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  1. ^^I got a chance to ride Runaway on Saturday and really liked it! It was a little bumpy but it kept up its speed very well. I even felt a little bit of floater air in some spots. Crowds were very minimal, as I only had two people in front of me at mid/late afternoon when I rode it. ^I've actually ridden the same ones, and I'd probably agree with your ranking. It's been almost 3 years since I did the one at Spirit Mountain, though.
  2. Has anyone on here ridden the "Runaway" alpine coaster that opened a couple of months ago? If so, how does it compare to others? How much of a crowd does it draw on a Saturday? I'll be checking it out this weekend while I'm in Branson for SDC.
  3. LOLOLOL we're seriously complaining about a pre-lift?? Twisted Colossus's pre-lift is cool and all, but even if it was a straight shot to the lift hill, I wouldn't think anything less of the ride. I'm more concerned with the post-lift .
  4. Thank you! How does rain affect crowds here? I was thinking of holding off on buying FLP until I get there and avoiding the online processing fee (I know, cheapness ). I probably won't be arriving at the park until 11 or 12, so riding everything early won't be an option.
  5. How's this park when it comes to rain? I have a trip planned for Saturday, but the forecast shifted and it's now calling for 100% chance of rain (no thunder/lightning, though). Are they as touchy as Cedar Point or a little more lax on the matter?
  6. I'm going to the park Halloween weekend for Haunt. I'm assuming I'd need Fright Lane for Saturday night 10/31 to do haunted houses, but if I were to switch my schedule to Friday, would crowds be better? Also, I plan on going back to the park on Sunday for the rides; is closing day usually an issue?
  7. ^That sure would be nice if they're a little softer now, for us taller folks. I'm heading to the park this Saturday. I noticed that the park hours are only 9:30-6, so could that be an indication of lower crowds? Or should I get the Trailblazer pass? Thanks in advance!
  8. Nice photos! I visited HW for NRCD, too. Spent the majority of the time at the water park on this trip, though. I definitely recommend giving Wildebeest and Mammoth a shot next time; they are easily the best slides I've ever ridden. Glad you had a good time!
  9. ^Thank you! I probably should have just callled the park in the first place haha .
  10. Does anyone know if Arkansas Twister has reopened yet? Or is it down for the season? I was planning on visiting the park this Sunday, but I might reschedule.
  11. I might be going to the park on Saturday. With the current forecast calling for 50% chance of storms on that day, I'm kind of waiting it out. If I do go, Fast Lane Plus will be a must lol. Speaking of which, does it ever sell out at this park? Reason I ask is that I've noticed CF charges the same prices online as they do at the park, but you don't have to pay the stupid processing fee if you buy it in-person.
  12. Based on that sentence, I would recommend BGT. IOA's coasters are pretty good, but Busch has more of them and they are pretty high quality as well.
  13. ^Oh god that sucks... I dealt with that at CGA on Monday lol. I'll definitely make sure to get there before opening, then. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. Hey guys! I'm heading to the park tomorrow for the first time since October 2009. What are the weekday crowds like this time of year? I'm hoping I don't need Fast Lane, as I wasn't planning a full day there. Thanks!
  15. Thanks guys for the responses! Looking forward to my visit tomorrow!
  16. Greetings all, I'll be making my first ever visit to this park on Sunday 6/7. What's the best strategy? Or will I need Flash Pass? I'm assuming I should ride Superman first, due to capacity. Are there any hidden gems in the park? EDIT: Also, what's traffic like in the Bay Area on Sunday mornings? I'll be heading to the park from Fisherman's Wharf. Thanks in advance!
  17. If you can possibly work both parks in, do that. If not, SDC is definitely the better of the two. That being said. SFStL is still a fairly decent park if you can't make the drive.
  18. ^^I can't freaking wait! I just recently booked flights for a California trip in June. Time to count down the days!
  19. OMG! Are you the one who had the TPR shirt on with sunglasses? I was trying to get your attention to let you know I'm from TPR as well, but you was far ahead on every ride I seen you at. I had a great day as well! Haha sorry I probably wasn't paying attention. But yeah, I had my black ClubTPR shirt on.
  20. Nice TR's folks! I went to the park on Saturday as well and had a fantastic time! Thank god for Fast Lane Plus; I think I got to ride Fury 20-30 times throughout the day, with several night rides . Overall I found it to be an excellent coaster. It pretty much corrects a lot of what Leviathan was missing. I'm still deciding where it ranks personally, but it's definitely top 5 material IMO. The only part of the ride that I didn't like so much was the helix; I felt like it would've worked better if it stayed close to the ground. I really, really enjoyed the rest of the coaster, though. Also, for my fellow campers out there, I recommend Camp Wilderness. I stayed there Saturday night and it was pretty decent and conveniently located as well.
  21. ^Ah, good point! I completely forgot that was going to be happening. I'd prefer to go on Friday, but my vacation days are saved for other trips. FLP it is!
  22. Not a first timer at the park, but I will be getting my first ride on Fury this Saturday. Looks like the forecast shifted a bit and now there's just a 20% chance of rain . How bad are the lines at Carowinds usually this time of year on a Saturday? I'm thinking of getting Fast Lane Plus, but I haven't pulled the trigger on it, yet.
  23. I'm also planning on visiting the park this Saturday, and I noticed the Atlanta area has a high of 54 for the day. Any ideas on the park's minimum temperature policy for their coasters? I'm assuming mid-day will be fine, but I'm not sure about the morning. I couldn't find anything on their web site.
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