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  1. You can save money by buying tickets online. As for the lines, I can't really say. I always get the Gold Flash Pass when I go, so I don't really notice the lines.


    Don't forget, when you buy the tix online, you get hammered with a $8.99 order processing fee. I believe if you are a AAA member, and order through the AAA website which redirects you to the SF site, the fee is reduced.

  2. What's the deal with the park hotel? After Kingda Ka opened, a proposal was announced to build the hotel on the property next to the record breaking coaster. It seemed the project was shelved due to financial troubles, but I heard a report via the discussion posts recently the Jackson Township Planning Board are reopening their discussion with Six Flags Great Adventure about the hotel idea. Has anyone heard an update from the discussion boards or directly from park/township officials? The property has the space for multiple hotels and a campground on site.



    SFGadv has talked about building hotels since they opened back in 1974. I dont think it will ever happen. It seems to always pop up in discussion every so many years.

  3. Refresh my memory, are there bins to put bags and stuff into on the ride platforms at this park? I was at the park last year and I remember many rides like Ka and Superman didn't have station bins but what about any other rides? Or do you have to put everything into a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo before you get in line?


    I believe the only coaster at SFGadv that has a bin on the exit platform is Runaway Mine Train. On all the other coasters, bags and items need to be put in a locker. They do have the drink cup holders on all the coasters platforms, too. Hope this helps.

  4. I'm just going to leave this here. Thanks to Boldikus for the first picture. Keep in mind that once again... Great Adventure has the best operations in the entire chain. I use the Skyride because it's one of the only rides where a picture can illustrate the throughput of a ride.


    Six Flags Great Adventure's double Skyride with over twice as many cabins as Cedar Point's single Skyride.


    Cedar Point


    The one thing I find strange with SFGadv skyride lately is; my last like 10 visits the past month, they have only been using 1 side of the skyride, and the que in the middle of the day was full on most of the visits. At the beginning of the season when the park was empty, they were running both side of the skyride, go figure. Just you normal SF operations. CLUELESS

  5. ACE members right? ^


    I'll be back in town this weekend to visit my folks as its my Mom's b-day. Stoked to get some more rides in on the Great White, it is a fantastic coaster! Last time I was there I got two rides in on the back and they were two of my best rides ever on it.


    I also officially denounced the boomerang last time I was in town. While I have serious nostalgia for it (my first ever looping coaster), it has killed me too many times. And with the metal detector "wanding" on the SLC, and the fact that it felt like train was about to rip apart last time I rode, that leaves the kiddie coasters. So maybe, even though I have all the credits, I'll run around and ride those and do a little report come Monday on Wildwoods smaller coasters.


    Excited to get back down. I visit WW quite a bit every year, just not usually in the summer, so I'm itching right now. Just wish they get going on that new woodie they've been hinting at for a decade now.


    per the moreys website

    All registrants (including Season Pass Members) must be card-carrying members of amusement park related clubs.

    If you do not belong to a club, then you must register as a guest of a club member at the same time he or she registers.

  6. El Toro has a narrow station. While manageable, a crowd controller is absolutely necessary for the ride. Since you enter at the front of the station, getting around people waiting for the front rows can be a pain. I don't know how many times I've had to say on the mic to the people in the front rows to let other people in line past them to fill up the empty rows in the back.


    Maybe the park should put a employee at the top of the stairs to help with that issue.

  7. After my many attempts this year on GL there is no good seat or better way to ride. I've tried all over the train and both with my legs bent a bit before the seats lock and also standing straight. The drop and first loop are awesome and then I get knocked in the head the rest of the ride. It sucks. I really wish they'd consider seated/floorless trains for this, it would make the ride so much better. I really need to just avoid it like I do Dark Knight from now on but I seem to always go with someone who has never ridden, sees it from the lot and wont shut up about it, and therefore wind up on it with them (complaining the entire time that its going to hurt lol)

    I hope it gets seated trains. It won't be floorless because of Bizarro. Standing on that ride just hurts. It isn't even enjoyable. I actually wish that GASM was still there lol


    SF cant get train C on Nitro to run smoothly, and you think they are going to spend money and put seated trains on Green Lantern. No way SF does that.

  8. What did you think was so dingy of the park? I wouldn't expect Train C to be fixed anytime soon. Its been terrible all season. They most likely dont have the $$$$ in the budget, or it would have been fixed already.



    Got back from the park a couple hours ago. A few miscellaneous observations:

    1. Operations were terrible today. Stacking and double-stacking at El Toro, Nitro, and Bizarro. And most of the delays were solely the operator's faults. Conversations instead of checking harnesses were the biggest issue.


    2. The C train on Nitro is still unbearably shaky. I rode it in the front row, and the vibrations through the seat were so bad it hurt my back. Whatever "fix" they made has already come undone.


    3. The park really needs a cosmetic overhaul. Today was the first time I truly noticed, but most of park is very dingy.


    4. Despite all these warts, the park still has the best damn coaster in the entire world in its repertoire. El Toro was running incredibly today. I sat back row (as per usual) and came fully out of my seat on all the drops. I usually get great ejector air, but today's was magnificent.

  9. Buy the Flash Pass, and don't worry about the lines



    Hey guys

    I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure tomorrow July 25

    I have a few questions.


    1. What is the best ride to start with? I usually go to El Toro first, because its just amazing, but I'm wondering if I should go to Ka or Zumie first due to the capacity and newness of Zumie. Would it be smart to go to either of those first, or would I be fine if I go to El Toro first?


    2. I will most likely not be there at opening, but just in case I am, are there any rides that would not be open at opening? I really don't want to have to wait 30 min. sitting outside the line waiting for it to open.


    3. What is this magical shortcut through the arcade from Ka to Toro that I have been hearing about? It would really help if I knew this shortcut. I know where the arcade in Plaza del Carnival is, but where do I have to go in the arcade for the shortcut?


    4. If you were at the park, what would you do first, second, third, and so on? I would really like to make the most of my day, but I won't be buying flash pass. From reading this forum, it seems like you guys know tons about the park and what the best way to navigate it is.


    5. Last one I promise, what are the crowds like on a Friday? I have only been on days like Wednesdays, where there is no one there barely, so I have no idea to expect.


    If you guys could take the time to answer some of these questions, that would be greatly appreciated.



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