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  1. 2 more sleeps till FF starts on sat. I cant wait. FF is the best time of year to visit. The park has a great atmosphere, great crowds. DMP is by far the best FF show put on anywhere, hope they even make it batter then last year. I need to process my 2018 membership. Im so excited for the new ride in 2018, the worlds first is gonna be great. Ill be ready to ride come opening day in 2018. See ya all then. Ride On

  2. im planning on hitting the food trucks



    Sounds like a good weekend @ the park. I was out of town on a relentless road trip (and sadly passed no less than four parks that I could not stop at). Nonetheless, that has me itching to do something this coming weekend.


    Anyone heading over for the Fast Tracks and Food Trucks festival this weekend? I shouldn't because I'm broke after a whirlwind weekend but it sounds fun and I always get boners for food trucks.


    Psych Yourself Up for World-Class Coasters and Chow Down on Delicious Food Truck Fare!


    Join us for the 4th annual Fast Tracks and Food Trucks festival with 15 food trucks all with delicious treats! Food Truck area is open from 12 to 7 p.m. each day and the wine sampling is open from 1 to 5 p.m. each day.


    Enjoy music from Alex English on April 22 from 1 to 5 p.m. and Stealing Savannah on April 23 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the festival.


    Admission to the festival is included with theme park admission or a season pass. Food is available for an additional fee. Entrance to the event is located in Movietown. Wine tasting portion requires a ticket. Tickets are available online for $10.99 in advance. Discounted theme park tickets will also be available for the day.


    Food Trucks:


    Cajun Jax BBQ (link is external) - A taste of the old south with a Cajun twist

    Chimney Cake Factory (link is external) - Transylvanian oven baked pastries

    Empanada Guy (link is external) - Gourmet Latin pastries and tapas

    Gyros To Go (link is external) - Custom made Greek-American food

    Johnny's Pork Roll (link is external)- Building an army of pork roll fans one sandwich at a time

    My Four Suns (link is external) - Authentic Korean-fusion cuisine

    Oink and Moo BBQ (link is external) - American BBQ and Tex-Mex

    Star of the Sea Seafood (link is external) - Homemade, hand-prepped seafood

    Suzie's Rolling Wrappers (link is external) - Gourmet, deep-fried wrappers

    Sweet Lavender (link is external) - Simple yet sophisticated desserts

    The Flying Pie Guy (link is external) - Hand held savory Aussie pies

    The Guac Spot (link is external) - Artfully-crafted, avocado-inspired tacos, sliders & desserts

    The Little Sicilian (link is external) - Specializing in many varieties of Sicilian riceballs

    Waffle de Lys (link is external) - Authentic Belgian waffles with a French twist

    Five Sisters (link is external)- Pub-style burgers and FAT sandwiches




    DiMatteo Vineyards (link is external)

    Villari Vineyards (link is external)

    Wagonhouse Winery (link is external)


    While wining and dining get up-close encounters with some of our amazing safari animals from 1-4 pm. Each guest who purchases a wine sampling ticket will have the chance to win an exclusive Safari V.I P. tour!

  3. I really don't want to be punished for other people's stupidity. I understand that sometimes that's just how the world works but I feel like this is completely overkill. I'd much rather they make the punishment much more severe for people taking their phones out on rides (because let's be honest, that's what this is really about) and actually enforce the rules they put in place.


    Every time they stop a ride for a cell phone, I see security meet them at the exit, talk to them and then let them off with a warning. If you're that concerned you should really try enforcing the rules you've already put in place before you put stupid policies in place that operate on the honor system and will only have an impact on people that were already following the rules and weren't the problem anyway. If you're enough of a dumbass that you'll whip your phone out on Kingda Ka then you're not concerned with the rules anyway and will have no issue lying to security.


    And who is going to throw the guests out? The guys in the flourescent jackets picking up trash? Nobody respects security because A, nobody is ever kicked out, and B, they look like a joke.

  4. Great recap of a fun day Joey! It was a blast hanging out with everyone.


    It was sad to see the Joker down though. Danny pointed out on the skyride that it looked like they were putting more fins on the ride, so maybe they will be making the ride spin even crazier this season. That would be insane, since I feel that the Joker is already a crazy experience.


    the park president mentioned at ROTB back in sept that more fins were going to be added no clue if they have yet. as i didnt care for the joker since it was announced. and only rode it when the park was dead and it had no lines. and each time it sucked. had 1 spin max on the green side i do hope it gets fixed

  5. Sorry, if I had been better prepared for this week at school, I would had the time to hang out with you rejects the rest of the day.


