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  1. 16 minutes ago, Mike240SX said:

    Meh, HH is not a terrible water park.  I'd definitely put it ahead of DreamWorks and Kalahari in value, and ahead of all of them for not being 2+ hours away if you're coming from the south or west of Hurricane Harbor.  Their lazy river is also on point, and Mountain Creek doesn't even have an adult-sized one.

    I'm never one to defend anything Six Flags, but be realistic here.  There's a reason they have to stop selling daily tickets.

    DW is worth every $$$$      ive been 2x.  And rode  over 40 slides  each visit.   You arent doing that at HH.   And hh slides are terrible compared  to DW.  DW has the way better  wave pool.  Has a water coaster.  Better lazy river.  Has 4 capsule slides.   Plus has  a toilet flush body slide.   Way better funnel tube slides.  Plus some reg tube slides and a few more body slides.    HH management  should  visit to see what a real water park has for slides.  Plus DW doesnt shut the wavepool fown for 15 min , every hr.   If you love lines, go to hh.  If you want to ride awesome  slides, spend the $$$$$ and go to DW. 

    As for MC,  MC is billed as a thrill slide water park.  no lazy river needed.  MC is all about the Colorado river, zero g, cliff jumping , and the single and double tubes, plus rougue river body slide.   

  2. 8 minutes ago, wildcattb5 said:

    So I could only be at the park until 3 due to evening commitments and they opened Jersey Devil at... Of course, 3. So being the good boyfriend I am I decided to hold off this trip and... Oh, who am I kidding, of course I had to stay and get at least one ride in, plans be damned!

    I won't go into detail because I don't think I'd be adding anything that hasn't already been said, but yes it is worth the hype. Don't listen to anyone who negatively overreacts because it "isn't the best RMC", or Raptor for that matter. Because if you come from a park that doesn't have an RMC, you would want this ride at your park, and wouldn't be nit-picking.  My one word of advice (and I apologize if it's already been mentioned) is to remember it has the same loose article policy as El Toro and Kingda Ka, but the lockers are quite separated from the entrance, they're back next to the funnel cake stand. Quite a few riders got turned away after waiting in line not realizing this. 

    Photos below of test runs, apologies for the sun glare. This is a ride best photographed in the morning for sun angles, but didn't have that luxury today. Also one of the early tests stalled entering the MCBR (pic attached), and barely made the inversions.

    On a side note, there was a security guard turning people away today from Nitro's entrance if they had loose articles, a-la El Toro style. This is my first time seeing this, and some guests were argumentative (presumably because they know this is a ride that doesn't usually do that). Anyone else know if they've done this before from time to time? My thinking is maybe they had an issue with an on-board rider taking out a phone previously today, but who knows.





    Buy a runners belt. Its great for hiding loose articles.   The enployees are looking  at bulging pockets.   

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  3. 3 hours ago, Zand said:

    Excited to finally get on this thing tomorrow! Are they letting you request seats or is it assigned and luck of the draw?

    Very low expectations heading into the park tomorrow. Will go right to Devil at opening. If the park is a sh*tshow then that might be the only thing I ride. Not getting Flashpass, but if lines aren't too bad then obviously I'd like to hit the essentials like Nitro, Batman, and El Toro. At least if I quit early, I can stop at Connecticut's best park on the way home (Quassy!). After seeing the horror pictures from the last couple weekends I have no idea what to 

    A few friends of mine  have said,  they will let you sit where you want if you ask. 

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  4. On 5/20/2021 at 9:48 PM, wildcattb5 said:

    Yeahhh let's just say it's not Fiesta Texas.

    It's not just that Nitro has never received a repaint or that Kingda Ka's "scenery" has turned into an overgrown forest. To me, the most embarrassing aspects of the park are the simple things like faded/peeling guide signs and the gift shop "tents" before the outpost section looking half-abandoned despite being on one of the major pathways. Even parks that we consider "neglected" like Darien Lake seem to at least touch up their pathways and signage. Most people dismiss these negatives with the usual "well it's Six Flags, what are you expecting, Cedar Fair?" but still, c'mon...

    It's like your favorite dive bar. Yeah it looks like a dump, and is a dump, but the food (or in this case, coasters) is amazing and it's always (mostly) a good time, so yeah, you love that dump. And the Jersey Devil expansion is a beautiful shining beacon amidst everything else...

    Majority of guests who go to the parks could care less about Nitro getting a paint job, or Ka having a  overgrown forrest..  Or a faded sign.  Give JD a few yrs, that ride will look like worn down too.  They go to ride,  that is all. 

  5. Great night at Coaster Power Hrs again, minus  no Ka night rides again at this event.   This was my 3rd time going    And 3rd time not getting any night rides on Ka.   It broke down about 845 or 9.    30 min later   they called it.  Closed for the night.  Other then that   it was great night   Loved  SFNJ ditching the masks rule a day early.   Was stunned they didnt even enforce it  in indoor locations like  main street pub or funnel cake place next door.   we found it only being enforced at skull mtn.  

  6. Wow.  Minus The Kingda Ka not opening.   Coaster Power Hrs last night was awesome.   Did so many rides.   Lost count after 43 rides.  THE DJ was awesome.  And the fist pumping music on skull was a great addition, it just needs to be turned  way up.   Couldnt hear it while riding.  Only issue all night was seeing a dead racoon near the lakefront.  


  7. 15 hours ago, boldikus said:

    Why would they have just done all this work for it to open next year? What reasoning would there be? Humor me.

    Off topic a bit but has anyone else noticed the park is suddenly, actively engaging with commenters on all the socials (the way parks like Hershey have been managing their socials for years)? Wild times. It really is pretty impressive how Six Flags keeps managing to step it up from every angle during this craziness while Cedar Fair parks are over here sending me emails like We'Ll bE OpeNing AgAIn In EiGhT yEar$!!! GeT ReAdy!!!!

    Why didbt they just continue  to work on it in 2020, and open it up last july?

  8. WTF is this abortion of a waffle?


    Also, why would they put this on the dining plan? If they saw that the old waffles were so good that people were buying them even though they had the dining plan, why would you give them away for free? Obviously these won't be nearly as good now since Six Flags is making them, but what's the logic behind this?



    Maybe because everyone bitches the dining plan is pretty shitty food and they took alot of stuff off this past season, by adding these more people will love the plan

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