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  1. I'm confused if the park is open just for passholders. It kinda sounds like it the way its worded but would seem silly (albeit awesome for us nerds) for them to be open for three whole days just for passholders. Also Sat and Sun are the Grape Adventure Wine fest thing so that'll be going on too.


    well looking at the sf website under hours, its doesn't specifically say sph only.

  2. This sorta random but shouts out to the Superman crew! They hit a million riders this year for the first time since the ride opened in 2003. Bizarro recently hit a million as well.

    I'd be curious to know Nitros numbers this year for comparison.


    Also how many of that million on Bizarro were during Fright Fest (I know you prob don't know this Ryan just sorta wondering out loud).



    bizarro must be fudging #'s, because when you sit out on the break run for a good 5 to 10 min because the crew is so slow, no way they hit 1 mil. especially its usually always empty except for a holiday or fright fest. Those #'s need to be audited.

  3. This sorta random but shouts out to the Superman crew! They hit a million riders this year for the first time since the ride opened in 2003. Bizarro recently hit a million as well.


    Forgot to mention this -- it looks like wait times are finally working in the app;




    Bizarro with a shorter wait than Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train. Gotta love it.


    I don't think it works on everyone's phone yet. The official roll out for wait times is supposed to be next year.



    the wait times on the app have been so far off. they really need to fix it

  4. I was at the park yesterday, wasn't too crowded. Only long waits were for Superman and King Da Ka and even those were down to under 20 minutes towards the end of the day. Batman Backwards was open to the public yesterday and they were running 2 trains. I was very excited to try this because I had not been on it at any of the other parks. Sadly, this is one of the worst experiences I have had on Batman. It was awful, I thought the idea of turning the car around would be cool and fun but it was just a mess. The whole ride my head was banging against the restraints like crazy.Batman fowards is 100x better, I will not ride Batman again until they Change it back to the way it was for 17 years.



    I guess I had a totally different experience then you did. I rode it 14 times fri. . mainly in the front and back. and found the ride to be super smooth. i cant believe how smooth those trains are compared to the sfgadv forward facing trains.

  5. what is up with sfne even on slow days still having a grouper on WC, Goliath, and Thunderbolt. I mean, really, the line is about a 10 min wait and they wont let you wait for a a specific row. unbelievable.

    Ever heard of asking? Goliath will allow you to wait, and some attendants will allow you to wait on WindexCyanide also. Same with Batman.



    I did ask, the loader said NO, on all 3 rides.

  6. Can anyone talk about experiences going to GAdv on July 4th?


    My first instinct is that it would be insanely crowded but I know last year it was deserted (though it rained that morning) and I would imagine for the most part folks do BBQ's and whatnot as opposed to going to the park. We are thinking about going that day. Obviously this depends on weather and this year will also be different as it falls on a Saturday - I think it was a Monday last year.


    If you've been in years past, let me know how it was.



    I went about 5 to 6 yrs ago, the park was a zoo. 2 hr lines everywhere. lines out the ques. line cutting everywhere, no security in sight.

  7. I dont know where you got your info on possessed, but I went opening day, Fri, and it was running. I rode it a little after 10am. I did go back today, sat. and it was closed.





    Opening Day at a Dorney Park


    Went with a friend today o Dorney Park for opening weekend. Weather was beautiful and the day was super fun!


    Hydra- train 2 back row - seemed to have a little bit of a rattle. Nothing major, not even minor, but definitely there. Other than that, Hydra seems to continue to be a solid ride. Love how wonky this thing looks and rides!


    Thunderhawk - back car, front row - I have a soft spot for truly old woodies. The turns are still a bit rough, but some new track wood was spotted in a few places.


    Steel Force - blue train - second row - it will never be as thrilling as other Hypers, but it is still a fun ride with some nice mid-low floater air throughout


    Stinger - middle car facing backwards - IT WAS OPEN!!! Let's start there shall we?!? I know Vekoma always gets a bad rap, and I have been on other rides that truly hurt everything on my body, but this ride was really not that bad! Definitely a once a day ride, but it was good!!


    Talon - Front row train 1 - running as great as always. So smooth and seriously so quiet. It's possible this is the quietest B&M ever. I know it has sand inside to dampen the roar, but is just insane HOW quiet it is!


    Possessed was down all day, with cherry pickers up against the back spike. They said they were trying to get it up and running, but then I spoke to a supervisor in the area and he said they hadn't even done the season starting testing...


    We did Dinosaurs since it was free with our platinum season passes. Nice break from the park, but the bird deterrent sounds killed the experience by giving us all headaches.


    We went back and rode Hydra front row train 1 and Steel Force back row blue train and called it a day.


    We stopped by Old School Sandwich Co. which is about 5 min west of the park HIGHLY recommend eating there. Very good VERY big sandwiches!

  8. I'm at the park right now and everything is running and El Toro's crew is slower than hell. It's been about 10 minutes for one train...also only one train.


    Nitro is running great with all 3 trains.


    I was at the park for a few hrs today. It was freezing. I hit up el toro when I first got to the park. El toro crew was brutal. They weren't even opening the air gates till the exit platform was clear. Very bad if that's how they are going to do it all season. I got a few rides on Ka, and couldn't take the cold anymore.

  9. Can we all agree that having a few coasters to ride (even if it is just Dark Knight and Skull Mountain on select days) is better than having no coasters to ride?

    In theory, it's great. But by the time this event rolls around, and the park for any reason can't get any of the B&Ms operating, I don't see myself driving an hour down to Jackson just to ride Skull Mountain.


    I totally agree with you

  10. From my experience at last year's opening day, it was hit or miss. Ka will be open this year of course, but some rumors say Nitro may not be operational. Can't say for sure, though. In general, it's an okay time to go, depending on the weather. Operations were pretty average, food service was awful, etc. I'd say it's worth a visit to check it out without being packed, having not been for so long. Your call.


    Where did you hear the rumor of Nitro being closed? sources?

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