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  1. This is random... but word on the street is that Panda Express is returning next year and is still not being replaced with a crappy Chop Six.



    This is excellent news. If I keep hearing my buddy talk about sfmm chop six, I'm going to strangle him. Free or not. No way chop six is as good as panda express.


    The only reason anyone wants Chop Six is because it's on the dining pass, but with complaints of super long waits for food with the Dining Pass during HITP and Fright Fest I'll happily wait 5 minutes and pony up the cash for better food at Panda Express while I scroll through post after post about how awful the food lines are on Facebook.


    get rid of the damn dining times, that will help with waits


    Awesome that's really interesting. And yeah I know all about those Intamin anti-rollbacks. Occasionally at Toro, the rollback wheel will slip going up the entire lift hill and the entire park can hear the anti-rollbacks going off.


    Now does Millenium Force also have a verify system for the lapbars or are the seatbelts what determine if someone can ride or not? All the times I've been to CP, I've never witnessed anyone get kicked off the ride and you guys seem to hit every interval which is awesome! The verify on Toro is super strict and some days it can be super hard to hit intervals due to the amount of chunky monkeys in the park. Fright Fest is generally the worst time of year to run the ride because people's jackets lower their chances of verifying and sometimes we end up kicking several people off the same train.


    Also, do you know what the total ridership for the season was for Millennium Force? I know you guys usually do around 1.7 million which is super impressive. We've done about 1.25 million on El Toro so far this season.


    There's no verification system whatsoever on Millennium Force you can dispatch a train in full auto mode with the lapbars up. However if someone actually did that you could kiss your job at CP goodbye. If the seat belt can fasten the guest is good to ride. You all know we have the notoriously short seatbelts. Fun fact: all seat belts on Millennium are the same length, which makes it fair for everybody but the ability of each ride host to buckle a guest of a larger size varys from person to person and that's how we have the rumors that the seatbelts are all different lengths.


    Millennium had another 1.7 million riders this season. The highest on Millennium was 1.9 million in 2001


    I noticed you said you can unlock each car individually, I'm so jealous of that, if we need to unlock it's all the seats or none.


    can the seatbelts on MF be made longer? Why are they so short?

  3. They don't open Kingda Ka and El Toro for Holiday in the park? Will finally be close enough this Thanksgiving to go but probably won't bother if those are not open.


    See, so for this season to add to the awesomeness from last year, they're adding Joker, Harley Quinn, Skyway and a celebrity appearance from Millennium Force's #1 ride op. How could you miss out on an event like that? Where's your holiday spirit? You can ride a god damn 80 MPH hypercoaster when it's below freezing in New Jersey in January along with a killer invert, a fun flyer, an awesome 4D coaster and if you hate yourself... a sh*tty standup. What more could you possibly ask for?


    Plus those waffles and



    You lost me once you mentioned a awesome 4D coaster.

  4. I got an email from GADv for a 48 hr sale of up to 2 Basic dining passes for $29.99 each, normally $169 online. It includes lunch and a snack each visit, the dining page says lunch is 11am-3pm. It seems like a great deal since we missed the sale for the other dining passes but am I missing anything? The Combo Gold passes are on sale on their website for $94.99 but we don't usually eat more than one meal in the park. Thoughts on if there will be other sales or should I snatch this up?



    Sounds like a bad deal. No sports bottle. Should have just bought at the labor day sale of $84.99

  5. Spot on



    This brings to light one thing that I don't get about Six Flags.


    Cedar Fair understands that the best way to make people happy is to under promise and over deliver. For example, last year Cedar Point had a passholder preview night. They released a list of rides that would be open. Half way through the night they got Dragster going which wasn't supposed to open and opened it up and tweeted that Dragster was open which everyone got really excited about. Sky Ride wasn't supposed to be open but it wasn't windy but they opened that up too! These are the kind of things you should do. Not realize you're going to be understaffed and let everyone know last minute that "Opening Day presented by Allegra" is now "Preview Day presented by Allegra" with limited ride availability.


    They do the same thing with their hours. They say they're open until Midnight but then close lines early. At Cedar Fair parks when they're really busy they sometimes extend hours (usually during haunt events) and at Cedar Point they give you a grace period at all major rides and close the lines after park closing. Under promise and over deliver. That way everyone's happy.


    I'm not here to tell anyone how to run their business but I wish they'd adopt that idea. I would think guests would be much happier to embrace it.

  6. thank god the ferris wheel was kept dark. the lights on it are horrendous looking



    Went yesterday, park wasnt that crowded.


    all the lights were cool, alot of babies, kids, lines were all walk on. Nitro, Batman, Lantern and Superman all wall on, all multiple rides in a row. Superman at end of the night nobody was on it, rode back row three times and could have stayed on for 5 more times if we wanted.


    Lights were cool but they didnt light up the Ferris Wheel, thats a mistake. We all thought it would have been really cool if they lit it up even if it wasnt running.


    Only negative was getting food, lines were crazy long, everyone wanted to use dining pass.


    We to to J Rockets and I'm telling you it was the worst serve I've ever seen in a park. We ordered, stood in line for 25 minutes without moving an inch while burgers/meals were piling up, everyone was just like WTF? They were having trouble with one lady and my aunt being my aunt started to flip. SHe's yelling at the manager to get moving, food is getting cold, WTF is going on, it was a mess.


    We waited 35 minutes, its not like line was all the way out the door, we were inside the place and its not big and it still took that long. Of course our food was cold, cold poo-poo fries, cold burger. Wasnt even worth complaining, I regret even going there for food.


    Wish they kept the backwards batman cars cause the harnesses were bigger, with all my coats etc on I barely fit on batman, the backwards cars had better harnessess.


    Was cold but not that cold, was cold on the rides. Thought Nitro was running like poo-poo, very slow going over the humps at the end, never felt it that slow before. Was it the car or the cold weather slowing it down?


    Def gonna go back atleast one more time. Already spent about 40 bucks on food since I got my 2016 dining pass so its already half paid for and its not even next year. So thats gonna end up being a good investment

  7. Yeah I feel like they're having the Tempesto marketing team help them out with this. I can't believe they haven't advertised it at all to anyone except their current customer base with social media and in-park marketing. Who knows though... Maybe that'll work out for them.



    they have been running radio ads on thunder106.3. been hearing them daily. same station they ran ff ads constantly

  8. The lights on the Ferris Wheel look horrendous. I know it's Six Flags and they don't care about things like this but they really need an LED package like the Cedar Fair parks have been getting. At the very least they should replace some bulbs.



    totally agree. its looked like crap for along time. tons of bulbs out. they really need to get with the times and go with a state of the art led lighting package, that they can do designs on for different times of the year or events.

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