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  1. Blah, what a boring replacement. But hey, that's what makes money. I got a chance to ride this about 10+ years ago and loved it. I'll definitely miss it.
  2. Well, I'm definitely glad I'm heading down to Tampa next week for the holidays. I never thought Gwazi was all that bad; I just think it's layout pales in comparison to GCIs built in the past 10 years. However, it sucks to see it go. The part of the rumor about it just sitting there indefinitely (rather than being torn down soon) doesn't seem to be confirmed yet, so I hope that isn't true.
  3. I'm going to the park this Saturday and I can't wait! Plus I'm really overdue for more night rides on Outlaw Run! The display does not disappoint. I attended last year, and it was very well done.
  4. I visited on opening day of the event. Overall, I thought it was pretty nice for its first year, but Dollywood does a better job of it IMO. What SFOG has decorated looks very good, but it could use a little more consistency. I did not get a chance to check out Monster Mansion, though. Keep in mind that the park is only running 5 of its coasters, which was to be expected looking at their website. Goliath, Scorcher, and Cyclone were only running one train each during my visit, though... Not sure if this has changed since then. The event is certainly worth checking out.
  5. It's currently tied for my #5 with Maverick. It definitely deserves to be highly ranked.
  6. I've got to go with Cedar Point on this one. Disney does a wonderful job in a lot of areas, except for thrills, which is what matters most to me.
  7. I'll wait to truly judge Fury325 until I get a chance to ride it. Banshee's POV looked about "pretty fun" but the actual ride far exceeded my expectations, and it ended up being my favorite B&M invert. We'll see how it goes with Fury.
  8. Nope, I've visited the park several times before. It was my first time doing Scarowinds, though.
  9. Having just gone last night, I thought it was worth it. I had a pretty great time. I have a CF platinum pass, though, but I think even with a regular ticket, it would've been good.
  10. Honestly if you're going to complain about fast lane being so expensive, plan your park visits better. That way, you won't feel like it's necessary as often. And there's nothing "not fair" about it; users of these systems aren't sneaking around and jumping the line.
  11. ^^^Thank you! I kind of figured, so I'll do daytime at the park on Sunday. ^^Oh wow, thank you. I might still do the wait-and-see method, but I definitely will get there before the opening. Fright Lane doesn't normally sell out at Carowinds, does it? Doesn't seem like it at the other CF parks.
  12. ^That's great to hear, thank you! I was worried with it being a Saturday night. I'll just hold off on buying Fright Lane, then. I plan on being there at the 7pm opening, so I'll just hit those mazes first. What are the daytime crowds like on Saturday and Sunday?
  13. Hello all, I'm going to be checking out Scarowinds this Saturday night. What are the typical wait times for the mazes on such a night? The weather forecast for the weekend looks pretty solid (highs in the low 70s, lows in the 40s, no rain) for reference. If each wait time is around 30 minutes, that'll be fine. But if they're around 1-2 hours, I'll definitely get Fright Lane. Thanks in advance for your help .
  14. Last minute Holiday World question! I'm heading to the park tomorrow morning, and I'm thinking of taking advantage of the 2015 season pass deal where you get a free Thunderbird sports bottle and a Bring-a-Friend ticket for 2014 when you process the pass at the park. Their website mentions that you can use the ticket for yourself for 2014, but do I have to already enter the park to process the pass and obtain that ticket? Or is the season processing outside of the gate? Thanks!
  15. The paint job is looking very good! But please rotate your pictures next time Hopefully, the trim brake removal happens. Either way, this is still going to be a great improvement!
  16. Yep...they operated it the same way at Great America. I believe they did load 4 if the group was just kids, though. The one at Beech Bend operates like that as well. I can't quite remember how Opa at Mt O operated, though.
  17. ^I was picked! I'm 99% sure I'll be able to go, I just have to clear some things in my schedule. I can't wait!
  18. ^A campground in the area would be awesome! I tried to find one around there on a recent road trip, but everything in the area seemed very overpriced.
  19. B&M: Any of the Superman: Ultimate Flight coasters. The pretzel loop is good, then the rest of the layout is absolutely lazy. Tatsu and Manta are so much better. Intamin: I can't really think of any bad Intamins, but my least favorite is V2 at SFGAm. The ride doesn't do a lot for me. I've ridden these impulse coasters in the front, middle, and back seats, and I can't bring myself to wait beyond 15-30 minutes to ride them. GCI: I don't think I've ridden any bad ones, and yes that includes Wildcat at Hershey and Gwazi. I'd have to say Gwazi would be my least favorite. It seems like they tried too hard to make the dueling points that there's too much "filler" elsewhere in the layouts.
  20. I rode Europe in the Air for the first time last Tuesday, and I thought it was crap... Probably the most awkward simulator ride I've ever experienced. The rest of the park has such a higher quality that I don't understand how something like this got the green light.
  21. I went to Coney Island with my family on Friday night and we had a pretty good time in spite of the crowds. We actually didn't have to wait very long for anything, although that may be explained by the fact that the rides are indeed very expensive. There's a 4-hour wristband option, but it doesn't include "extreme" rides as they call them, such as Thunderbolt or Cyclone. Thunderbolt was really good, and it's nice to see more rides like this that prove steel coasters don't need to be 200-400ft to have great layouts. However, I agree with the sentiment above that it is kind of rough, especially for a new coaster. If you don't mind being thrown around a little, then it's definitely worth riding.
  22. Comparing what currently exists: amusement parks by a long shot. They have much more thrilling rides, which is a priority for me. Some theme parks have the thrills, but they aren't quite "there" as far as my preferences are concerned. However, I do believe theme parks have the ability to be better. Put the same thrilling ride in a very immersive environment, and you could end up with something amazing. Imagine a ride like Lightning Run all themed up. Plus, theme parks tend to have better food and friendlier employees. They just need that extra thrill factor.
  23. I'm going to the park on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited... It'll be my first time since 2003. Do you guys think the crowds will be decent? Edit: also, any suggestions for discount tickets?
  24. I'm going to the park tomorrow. I haven't been since they built Intimidator. I know Mondays shouldn't be too bad, but it is July, though. What do those of you more experienced with the park think the crowds will be like?
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