. "If a guest is wearing such attire, we ask them to remove and replace it with another item of clothing; and if they do not have one, they are able to purchase a replacement item at a gift shop."


    Siebeneicher added that Six Flags is extremely proud of its longstanding relationship with the U.S. military.


    "We work closely with them throughout the season to offer special events that honor our service men and women and their families, including a recent July 4th tribute, and an upcoming 'Salute the Troops' event over the Labor Day weekend," she said. "In addition, active members of the Army, Navy and Air Force helped open our new thrill ride this summer."


    But Alejandro said no veteran should ever be treated he way he was on Saturday.


    "At the very least should revise their policy," he said. "I fought for this country. I laid in a hole for 36 hours with no sleep, and had friends die for this country and so the people here could have the freedom to things like visit amusement parks. So when they told me that I couldn't come in there with my family because of my shirt - a patriotic shirt - it hurt a lot. No other veteran should ever have to experience that."

  7. I'm really surprised by so much speculation of a ride opening in that spot between Toro and Ka. I guess those who think that haven't been back in that area lately?


    With the Zumanjaro queue back there they've completely filled it with either fresh, new grass or some sort of landscaping. I highly doubt they would have just spent the money to put all of that greenery there to rip it back up and put new rides in there. There is just not that much space back there unless they were to expand into the old safari entrance and that would require tree removal, the township always has huge issues with this. They have all of this potentially open/unused space in Old Country/Movie Town. Not to mention the lakefront could use some development.


    I highly highly highly highly doubt anything is going between Toro/Zum/Ka.


    I'd love it if we got another coaster but something tells me its just going to be a large new flat or package of small flats.


    Totally agree. Id like SFGadv to re theme the old country section and add a bunch of flat rides like the boardwalks have, and go crazy with lighting packages using LED lights. Also would like the park to add a good show to the park. Right now the park has nothing but crap.

  8. I'm going off topic here, but I want your insights on this picture I found on the forums of a different theme park site.


    SFGAdv has plenty of areas already existing within the park (Old Country, for example) that need to be rehabbed before they even think about expanding any further. Besides, the park is already so expensive as it is. I think that any rumors about future part expansion like this evolve strictly out of wishful thinking.



    Totally agree. Do something with the existing areas of the park that are closed(old country) or decrepit lake area(great lake grandstand). No way SFGadv expands anymore by ka/zumanjaro anytime soon. They should re-open the path from el toro to the golden kingdom

  9. So here is what a Friday in August was like today:

    - arrived/parked at 9:40am (to account for security line)

    - made it into the park around 10:15am

    - headed to the left of the fountain/left of the crowd (for early season pass entry)....asking, "why don't they rope off a section/line for season pass holders vs. everyone pushing?" Also- it is rude for the non-season pass holders who don't know/understand why guys like me are pushing them out of the way....to get through!

    - assuming you are like me (and hate the head-banging from Green Lantern, find no interest in Superman).....then there is no doubt that that 1st stop has to be Kinda Ka (thanks to the state of NJ who has cut back on the capacity per hour)

    - Zumajaro was going to be my next stop, but shocker- wasn't running in the am!

    - headed over to El Toro....no wait (1st seat then last seat)

    - Bizarro (can someone please go on this ride, so we don't have to be stacked, watching the staff click open/click close all the seat belts????)

    - Mine Train? sure....hope I don't get stuck on it, when it breaks down!

    - that took me to lunch around 12:30pm (more than 2 people ringing up the food at Best of the West would be great, thank you for the major delay)

    - Houdini? ok

    - Nitro? at that point.....I reached my limit (flew through the rides mentioned with no lines, and knew that come 3pm.....it was time to head out)....so- "ride was temporarily down"- shocker!....."let's go to Batman"- stupid idea, 90 minute wait....oh look- Nitro is testing! so back that direction, 60 minute wait.....and of course, only 2 trains running, B and C....calculate my row to avoid C- then......fast pass killed that planning......then a major delay, time to roll out train A....fast pass in my row, fast pass in my row, fast pass in my row.......90 minutes later- my turn! At that point- I lost all interest......


    Bottom line- fun morning, and should have left at lunch....regarding Nitro:

    - it frustrates me to no end that there is no single rider lane (each train left with a minimum of 5 open seats, including the front....which based on 36 seats, is a major drain on capacity)

    - I totally respect fast pass, and those who spend the $$$$ deserve to get ahead of any/all lines.....however- the way that they SFGA handles this on Nitro is a cluster-f


    Lastly- I will be passing around a hat, so that we can all donate for some $$$ for some gallons of "weed b gon" to be used around their queue areas........


    nice trip report, I have been saying the same thing regarding the season pass holder early entry. why do they not have a separate line for season pass holder to line up. I have even mentioned it to the am security, and they say they have been asking for that, but the park doesnt want to do that. every time I visit, you have to pass all the general admission guests, and they think you are cutting them. Its suck a cluster F*CK.

    What time did Zumanjaro finally open at? Sucks to hear about what went on with Nitro. I have noticed this season that the ride ops/attendants are sending out tons of empty seats/rows on all coasters throughtout the park.

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