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  1. I know its a bit late, but I've done my Haunt auditions, and I hope I get to go for year number three! I'm hoping to be placed in one of the outside areas, the two that I'm interested in are Necropolis, and the one that isn't surprising at all for me to be interested in Feary Tales. Also, on another note - I wonder if Kings Dominion is going to get a water park expansion soon. Then again, from memory serving I don't think any of the "new" Cedar Fair parks got any water park upgrades.
  2. What is the best way to play RCT2 on Windows 8? Everytime I play the game frequently crashes, and I can't alt-tab out of it no matter what or else it will freeze my screen. Thank you~
  3. Its just when these words are used in a derogatory way is when they are offensive. I mean there are words that are out there that have really nasty meanings, and would be really hard to put in non-offensive context, but it is possible. There are the sexual orientation slurs, like dyke, faggot, queer, etc, but some of these words are used in a "we are taking this word back" kind of way, so again it all goes to context. Even some of the trans* slurs out have been used in "we are taking this word back" context, as I've seen at drag shows and at lgbt parades. Every word has the potential to be offensive, as it is to be non-offensive
  4. I don't use those words, but I'm not offended by it unless its used in offensive context. Queer for a bit used to be an anti-gay word, but now lgbt people use it to define themselves as being in the lgbt-spectrum. It is just how the words are used, thats all.
  5. Right now its Tinkerbell. Just an icon I had for a role play page as Tinkerbell I never managed to finish, so I'm using the icon for the forums I joined. Matches the name!
  6. So I'm a bit curious then, what causes some of those rides to not go all the way through their top hat element if its not the wind?
  7. ^???? ^The destruction of Cedar Point due to flooding. Whats worse than your cream cheese be replaced with sour cream?
  8. So, I don't think I'm ready for my own thread yet, but I'm going to post these pictures here. I have RCT2 and RCT3 projects in mind, but RCT2 is a little bit more easier for me to handle. This is all NCS (However I do use invisible pathways and custom rides) The "entrance centerpiece" which is a gardeny area with statues and a sky tower The entrance, needs a bit more work, but the theme of this area will be castle, and I kind of like it a bit clustered. I plan on putting a chairlift station to the left. Testing a layout. Inspired by wildfire. Subject to change!
  9. You can be anyone and have any sexual or gender orientation. I know people who would fall under the stereotype, however they are not gay. As well as people who end up acting surprised "OMG, I never thought you were gay" kind of responses. The sterotypes are usually, "well if you like the same gender, then you must act like the opposite gender" which is entirely false. I myself am Pansexual, which means that I look away from another persons gender entirely when it comes to relationships. I'm also willing to admit that I'm some form of trans*. I'm still identifying with who I am and what not, but there has been some gender dysphoria for quite some time.
  10. That looks really nice! I like using NCS over CS so seeing NCS parks is wonderful. I'll say this though, even though you do an amazing job at doing it, I wouldn't really ever use as much track-architecture as you. Don't get me wrong, its lovely, its just makes it look like an RCT1 Park to me xo (Although I will not stop using side-friction track as path rails. It looks awesome!)
  11. I always thought the wind had some kind of effect on the speed, even if it is a little bit. I'm taking a guess here, with nothing to back me up on this, but isn't that why some rides (particular the ones with the top-hat element) get stuck or go back down? I always thought that was due to the wind.
  12. Hello there! My name is Rose, and I have recently joined a few fourms to which I can show off some of my RCT2 & RCT3 stuff. Previously I had been just showing a picture on reddit or so. A bit about me! I'm 18, and will be 19 at the end of the month. I live in the east coast of the US. My hobbys include writing, role playing, playing sandbox games, League of Legends, acting and creating costumes and props. I'm openly pansexual as well as some form of transgender (a wee bit complicated) However, I do like being referred to as the feminine pronouns and as Rose! Now, I think I'm going to lurk a bit, and eventually post some creations of mine in the section of the site where I can show off creations! So yup, hello there TPR!
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