    Did the cashiers at Macho Nacho have any issues with their registers accepting the Dining Passes. It was a cluster over at Best of The West, multiple customers in a row having issues with cards not scanning and managers scrambling to figure out what was wrong. At first my card wasn't accepted, then after two more attempts the meal registered as free, but they could not subtract the dessert. The register was backed up but the servers were quick with the orders.


    i ate at both macho nachos on sat, and zero issues with the dining plan. I do know, i am finally done with the place. The chicken burritos are just not good. CP and KD make way better burritos.

  6. So, a bit of topic... but...


    I'm going to be making a trip back to Great Adventure next month. It will be my first visit back to the park since El Toro opened. I'm THRILLED to be going back to the park. I'm really looking forward to El Toro, and giving Kingda Ka another go. . . Maybe it will raise a little in my ranking. I'm also looking forward to Drop Of Doom... as many of you know I HATE drop towers.... but I can't pass up the chance to ride Drop Of Doom. . . Honestly, is it as bad as it looks?!



    The walk to ZU is so not worth it. Spend your time riding better rides in the park.

  7. Looks like they're completely redoing the Chiller part of Old Country. Some things I've noted about the area from the map are


    -Munchopolis looks like it will be placed in the building where they have the little Fright Fest store, I forget the name


    -Metro Grill looks to be placed near the Movietown Arena. It seems like it will be a decently sized restuarant due to the food description but no building is on the map nor was there a building there last season. Thats something Ill be interested in seeing come April 1


    - JUSTICE LEAGUE headquarters store has been renamed to GOTHAM CITY gifts. This probably means nothing but maybe it could be a hint to a rename of GOTHAM CITY gifts.


    some other things to note are


    -The park finally got some sense and put Ka's description as "Tallest and Fastest coaster in North America" not the world


    - Shore Snacks will be giving out Nathan's hot dogs, and the original Nathan's has been replaced by the new cheesesteak place.


    -Plymouth Rock Arena is back to Northern Star arena.


    - (as noted above) Runaway Mine Train is back as "Runaway Train."


    - A new 10$ and Below store in Golden Kingdom near El Toro.


    It should never have changed to Runaway "mine" train to begin with. The ride dont have any tunnels or themeing. Im very happy it want back to what it used to be.

  8. have you heard if more Coke Freestyle machines are being added around the park?



    ^ LOL! This thread is usually poppin but not much to talk about at the park since all they're doing is putting up a building for our new dark ride. Certainly not as enthralling as a coaster going up. If you need updates on that follow the parks snapchat. Lots of photos of walls and sh*t.


    Although here's some FOOD news... Nathans is OUT and a generic SF cheesesteak joint is IN!


    For those that don't know the park recently updated their app and it now lists three new eateries, "Boardwalk Steak & Fries", "Munchopolis", and "Metro Grill". It was also mentioned at the recent East Coaster geek convention @ Hershey a few weeks back that Nathans in fact would not be returning this season BUT that all of the hot dogs throughout the park would be Nathans dogs. I'm a little butthurt about this personally since I'd frequent Nathans thanks to their stellar fries and short wait times for dining pass food. Ugh. Oh well.


    While it hasn't been confirmed that the newly listed "Boardwalk Steak & Fries" is actually going in Nathans location as its the only of the three new spots that doesn't have a map spot on the app to confirm where its going, but with the info provided at the geek convention about Nathans leaving, and the name of the new spot, I'd say its a given.


    "Munchopolis" is going in the food court near Batman/across from TDK according to the app and since Macho and Mama's are still listed there its a good guess thats its replacing the semi-permanent location of Waffle De Lys, another bummer. Hopefully they'll be back for Fright Fest/HITP because those waffles are f*cking amazing.


    "Metro Grill" apparently will fill the stand next to Freefalls old pad, which is conveniently placed on the path you have to walk on to get to the flashy new JLBFM ride, as it was also mentioned/confirmed at the geek convention that the park WILL NOT be opening the Old Country path this season, which makes sense for SF since there is no retail/food locations on that path but now quite a few in MovieTown.


    The silver lining here is that if you have a dining pass all three of these new food spots are on it. And Bill can rest easy that Panda Express is staying (for now) and NOT going on the dining plan.


    Also, let's all take comfort in the fact that none of this is anywhere near the best coaster in the park. Ole!


    Some screen shots from the app:


    get rid of the damn dining times, that will help with waits


    Except for between 3-4, the only times you can not get a meal are before 11AM, before most of the food places are open, and after 8PM. Most food places have less workers after 8PM, so extending the hours would allow you to wait in line when less workers can help you. Few people eat meals that late How would it help wait times?


    The one hour gap between 3PM and 4PM is to prevent people from easily gaming the system and sharing two meals between two people at the same time.


    The only issue I have with the times is that I can't get a snack between 8PM and before closing.


    that's a issue too. snack should go to closing

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